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Published on January 25, 2021
Last modified on August 16, 2023

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Written By Alison Chew


Premium Dog Food Comparison


If you’re here, you know that your dog isn’t just a pet, but a part of the family. They’re always game for a trip to the park, an eager snuggle partner, and more than willing to clean up crumbs and messes under the dinner table.

They might not be so excited to eat from their own dish, but this is why you’re reading this now, isn’t it?

What you feed your dog is just as important as what you feed yourself. Your dog needs food that is nutritious, tastes good, and is ideal for its breed and eating requirements.

Luckily, there are a lot of options out there so you can surely find the perfect food for your pup. There are also lots of newer premium dog food companies on the market that you may not even know about yet!




Choosing the best dog food can be quite a challenge especially when there are so many great alternatives. Don’t worry- we can help!

We have researched some of the best premium dog food on the market and compared them here, giving you a comprehensive guide to your dog food options.

So, let’s get started!


What are the different types of dog food?

The three main dog food styles are Dry/Kibble, Fresh/Wet, and Raw.

Each type of dog food has benefits and one kind may be better for your dog. Take a look at what each category of dog food means to see which would fit into your dog’s lifestyle (and yours as well!).



Dry dog kibble has been the standard dog food for years. Ingredients in kibble will vary by brand but they are all made to balance the nutritional needs of your dog in one, convenient food.

All of the ingredients are processed together then cooked and dried. Dry dog food usually contains protein (like meat or fish), eggs, grains, and a mix of added vitamins and minerals. All dry kibble also has preservatives to help keep the food fresh.

PROS:  The benefits of dry dog food start with convenience. It is easy to buy, store and feed your dog a scoop or two at mealtimes. Dry kibble has also been shown to reduce dental plaque and oral dog health.

CONS:  However, many are wary of lower quality ingredients in dry dog food. Some brands may not clearly label what is inside each bag of kibble. Be sure to read the labels and pick a brand you trust!

See below for our picks for Premium Dry/Kibble dog food!


Compare All Premium Dry/Kibble Dog Food

These companies specialize in dry, shelf-stable dog food that can be stored in the pantry.

We calculated the price per day based on a 20 pound, spayed, active, adult female dog with no health problems.


Brand Price Per Meal (20lb, Adult Dog)
Ollie Baked + Fresh

Read review >>

$1.99 + Free shipping


Spot & Tango UnKibble

Read review >>

$1.64 + Free shipping


Read review >>
$0.92 + Free shipping



Read review >>

$0.88 + Free shipping



Read review >>

$1.22 + Free shipping



See below for more information on each brand.


Spot & Tango Unkibble



How much can you get out of your dog food from twelve fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives? A lot actually! Spot & Tango’s pet meal delivery service is committed to servicing your pup with both honest guidance and human-grade reliable fresh dog food.

All products have been tested and are shown to meet or exceed the standards set by AAFCO’s Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

Thanks to Spot & Tango’s team of veterinary nutritionists, each meal and UnKibble pack is guaranteed to do the following for your dog.

  • boost energy
  • relieve allergies
  • improve digestion
  • support healthy coats
  • manage weight
  • strengthen muscle
  • relieve arthritis


Sundays for Dogs



The product of a veterinarian and an engineer who just couldn’t bear to see their dog sick, Sundays for Dogs is the first ready-to-eat human grade food for dogs.

Healthier than traditional kibble and faster than defrosting or preparing from scratch, this fresh dog food is gently air-dried to kill germs while preserving all the nutrients and flavors in its ingredients.

By the way, did you know that what most would consider “natural” kibble is actually weighted down by 29 synthetic additives? Sundays for Dogs contains none.

Their fresh dog food is

  • good for picky eaters.
  • good for sensitive stomachs.
  • good for antioxidants.
  • good for springy joints.
  • good for shiny coats.
  • good for easy digestion.



Jinx Dog Food



Jinx dog food delivers holistic nutrition with clean, functional ingredients like premium animal proteins, natural plant superfoods, and a patented probiotic for your dog directly to your door.

This kibble does not contain corn, soy, gluten, or anything artificial.

And because Jinx is made for the modern dog that lounges on the couch, versus the working dog of the past, their food contains a varied source of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats that are easy to digest.

Jinx dog food is made with clean ingredients including lean, premium proteins, like Organic Chicken and Salmon, along with over 20+ natural plant superfoods, gentle sources of dietary fiber, and a patented probiotic.



Chippin Dog Food



Chippin is on a mission to make nutritious, delicious pet food that is not only good for our dogs but also good for our planet.

They have reimagined the main protein sources traditionally found in dog food that are harmful to our environment and have replaced them with a sustainable alternative good for our pets and our planet… Silver Carp!

Silver Carp is overpopulated in the USA and now makes up more than 90% of the biomass of the Mississippi River.  If they are not controlled they could destroy the Great Lakes.

In addition to being sustainably sourced, Chippin dog food is free of artificial flavors and preservatives as well as the 8 most common dog allergens including beef, chicken, dairy, wheat, soy, lamb, corn, and egg.




Fresh dog food essentially means using real, natural ingredients to make your dog’s food. Things like carrots, beef, lamb, peas, and spinach are a few examples of ingredients you can prepare to customize your pup’s meals.

PROS: Many people have found that feeding dogs a diet of fresh foods promotes heart health, increases energy levels, and can even help improve the dog’s digestive system.

CONS: Fresh dog food can be expensive,  time-consuming to prepare, and requires space for storage in your fridge or freezer.

There are several fresh dog food delivery services that send the exact ingredients and quantities you will need to prepare your pup’s food. Many subscription services work with veterinarians that will assess your dog’s health and dietary needs.

The food is crafted specifically for your pup! This can help a beginner dog food chef learn how to properly formulate what your dog needs. Of course, services like these do cost extra. But, hey, your dog is worth it!


Compare All Premium Fresh Dog Food

These companies specialize in fresh/wet dog food. They are all perishable and should be stored in the fridge or freezer unless otherwise marked.

We calculated the price per day based on a 20 pound, spayed, active, adult female dog with no health problems.


Brand Price Per Meal (20lb, Adult Dog)
Nom Nom

Read review >>

$3.10 + free shipping

Read review >>

$1.99 + free shipping


The Farmer’s Dog

Read review >>

$3.79 + free shipping


Pet Plate

Read review >>

$2.50 + free shipping


Spot & Tango Fresh

Read review >>

$2.49 + free shipping




See below for more information on each brand.


Ollie Fresh Dog Food



Ollie is delivering the nutrients your pup needs in a food they will love!

Choose from personalized fresh/wet dog food, dry dog food + fresh/wet dog food mix, or the Topper plan with half fresh and half your current dog food.

The ingredients that become these personalized formulas? Well, the chicken, turkey, and beef are all human-grade of course!

Cod liver oil and chia seeds are shown to boost your dog’s essential vitamin and mineral intake.

Produce like whole blueberries and peas, and chopped carrots and spinach can also be found packed into every delicious bite as well.

Get real food delivered with Ollie!



Nom Nom



A team of PhDs headed by a leading board-certified veterinary nutritionist is the brains behind Nom Nom’s fresh dog food. Made and shipped completely in-house, Nom Nom wants you to know that they’re with you every step of the way.

Their products all contain proteins and vegetables that are restaurant-quality and USDA-grade A because if you can’t eat it, why feed it to your dog?

Another question: if you’re feeding it to your dog, how do you know he/she’s getting enough?

Their answer: “Our meals are pre-portioned by a one-of-a-kind machine down to the calorie. (We know no one else has one because it didn’t exist before we had it designed just for us.)

So all you have to do is open the pack, pour, and serve. No mess, no measuring, no worries of over-or under-serving your pet’s dietary needs.”

Nom Nom also gently cooks all their fresh dog food ingredients to ensure the most health benefits in every bite.



The Farmer’s Dog



Partnering with top vet nutritionists, The Farmer’s Dog delivery service offers fresh dog food that is as convenient as it is nutritionally balanced and free of highly processed ingredients.

The concept of dog years may be how pet owners reconcile the shorter lifespans of their furry friends, but The Famer’s Dog team refuses to believe their dogs are living on borrowed time if their age reaches into the double digits.

More time is the promise kept in each bite of their human-grade food.



Pet Plate



The goal of the Pet Plate mission is simple: “Make better food for dogs so they can live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.”

How is it accomplished? Why with the expertise of DVM, DACVN, and veterinary nutritionist Dr. Reene Streeter of course!

As Pet Plate’s secret weapon, Dr. Streeter is key to crafting high-quality, human-grade, wholefood pet meals that will satisfy even the pickiest of four-legged eaters.

Just provide your pet’s information and let her team do the rest. Schedule deliveries around times that work best for you and watch your companion enjoy their meals without worry.

Each shipment of fresh dog food is both hot-sealed for protection and flash-frozen for freshness preservation.

Did I mention the packaging is also BPA-free and recyclable?



Spot & Tango: Fresh



How much can you get out of your dog food from twelve fresh ingredients and no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives? A lot actually!

Spot & Tango’s pet meal delivery service is committed to servicing your pup with both honest guidance and human-grade reliable fresh dog food.

All products have been tested and are shown to meet or exceed the standards set by the AAFCO’s Dog Food Nutrient profiles for all life stages.

Thanks to Spot & Tango’s team of veterinary nutritionists, each meal and UnKibble pack is guaranteed to do the following for your dog.

  • boost energy
  • relieve allergies
  • improve digestion
  • support healthy coats
  • manage weight
  • strengthen muscle
  • relieve arthritis



Raw dog food typically includes meats, bones, eggs, and dog-safe fruits and veggies. The food is not cooked at all but fed to your pup completely raw (hence the name “raw food”!).

PROS: Advocates of raw dog food say that it promotes a shinier coat, healthier skin, and can give your pup more energy.  The idea behind the diet is that dogs are meant to eat raw food- that is what they would do in the wild. And isn’t a dog technically a wild animal?

CONS: Raw dog food needs to be handled with care, always refrigerated and only the best quality meats should be used. There is a higher risk of illness from consuming raw dog food since potential bacteria and pathogens are eradicated during cooking.

Be sure you get your raw dog food from trusted sources and consult with your veterinarian before starting your pooch on a natural, raw diet.


Raw Wild



Raw Wild Coupons >>

The rocky mountain west is where Raw Wild sources the deer and elk that will eventually make up 99.4% of their fresh dog food.

No organs, just high-grade raw meat.

No manufactured helping hands, just hunters who dress what they need.

Filtered by a natural approach, Raw Wild’s products guarantee the following:

  • A Complete & Balanced Diet
  • Gluten-Free meals
  • No Growth Hormones from Source Animals
  • No GMOs
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • USA Made
  • 100% Wild Game
  • Completely Unprocessed Meats
  • No Grains or Fillers



Darwin’s Natural Pet Products



Darwin’s Coupons >>

Inspired by a holistic approach to correcting dog health, Darwin’s raw meat and vegetable-infused fresh dog food is designed to provide your pup with the nutrients needed for a long and healthy life.

“Designed by nature. Informed by science.”

This motto behind Darwin’s healthy and fresh dog food is supported by a team of experts who help develop products with the consideration of both a dog’s stages of life and species variation.

All meals are certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (A.A.F.C.O.) to be high in protein, gluten-free, and grain-free.



Raw Paws

Raw Feeding Made Easy & Affordable. Large selection of raw pet food, chews & treats.


Raw Paws Coupons >>

Raw Paws Reviews >>

Raw Paws is on a mission to make providing your dog or cat with the healthiest pet food, treats, chews, and supplements practical, affordable, and accessible.

They believe that quality nutrition leads to a happy and healthy pet.

This is why they source the freshest raw food ingredients from responsible and ethical farms in the USA that humanely raise their animals without the use of added hormones, GMOs, and antibiotics.

This is also why their raw food never contains fillers, additives, or preservatives.

Raw Paws offers two dog food options in many different flavors/recipes.




Premium Dog Food FAQs


Which online premium dog food brand is the least expensive?

Of all the dry food dog food brands we reviewed, Sundays and Jinx are the least expensive. For fresh dog food, Pet Plate had the most economical price.


Which online premium dog food includes Superfoods?

Not all superfoods that are good for humans are good for dogs. For example, dark chocolate is considered a superfood for humans but it is definitely not something you should give your four-legged friend.

However, kale, blueberries, salmon oil, and other select superfoods are great for your pup! Jinx specifically point out their superfood mixtures however almost every company has some kind of super-pup food mixed in.

Spot & Tango has spinach, Ollie mixes in blueberries and Maev has kale. Check the ingredient list for each brand to see what superfoods are inside!


What is the healthiest online premium dog food?

Choosing which dog food is the healthiest is a tricky one. Almost all of the brands we reviewed are quite healthy, full of natural vitamins, minerals, and beneficial foods that will keep your pup going.

The nutritional needs of every dog vary so what is healthy for one pooch may be different from another.


What is the difference between kibble and fresh dog food?

Kibble is made by blending dog food ingredients and then baking or dehydrating the mix into small dry bites.

Kibble is shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Fresh dog food is made by cooking fresh ingredients and then packaging the mix right after.

Fresh food needs to be chilled in order to prevent spoiling. You can compare fresh food to what you may whip up in your kitchen for your own dinner- it’s real, minimally processed food!


What are the best fresh premium dog food brands online?

As you can see from our comparison charts, there are lots of good fresh dog food brands out there. It’s hard to pick just one.  We like Pet Plate for the lower price and topper option.


What are the best premium dog food kibble brands online?

If your dog loves a good crunch, dry kibble may be your best bet. Jinx is a great choice with its probiotics and superfood blends.

Sundays is a great choice if you want premium dog food with a limited number of ingredients and no chicken meal.

So many wonderful choices- dogs these days sure are spoiled!


Can I cancel my online pet food subscription?

Most of the dog food subscription services are very easy to cancel. You can change your subscription setting right online for most sites. Others require you to call customer service to cancel but it should be a simple process.

None of the dog food companies we reviewed require contracts or lock you into long-term deliveries. If your dog doesn’t like the food, try a different brand!


Can I order food for more than one dog?

Absolutely! All of the dog food delivery services we reviewed allow you to add more than one pup.

Most let you customize food for each dog in your house. Show all your dogs how special and unique they are by ordering them personalized food!


Can I order cat food too?

A few of the subscription services also offer food for cats. Ollie and Nom Nom are two companies that already have cat food available.

Others are working to create perfect cat food so you can feed all your pets the best, highest quality food.


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