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Whether you’re an amateur baker just starting out, or an experienced chef, we have the perfect baking kit for you! Compare baking kits for adults and kids right on the MealFinds website so you can select the right baking kit for your needs.

dark chocolate sea salt caramel brownie ani and fabi-baking kits-mealfinds
bake eat love macaroon baking kit-baking kits-mealfinds
baked in baking kits
baketivity cake pop kids baking kit-baking kits-mealfinds
breadista baking box-baking kits-mealfinds
  • Price per serving: $1
  • Overall
cakest rocket cake baking kit-baking kits-mealfinds
  • Cakest
  • Price per serving: $3
  • Overall
chip monk chocolate chip cooking baking mix keto-baking kits-mealfinds
nanaimo bar cookie kits-baking kits-mealfinds
eat2explore japan kids cooking kit
out of this world donut baking kit foodstirs-baking kits-mealfinds
global belly ice cream cookie kit-baking kit-mealfinds
good dee's devil's food cake baking mix-baking kits-mealfinds

From cookies to cakes and everything in between, we have the best baking kits for kids and adults available on MealFinds. Challenge yourself with one of our baking kits and go outside of your comfort zone! Keto and organic options are available.


What are the best baking kits for kids?

Baketivity is one of the best baking kids for kids.  It is designed for kids between the ages of 4-10 years old. Created by a team of professional bakers and parents, each kit is sure to increase baking confidence in the kitchen! 

What is a baking delivery kit?

A baking delivery kit is a kit sent directly to your home (or the home of a loved one) with pre-measured ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to bake the perfect cookies. Whether for a child or for an adult, MealFinds has a list of options for every age group.