Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Including Wine Gifts for Mom!)

Published on February 28, 2021
Last modified on October 8, 2021

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By Amanda Bochain

Mother’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about what you should do to celebrate that special lady in your life. Mom’s are teachers, cooks, maids, and best friends. They work hard every day, taking care of those they love. Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show that you recognize all that your mom does. But what should you get your mom? Here at MealFinds think that food gifts are the best gifts!

Food and beverage gifts are always a favorite of moms around the world. They can be healthy or indulgent, innovative or classic. We have some great gift ideas to help you celebrate the moms in your life, each gift is even better than the last! Many of them can be delivered directly to your mom, taking little effort on your part but giving lots of love. Here are a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Including Wine Gifts for Mom!)

Wine/Cocktails     |    Specialty Food     |      Baked Goods     |      Sweets     |     Tea and Coffee

Wine and Cocktails Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Wine and cocktails might be the way to your mom’s heart.  We’ve picked our favorites, from a rose trio to sparkling by the glass, to a bloody mary kit.  Check out our wine and cocktail Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Firstleaf: Award-Winning Wine


If you’d like a one-of-a-kind gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, think about buying her an award-winning bottle of wine, or two, from Firstleaf.  Firstleaf scours the world for the best tasting, award-winning wines for their Wine Store and monthly club.  Choose from red, white, rose, and sparkling with bottles starting at just $10 with no subscription needed.

Or give your mom the gift of wine with a Firstleaf gift card.  Mom can take the Wine Quiz and receive 6 personalized bottles directly to her door.

Perfect For: Any wine-loving mom will appreciate receiving an award-winning bottle of wine or two from Firstleaf.  Mom can pop open the bottle to enjoy with a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner or save it to enjoy all by herself.

Starting at $10  (Get promo code >>)


Sip & Savor:  Bloom & Blossom Wine Sampler


The Bloom & Blossom Wine Sampler is the perfect way to give mom a taste of spring this Mother’s Day.

Each box contains 12 generous single pour California wines including Moscato, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc.  These light and bright wines will delight any wine-loving mom.

Perfect For: Any mom that loves a light crisp wine will enjoy this special wine sampler.  She can enjoy a single-pour bottle outside on a warm night, share with girlfriends, or drink with dinner.  It’s up to her!

$54.99   (Get coupons >>)


Martha Stewart Wine Co: European Rose Trio


If you’d like an elegant, picture-perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, think about buying her Wine Co’s European Rose Trio. Martha Stewart highly recommends these refreshing wines and points out that rose is great any time of year!

Each box contains three premium bottles of rose wine. A fruity, orange blossom flavored with is first from Pierofosco Toscana, an Italian winemaker that has been crafting wine for decades. Next is a 2019 Vol Du Flamant Grenache rose which is a more floral, dry wine. A French rose made by Bernard Magrez is the third bottle in the pack and has won several gold medals.

Perfect For: Any wine-loving mom will enjoy receiving this rose trio. It will give her a chance to sit back, relax and compare three types of tasty wines. The beautiful pink shades of the rose are perfect for Mother’s Day and make for a lovely gift.

$55   (Get coupons >>)


Sterling Vineyards: 2019 Sparkling Rose


Sterling Vineyards, established in 1964, is one of the most visited wineries in Napa Valley and renowned for crafting world-class award-winning wines.

The Sterling Vineyards Sparkling Rosé will surprise and delight your mom this Mother’s Day.  With its pale pink color, bright fruit flavor, and celebratory bubbles – this bottle is a perfect way to celebrate mom this year!

Perfect For: Sparkling wine-loving moms and rose-loving moms will really enjoy this amazing bottle of bubbly.  Raise a glass to mom this year with this beautiful Sparkling Rose.

$35  (Get coupons >>)


Wonderful Wine Co: The Starter Pack Clean Wine


The Wonderful Wine Co creates wines that are sustainable, made from clean ingredients, and are considered to be earth-friendly. You can feel good about drinking these wines, enjoying that drink at the end of the day that you love so much while still supporting your dietary and ethical goals. Your mom will also love to pour a glass of this wine as well!

The Wonderful Wine Starter Pack contains three bottles of vegan-friendly wines. A syrah, white blend, and malvasia bianca are all packed into each box with care. Each wine is made with sustainably farmed grapes. There are also nutritional values included in the box so your mom can see how many carbs, sugars, and calories are in each glass.

Perfect For: Wonderful wines are great for any mom who supports sustainable farming practices. It is also a good mother’s day gift for a vegan mom, diet-conscious mom, or any mom who loves a good glass of wine!

$60 for 3 bottles  (Get coupons >>)


iGourmet: Bloody Mary Bar Kit Gift


iGourmet sources incredible foods from across the world. They have the largest assortment of high-quality, specialty, and artisan foods on the web! We love the Bloody Mary Gift Box which is a creative and fun idea for this Mother’s Day.

Each Bloody Mary gift box contains everything your mom will need to create the ultimate Bloody Mary right at home. There is a large, 32-ounce jar of gourmet bloody mary mix, a large bottle of Greek olives, and another jar of pickled vegetables perfect for adding that extra touch to each drink. Your mom can also rim her glass with some of the hand-crafted bloody mary salt found in each box!

Perfect For: The iGourmet box is fantastic for any mom who enjoys a spicy, flavor-packed drink. A mom who likes to brunch will be sure to enjoy a good bloody mary kit as well. She can make her own, restaurant-worthy bloody mary without ever leaving home!

$49.99  (Get coupons >>)


Specialty Food Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for something savory for mom this year?  Why not send her a gourmet gift box filled with savory delights or a hearty soup dinner for the family?  Check out our specialty food Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Crowd Cow: Love You A Brunch Bundle


Crowd Cow delivers the finest meat, including the coveted Wagyu, and seafood directly to your door.  Treat mom to a brunch that she won’t soon forget with the Love You A Brunch bundle.  It has almost everything you need to make mom a lovely brunch filled with meat and seafood from trusted sources, just add eggs and coffee.

This Mother’s Day brunch bundle includes 1lb Flank Steak, 2-12oz Heritage Thick-Cut Bacon, 1lb Heritage Sweet Italian Sausage, and 6oz Cold Smoked Wild Coho Salmon (Lox).

Perfect For: This bundle is perfect for the mom who loves brunch or the meat-loving mom who can’t get enough bacon.  Delight mom with brunch this year while you gather around the table to celebrate.

$59.97  (Get coupons >>)


Hungryroot: Healthy Grocery and Meal Delivery

Hungryroot -Lifestyle 11

Give mom the gift of healthy groceries delivered directly to her door.  Fill her Hungryroot box with organic and natural foods, fresh produce, and premium proteins that she will love.  The best part – mom won’t have to leave the house to go to the store that week!

Hungryroot is a flexible subscription that allows you to place an order for mom and then cancel or switch the orders over to your house (we won’t tell!).  Or you can give mom a gift card for her to use in the future.

Perfect For: Hungryroot is perfect for the mom who loves to eat healthy food.  Let mom relax this Mother’s Day and have her groceries delivered to her door.

$59  (Get coupons >>)


Raw Generation:  Cold Pressed Juices


Raw Generation delivers raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed juice free of preservatives and made without artificial ingredients.  Give mom the gift of immunity-boosting cold-pressed juices this Mother’s Day. Each juice blend is made with 100% raw juice from fruits and vegetables for maximum nutrition and plant-powered energy.

The Cold Pressed Juice pack includes 18 cold-pressed juices in 5 flavors – Sweet Greens juice, Citrus Carrot juice, Sweet Roots juice, Tarte Greens juice, and Cool Greens juice.

Perfect For: The Cold Pressed Juice pack is perfect for any mom who loves to eat healthy and/or moms that are always on the go.  This selection of juices will give mom the nutrition and energy she needs for her busy days.

$109.99  (Get coupons >>)


Di Bruno Bros:  Book Club Gift Tote


Di Bruno Bros are culinary pioneers, delivering gourmet gifts right to your door for decades. The Book Club Gift Tote is an amazing assortment of treats that your mom can enjoy while reading her latest novel. There is even enough for her to share!

The Book Club Gift Tote contains Di Bruno Bros Cheese Spread made with real Wisconsin cheese, perfect for spreading on one of the rosemary sea salt crackers included in the box. There is also twice-baked crostini that pairs well with the Prima Donna Parmigiano Reggiano and Gouda cheese blend. A container of salty Di Bruno Bros mixed nuts and Lark Whole Grain Lady Bird cookies are also included in the gift bag. A gorgeous cheese cookbook is the finishing touch!

Perfect For: The Book Club Gift Tote is perfect for any mom who loves to read and snack. The gourmet selection of cheese and crackers are perfect for a book club meeting or to enjoy as you read in front of the fire. All novel-reading moms will love this set!

$85  (Get coupons >>)


Spoonful of Comfort: Mother’s Day Package


Since you can’t mail a hug, you can mail some soup instead! Warm, thoughtful, and delightfully crafted soups are the perfect ready-to-eat meal that you can send to your mom. Send her a gift basket of homemade soups and she will feel the love in just one sip.

The Just Because Gift Basket has a large, 64-ounce jar of soup, enough to serve 4-6 people.   There are also 6 bacci rolls, 6 cookies, and a floral lollipop with a plant-able stick in each box to enjoy with the soup and after the soup. A beautiful ladle is included in the box as well as a personalized gift note so your mom will know exactly who the delicious meal is from!  You even have the option to add The Little Book of Motherhood, a Soup-er Mom Spoon, and/or Best Mom Ever Bracelet & Dish Set.

Perfect For: This gift box is ideal for any mom who appreciates a good homemade soup. Give your mom a night off from cooking and send a complete meal. She will feel loved, appreciated, and full after she enjoys the delicacies inside!

$84.99  (Get coupons >>)


Cookies, Bread, Cakes, and Baked Goods Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking to send a sweet cookie bouquet, a beautiful gift basket filled with baked goods, or a bread box that is sure to wow?  Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Goldbelly: The Mother’s Day PieCaken


This bright, light over-the-top dessert mash-up will have mom bragging for years to come.   This PieCaken by the famous Zac Young combines tangy lemon cake and strawberry swirl cheesecake with zesty lemon frosting and topped with a full strawberry-rhubarb pie. This sweet treat is the perfect ending to a Mother’s Day brunch, lunch, or dinner.

The Mother’s Day PieCaken is 7″ and serves 6-8 people.  Free shipping is included.

Perfect For: This over-the-top pie/cake is perfect for moms who have it all, those that love dessert, and all foodies.  Mom will be so impressed by this creation that you are sure to win “favorite kid” status for the whole year!

$89+ FREE Shipping (Get coupons >>)


Cookies By Design: Heirloom Cookie Bouquet


The only thing better than a bouquet of flowers is a bouquet of cookies! Your mom will adore the Mother’s Day Heirloom Cookie Bouquet made by Cookies By Design. Cookies By Design bakes their cookies fresh and hand decorates each one. They take the highest pride in their cookies and love that the cookies will be part of your special mother’s day.

You can choose how big of a cookie bouquet you would like to send your mom. The small bouquet includes 5 cookies, the medium bouquet has 7 cookies and the large has 12 heart-shaped cookies. You can also choose the reusable container the cookies come in, picking gold or white. This is a delicious gift you really can customize!

Perfect For: The Heirloom Cookie Bouquet is great for moms who adore flower arrangements and also have a sweet tooth. The cookie bouquet will be a great centerpiece on Mother’s Day that can then turn into dessert. Cookie moms will be in love!

$49.99  (Get coupons >>)


Wildgrain: Bake At Home Box


Any bread lover is going to appreciate a subscription to Wildgrain as they will deliver frozen, homemade, high-quality bread, pasta, and pastries right to your door. No need for your mom to go to the store to bake a loaf of bread herself when she has Wildgrain! Wildgrain is based on all-around clean, high-quality carbs that taste delicious while adding nutritional value to each meal.

Each Wildgrain box is full of bake-from-frozen bread, pasta, and artisanal pastries. The boxes will change from month to month but will always have some of Wildgrain’s signature sourdough rolls included! All of the items can be stored in the freezer and then reheated within 30 minutes or less for delicious, fresh bread and more.

Please note that Wildgrain does not currently have a gifting option, but you can easily sign up and send a box to your mom and then cancel or change the shipping address to your own.

Perfect For: If your mom appreciates fine bread and also tries to stick to a nutritious diet, then a Wildgrain subscription is for her. It is also a fun box to receive for those who wish they could have freshly baked bread and homemade pasta and pastries more often.

$89 (Get coupons >>)


Wolferman’s: Berry Breakfast Box


Rather than sending your mom a box of sweets or desserts, why not send her a big box of breakfast? She will love waking up on Mother’s Day to a box from Wolfermans, a bakery that has been making fresh, scrumptious baked goods since 1910. While the bakery is based out of Kansas City, Missouri, they deliver across the country, bringing fresh, gourmet breakfast pastries right to your door.

The Berry Breakfast Box comes in three sizes so you can choose how much breakfast to send your mom. There is everything your mom needs to have a grand, brunch-style breakfast on her own or with multiple guests! The Berry Breakfast Box contains cherry-blossom English muffins, wild Maine blueberry English muffins, Cranberry citrus English muffins, 2 apple cranberry scones, a cranberry orange loaf cake, strawberry preserves, and a 2-ounce pack of coffee. Sounds like a decadent breakfast!

Perfect For: This gift box is perfect for any mom who enjoys a good pastry. If your mom loves to stop into small bakeries and sample their daily assortment of baked goods, then this will be a wonderful gift for her.

$39.99  (Get coupons >>)


Breadista: Bread and Salt Gift Box


Breadista is a unique baking subscription service that delivers everything you need to make gourmet, homemade bread. There are lots of unique bread baking kits to choose from. Pick just one or sign up for a full subscription. We love the bread, salt, and honey gift box and know that your mom will too!

Each box includes two bread mixes, one for bread and one for multigrain rolls. There is a beautiful jar of Pacific Flake Sea Salt and a bamboo salt keeper box with a spoon and magnetic sliding lid. A jar of raw wildflower honey, raw blackberry honey, and a cotton kitchen tea towel top off the box. To make this gift even better, with the purchase of each box Breadista donates one meal to a Food Bank in America. What an incredible gift for your mom!

Perfect For: This gift is great for moms who like to bake or those that simply adore fresh bread. The bread mixes are easy to put together and come with simple instructions.

$79.99  (Get coupons >>)


Cheryl’s Cookies:  Cookie Gift Box


What better way to brighten your mom’s day than with a box of fresh, gourmet cookies? Your mom will definitely enjoy getting a package from Cheryl’s Cookies. Cheryl’s cookies are made from scratch and the signature buttercream frosting has real butter, vanilla, evaporated milk, and powdered sugar- just four ingredients to create fantastic cookies! One bite and your mom will be hooked.

The Enjoy Your Day gift box comes in three sizes, a 12 piece box, a 24 piece box, or a 36 piece box of cookies. Each box contains buttercream frosted cut-out cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, blueberry muffin cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and one special peach and cream cookie. These unique flavors are sure to surprise and impress your mom this Mother’s Day.

Perfect For: If your mom has a sweet tooth or an affinity for homemade cookies, this is the gift box you should get her. She won’t need to bake cookies for quite a while when she has a whole box of these!

$29.99  (Get coupons >>)


Seven Sisters Scones: Just Tea & Sconies


Seven Sisters Scones are based out of Georgia and run by (you guessed it!) seven sisters! The cafe started around the scone and all the different ways you can enjoy a scone. They can be served with soups, as a breakfast, or as bread for a sandwich. Sound like something your mom would like? Well, you can order her the Just Tea & Sconie Mini-Scone gift box for Mother’s Day and give her a taste of these modern baked goods.

The Just Tea & Sconie gift box includes 8 mini-scones in assorted flavors, a 2 oz Urban Tea bag of loose leaf tea, and her own personal 12 oz mini glass tea press pot.  The scones are all baked fresh in Georgia daily with high-quality ingredients like real butter, eggs, and cream. The scones are all individually wrapped so your mom can eat as many or as few as she’d like and can freeze some for later!

Perfect For: The Just Tea & Sconies gift box is great for any mom who enjoys a gourmet baked good and a nice cup of tea. The scones go well with coffee and tea, as a breakfast treat, or as a dessert- seems like the perfect fit for almost every mom out there!

$60 + FREE Shipping   (Get coupons >>)


Coffee and Tea Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Your mom may love a nice cup of tea or a gourmet coffee gift box this Mother’s Day.  Check out our coffee and tea Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Packed With Purpose: Relax and Unwind


Packed with Purpose is a game-changing gift box company. Every product is made by a business that makes an impact in their community. Whether it is a business owned by women, one that only uses local ingredients, or one that focuses on preserving the environment, each gift has a purpose. The items in each gift box are also very high quality and will not disappoint.

The Relax and Unwind box is ideal for any mom looking to have a calm, tasty evening. There are award-winning goat milk caramels, a sustainably made barista-style mug, and an assortment of aromatic teas to enjoy. The tart key lime cookies will taste great as your mom enjoys the glow from the soy candle in the box as well.

Perfect For: This gift is great for moms who need to de-stress a little. Each item will help your mom indulge, relax and enjoy her special day. She will also love that the gift box supports employment for teen moms, sustainability efforts and so much more.

$85.00 (Get coupons >>)


Simple Loose Leaf: Tea Box Gift


Simple Loose Leaf is a family-owned and operated loose leaf tea company. They are dedicated to enriching lives through the love of tea. Join the tea revolution and give your mom a subscription to Loose Leaf Tea. She will love receiving a new and unique box each month!

You can customize your mom’s tea subscription to fit her tea drinking needs. Choose between an herbal tea box, black tea, green tea, or sampler box. You can also pick a monthly subscription, bi-monthly, and quarterly subscription. Each delivery contains four to five kinds of loose leaf teas which equate to up to 20 cups of tea per box. There are also four reusable, resealable hand-sewn linen tea filters in each box. The teas are thoughtfully curated with the current season in mind. Tasting notes for each tea are included as well to help your mom discover the tea’s origin, brew method, and deep flavors.

Perfect For: The Simple Loose Leaf tea subscription box is ideal for any mom who loves tea. It is also great for moms who want to explore new flavors of teas and beverages. Grab the sampler box to give your mom a wide variety of tea options to try!

$13/box for 3 months of Tea (Get coupons >>)


Mouth: Coffee Fix Gift Box


Many moms run on caffeine and, if you know that to be true of the moms in your life, then this is the perfect gift. Mouth is an amazing company that finds the best, small-batch foods in American and delivers them right to your door. You can browse tons of gift boxes, sign up for monthly food box deliveries or build your own gift box, selecting foods that are curated to your tastes.

The Coffee Fix Gift Box is a great one and it highlights the flavor of coffee in several ways. Each box contains a jar of dark chocolate espresso beans, chocolate espresso cookies, and a jar of whole bean mocha, java coffee. A box of dark roasted mocha caramels, some coffee popcorn, and a pack of cold brew coffee bags round out this mouth-watering box.

Perfect For: Any caffeine-addicted mom’s out there are sure to appreciate the delicious treats and endless amount of energy packed into this box. Mouth shows that there is more way than one to enjoy coffee!

$74  (Get coupons >>)


Sips by: I Love You More Tea Kit


Sips by is a female-founded tea start-up that makes tea both fun and affordable. It is actually the only personalized tea subscription box out there! They source teas from over 150 different tea brands to bring your mom the best options that she is sure to love. The I Love You More Tea Kit is customizable so you can gift your mom her favorite tea along with some cute tea accessories.

Each I Love You More tea kit comes with your choice of 4-ounce bags of tea. You can pick from flavors like Raspberry Rose Oolong or Sugar Cookie Sweetheart. If you can’t choose just one kind of tea, get your mom two! The box also contains a heart-shaped tea infuser and a heart-shaped mug. You can even add a Sips by gift card so your mom can sign up to receive monthly tea deliveries! It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Perfect For: This box is great for moms who enjoy a nice cup of tea every now and then. It is also perfect for true tea aficionados as the selection of tea is amazing! The heart-themed gift box is also beautifully made and is great to portray your true love for your mom.

$35   (Get coupons >>)


Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Maybe you want to send mom something sweet?  What about luxury chocolates, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or personalized ice cream?  Check out our sweet Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

Voges: Exotic Truffle Collection


Vosges truffles are some of the most creatively flavored, delicious chocolates on the market. This signature collection is inspired by the chocolatiers world travels. If you want to give your mom a box of chocolates that will really wow her, this is the gift you should grab!

The Exotic Truffle Collection contains 16 gourmet truffles, each one as unique as the last. Your mom can try the absinthe truffle first or go for the Budapest, a truffle made with Hungarian paprika and dark chocolate. The Woolloomooloo sounds like a fun one to try and the Ambrosia, made with macadamia nuts and Cointreau sounds sinful. Hopefully, your mom will share with you too!

Perfect For: Vosges chocolates are a great gift for a mom who loves interesting sweets. These chocolates are unlike any other she has ever tried. The luxurious purple box is also beautiful and makes for a stunning gift.

$49.00 (Get coupons >>)


Ethel M: Satin Cremes Collection


At Ethel M, fresh is the philosophy. The company has been crafting chocolates since 1982 and the satin creme collection has been a customer favorite since it began. Your mom is sure to love these luxurious bite-sized chocolates.

The Satin Creme Collection contains 12 pieces of premium chocolate. Lemon, Prickly pear, raspberry, and chocolate are all blended into the creamy filling, making each truffle irresistible. There is a chocolate guide in each box so your mom knows exactly what truffle she is biting into!

Perfect For: Chocolate-loving moms will enjoy this Mother’s Day gift for sure. The truffles taste fresh and decadent, exactly what any chocolate connoisseur would want! Each chocolate is different, just like every mom out there!

$30  (Get coupons >>)


Shari’s Berries: Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries


Shari’s Berries is a very well-known strawberry company that delivers fresh, hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries right to your door. The large strawberries are guaranteed to be juicy, red, and irresistible! We love the Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries gift box because it serves as a tasty reminder that love is always with us.

If you choose to send your mom this box of Shari’s Berries, she will receive between 6 and 24 berries (you choose the size!). The strawberries are dipped in chocolate and then covered in mini chocolate chips, toffee, or drizzled in dark chocolate. Shari’s Berries uses local shops to help with delivery, ensuring that you get the freshest berries possible.

Perfect For: This gift is great for moms who enjoy the decadent fruitiness of chocolate-covered strawberries. It is also perfect to show your love as each berry looks like a beautiful little heart. What a great gift for your mom this year!

$39.99  (Get coupons >>)


eCreamery: Just For Mom Premium Collection


Small batch, gourmet ice cream sounds like something you can only get at an ice cream parlor but eCreamery delivers it right to your door! Ice cream artists develop incredible, unique flavors then hand pack every pint. The Just For Mom Premium Collection is made especially for moms, to show them just how much they are loved.

The delivery of ice cream will include four stuffed pints of ice cream. Your mom will go crazy for the flavors which include “World’s Sweetest Mom” and “Mom’s Tub of Hugs”. While the names are fun and definitely appropriate for Mother’s Day, the actual ice cream sounds even better. Chocolate cake Ice cream with fudge swirls and brownie bits, vanilla ice cream with toffee crunch, mint cookie crunch with fudge swirls, and s’mores ice cream are all included in this gift box.

Perfect For: eCreamery ice cream is really ideal for any ice cream-loving mom out there. The fun flavor names and decadent dessert flavors will make your mom’s day very special.

$59.99  (Get coupons >>)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Looking for more Mother’s Day gift ideas?  Check out our other Gift Guides:

Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day has been an official holiday in the US since 1914. President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation declaring a day for “public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country”. While he is considered to be “the father” of the holiday, the “mother” is Anna Jarvis and her own mother.

Jarvis’ mom created Mother’s Day as a day when all moms would get together and help out other mothers who were less fortunate. It was a day for work and aid for those moms in the community who needed it most. After her own mother passed away, Jarvis set out to make the holiday a national one. While the holiday has changed, becoming a time when moms are celebrated, the sentiment remains the same- mothers are important, essential, and deserve to be seen for all that they do.

Mother’s Day always falls on the second Sunday in May. This year, 2021, all the moms in the United States will be celebrated on May 9th. There are many Mother’s Day traditions that you can choose to take part in to show your mom how much you care. Giving your mom flowers and serving her breakfast in bed is a classic way to celebrate. Carnations are the official flower of mother’s day and each color flower even has its own meaning.

You can send your mom a card or just give her a call. About 122 million phone calls are made on Mother’s Day, making it the busiest day for almost every phone service provider. Going out to brunch is a great way to spend the day with your mom or, giving a box of chocolates is always delicious too!

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