Nom Nom Review

April 2, 2020

We received a sample from Nom Nom.  This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.


Nom Nom Review

Are you feeding your pet a balanced healthy diet?  We thought we were, but your pets may not be getting what they need to live a long happy and healthy life.  We reviewed Nom Nom, which brings fresh, healthy meals for your favorite four-legged friends right to your door, and share our experience below.

Each Nom Nom recipe is created by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist in the US, to meet the nutritional standards established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed  Control Officials) and provide a complete and balanced diet for both dogs and cats.  Nom Nom and Dr. Shmalberg agree that feeding your pets well, with fresh healthy meals, is the best way to prevent chronic disease and therefore increase the lifespan of your best friend.  Read our full Nom Nom review below.

Quality and Safety

Nom Nom takes great care in the preparation and delivery of their pet meals.  All ingredients are sourced from the US and restaurant-quality food is prepared in Nom Nom’s owned-and-operated, FDA-compliant production facilities.  Recipes are made with a shortlist of approved ingredients including meat, vegetables, healthy oils, and a vitamin and nutrient​ ​blend.  No additives or artificial ingredients are ever used.  Nom Nom meals are prepared fresh each week, based on your pet’s profile, and are measured and individually-portioned for each pet’s needs, to ensure zero food waste and make feeding a breeze.  Meals are delivered with dry ice to keep them cold and fresh and all packaging is curbside recyclable, including the meal packs.

Recipe Choices

  • 4 flavors for dogs with main ingredients
    • Beef Mash: beef, potatoes, eggs carrots, peas, and fish oil
    • Chicken Chow: chicken, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, spinach, and fish oil
    • Pork Potluck: pork, potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, mushrooms, kale, and fish oil
    • Turkey Fare: turkey, eggs, brown rice, carrots, spinach, and fish oil
  • 2 flavors for cats
    • Chicken: chicken thigh, breast and liver, carrots, asparagus, cantaloupe, and spinach
    • Fish: tilapia, salmon, beef fat, yuca, and carrots
  • 2 single-ingredient treats (Beef and Chicken Jerky) are available for both dogs and cats


Food starts at around $20 per week or less than $3 per day. The price is calculated based on each pet’s breed,  age, weight, activity level, unique health goals, and the recipe(s) selected. Portion size, delivery options, such as weekly, bi-weekly,​ ​and monthly, and the number of pets can also affect the weekly price.  Delivery is always free to customers in the continental US.

Ordering Process

To get started you must first answer a couple questions about your pet so that Nom Nom can tailor your pet’s food to their individual needs.  We list these steps below.

Step 1 – Dog or Cat


Step 2 – About Your Pet: Name, Sex, Breed


Step 3 – Weight and Age


Step 4 – Body Condition


Step 5 – Meal and Portion Selection


Final Steps:

Next, you fill in your name and shipping information.  You will end up on a page that lists your meal plan and total cost for 2 weeks minus any discounts (you can find a special offer on the Nom Nom Meal Finds page).  You simply enter in your payment details and submit your order.

Our Order

A little bit about our Daisy dog.  Daisy is an 8 1/2-year-old female St. Berdoodle (St Bernard Poodle mix) that is at an ideal weight of 100lbs and has been on a higher-end kibble her whole life.  For our Nom Nom review, we selected Pork Potluck for Daisy.  There was no real reason for this selection other than the ingredients looked good.

The cost for two weeks, 1 transition week with Nom Nom at 50% and 1 full week of Nom Nom, came out to $165.57 or $5.91/meal (feeding 2 meals per day).  This is a lot, but keep in mind that Daisy is 100 lbs and that Nom Nom is healthy fresh food made with quality ingredients.  Most dogs weigh less than our girl, for example, and the cost per meal for a 20 lb 5-year-old active female is around $2/meal.  You can also try out the “half-portions” added to your pet’s normal food,  which will give you the benefits of this healthy food at a fraction of the price.  We love that this option is available as it makes Nom Nom a more viable meal service for those of us with very large dogs and limited budgets.

In addition to the dog meals, we also ordered beef and chicken jerky treats, both 2 oz. and cost $13 (or $20 for 4 oz bags).  This isn’t your average pet jerky filled with little meat and a lot of filler.  This beef jerky is made with 1 ingredient, 100% USDA-certified top sirloin beef.  The chicken jerky is made with restaurant-grade 100% USDA-certified chicken breast. Nom Nom never adds preservatives, additives, or anything else to there treats.

When Your Order Arrives

WARNING: Your furry friends will want to help you unpack!

nom-nom-delivery     nom-nom-in-the-box

When your order arrives open and unpack the box.  You should put a week’s worth of meals in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.  Be mindful of the difference between the transition food and regular portioned food as the transition packs contain half as much food as the full portions.  We move meals from the freezer to the fridge 1-2 days before we need them to give them a chance to thaw.  If you forget, no worries, just put the frozen packs in warm water to thaw before serving.

Want to know what your Nom Nom shipment will look like when it arrives?  Watch the unboxing video below.

What to Expect

Here’s what other Nom Nom users have reported:

Week 1:  More excitement at mealtime and more energy

Week 2:  Smaller stools and better breath

      Getting Started

      Week 1 – 50% Nom Nom

      Daisy has been on a kibble diet so Week 1 meals, breakfast and dinner, included half her normal kibble plus 2 pre-portioned “transition” bags of Nom Nom.  Daisy LOVED her Nom Nom Pork Potluck.  How do I know?  Every mealtime she would eat her Nom Nom first and then eat her kibble.  She’s a smart girl.  We didn’t notice a change in energy throughout the day, either way, during week 1, but Daisy is a pretty energetic lovey dog as it is.  Daisy’s excitement for mealtime did increase; she started begging for dinner 30 min early every day and whined while we got her bowl ready.


      Did you see the main ingredients?  Pork, Potatoes, Green Beans, Yellow Squash, Mushrooms, Kale, and Fish Oil.   They sound more like a dinner that I had last week, minus the fish oil, than dog food, but that’s why Nom Nom is so great for your furry friends.  It’s real natural food with none of the gross artificial filler ingredients that are in most of the food that we feed our pets.  And look at the difference between the kibble and Nom Nom.

      The Nom Nom treats were a big hit as well!  You can’t go wrong with treats made with only 1 quality ingredient, just beef or just chicken, and our Daisy agrees.

      nom-nom-review-beef-jerky-treats      nom-nom-review-chicken-jerky-treats

      Week 2 – 100% Nom Nom

      During Daisy’s second week she was ready to enjoy full-sized portions of Nom Nom fresh food.  It didn’t seem like Daisy missed her kibble one bit!  In addition to Daisy loving her new food, we also noticed that her stools were smaller and harder.  This may be TMI, but when you are picking up after a 100lb dog stool size and consistency matters.  Smaller and harder = easier to pick up, and this makes everyone happy.  We also noticed that Daisy was less gassy.  Another bonus!


      Nom Nom dog meals are healthy, made with high-quality ingredients, and food that you can feel good about feeding to your best friend.  The pre-portioned packages make feeding time hassle-free.  Best of all, your dog or cat will love it!  Learn more about Nom Nom on MealFinds, including a special 50% off offer, and head on over to the Nom Nom site to sign up today.  Trust us, your pets will thank you with lots of licks and snuggles!


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