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Published on December 1, 2020
Last modified on July 29, 2021

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By Alison Chew

Food & Drink Gifts     |     Food Stocking Stuffers

Unique Food Gifts for Those Who Love To Eat (and Drink!)

Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift is hard.  No matter how well you know someone, finding a unique gift year after year can be a challenge.  Will it be the right color?  The right size?  Do they already have it?  Will they even like it?  Your options are endless.

If you are like me, you like to give gifts that are personal, filled with love, and are useful.  I find that food gifts check all of those boxes plus they are always the right size and color and are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face (and stomach).

Throughout the year we have tasted, tested, researched, reviewed, and sampled a ton of amazing food and beverage products.  Every November we bring you a list of our favorites, those that we would love to receive as a gift ourselves, to make gift-giving any time of year a little easier and a whole lot tastier.

We hope you enjoy our list of Food Gifts!

Sip & Savor: Holiday Countdown & New Year Bubbly Box


The Sip & Savor Holiday Countdown & New Year Bubbly Boxes are the perfect gift for friends near and far.  Count down to Christmas with this festive Christmas Wine Advent Calendar filled with 12 bottles of California reds, whites, and roses.  Then countdown to New Year’s with the Bubbly Box filled with 7 bottles (1 for each day between Christmas and New Year’s) of sparkling wine.

Many great gift options available, from wine subscriptions to advent calendars. (Read our Sip & Savor Wine Advent Calendar review for more details)

What They Get: 12 bottles of CA Wine and 7 bottles of Sparkling Wine

Perfect For: Everyone (21+)!, Wine-Lovers



Sakara: The Gift Of Glow



Give a life-changing present this year with Sakara’s Gift of Glow.  Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program delivers 100% plant-based, fresh, ready-to-eat meals to your recipient’s door for improved digestion, weight loss, energy, and focus.  Sakara’s Beauty Chocolates are packed with a plant-based collagen alternative and clinically proven to enhance their skin in just two weeks.

Get a head start on New Year’s resolutions with this gift!

What They Get: A Gift Card for 3 days of Sakara’s Signature Meal Delivery Program + a 30-day Supply of Beauty Chocolates

Perfect For: Health-Focused Mom’s, Those Looking for a 2020 Reset (i.e everyone!)

$275 (Get Coupon >>)


Crowd Cow: A5 Olive Wagyu & American Wagyu Sampler


The Crowd Cow A5 Olive Wagyu & American Wagyu Sampler is what your meat-loving dreams are made of!  Sink your teeth into this buttery melt-in-your-mouth tender wagyu sampler for pure eating pleasure.

See how the rare Japanese Olive Wagyu compares with the American Mishima Reserve Wagyu with this unique gift.

(Read our Crowd Cow review for more details >>)

What They Get: 1X A5 Olive Wagyu Petite Striploin and 1X Wagyu Manhattan New York Strip Steak (12 oz total)

Perfect For: Meat-Lovers, Grill Masters

$110.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Candy Club: Sugar & Ice Box


Candy Club partners with small artisans and famed candy producers to bring you a thoughtfully curated selection of delectable candies.  Choose a monthly subscription for yourself or gift a 1-time box of candies to friends or loved ones.  Everyone will love this sweet surprise!

Many candy gift packs to choose from! (Read our Candy Club reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: 6- 6oz jars of delightfully fun candy including Blossom Bears, Cotton Candy Taffy, Green Apple Drops, Coffee Bits, Sour Cherry Cola Bottles, and Tripple-Dipped Malt Balls.

Perfect For: Candy-Lovers, Sweet-Tooth-Snackers

$49.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Spoonful of Comfort: Soup Care Package


Give that special someone a warm hug in the form of a delicious soup box from Spoonful of Comfort.  Your lucky recipient will receive a huge container of gourmet soup, rolls, and cookies and will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Several food gifts are available!  Choose from 8 types of soup and 5 types of cookies to create the perfect personalized food gift. (Read our Spoonful of Comfort reviews for details)

What They Get: 64-oz. jar of sensational soup (4-6 generous servings), Half dozen bacci rolls, Half dozen cookies, A ladle for serving, Personalized notecard

Perfect For: Comfort Food-Lovers, Grandparents, New Parents

$79.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Fulton Fish Market: Tuna and Salmon Bundle


The gift of fresh, high-quality seafood from the legendary Fulton Fish Market in NYC is sure to bring a smile to any fish-lovers face.  And a fresh seafood bundle is the perfect way to surprise and delight someone you love.  Best of all, your recipient can eat what they want now and freeze the rest for later.

Many bundle options to choose from. (Read our Fulton Fish Market reviews for details)

What They Get: Four (8oz) Fresh Atlantic Halibut Portions (Wild), Four (8oz) Fresh Kvarøy Arctic Salmon Portions (Farmed)

Perfect For: Seafood-Lovers, Healthy-Eaters

$98.76 (Get Coupon >>)


Carnivore Club: Exotic Jerky Bouquet


For all of the snackers and meat-lovers in your life!  Give them the gift of premium, curated, artisanal jerky.  Carnivore Club is the leader in premium cured meat and each month features a new artisan in their monthly subscription box.

This year they have re-imagined the traditional flower bouquet with the gift of 20 long stem premium curated jerky sticks that can be purchased a la carte.

(Read our Carnivore Club reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: 20 long stem premium jerky sticks

Perfect For: Meat-Lovers, Savory-Snackers, Keto-Dieters

$44.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Knead Love Bakeshop: Dog Treat Baking Kit


Do you have a dog or dog-lover in your life?  Give them food gifts that will warm their heart and fill their belly. Home-made dog treats!

Knead Love Bakeshop brings you a dog treat baking kit filled with everything you need to make home-baked, organic, healthy dog treats in around 30 minutes.  Treats are all-natural, organic, human-grade, non-GMO, and made in the USA. They contain no added sugar, salt, preservatives, colors, or flavors.

5 flavors to choose from!  (Read our Knead Love Bakeshop reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: Dog treat baking kit that will make 24-48 healthy dog treats

Perfect For: Dog-Lovers, Home-Bakers, Dogs

$12.50 (Get Coupon >>)


Baketivity: Face-Bake DIY Cookie Baking Kit


Baketivity has launched a new custom printed cookie DIY baking kit just in time for the holidays!  You can now make delicious cookies at home AND personalize them with the picture of your choice.

Send someone you love a cookie kit with a picture of their pet, or a family picture from your last vacation, or a funny picture to bring a smile to their face.  The options are endless with this highly personalized (and tasty) gift.

(Read our Baketivity reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: Everything needed to make 12 Face-Bake Cookies (Recipe, Dry Ingredients for Cookies and Icing, Cookie Cutter, and Edible Custom Picture Stick-On’s)

Perfect For: Kids, Home-Bakers, Cookie-Lovers

$44.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Simple Loose Leaf: 6 Months of Tea Of The Month


Simple Loose Leaf delivers hand-packaged, premium loose leaf tea to your recipient’s door.  Friends and family will love opening their Tea of the Month box and finding new tea to enjoy inside.  And as they sit down for their morning or evening cup of tea they will think of you and how thoughtful you are.

The Tea of the Month subscription includes 4 curated loose leaf teas, 4 USA made linen filters and helpful tasting notes.  Each Tea of the Month box makes 16-20 cups of high-quality tea.  Choose from green tea, black tea, herbal tea, or a sample of each. (Read our Simple Loose Leaf reviews for details)

What They Get: 6 monthly deliveries of Tea of the Month

Perfect For: Tea-Lovers, Moms, Dads, Grandma’s

$60 (Get Coupon >>)


The Honest Bison: Wild Burgers Box


The Honest Bison produces 100% grass-fed, naturally raised, and minimally processed bison, elk, and venison.  Delight that meat-lover in your life with the Wild Burgers Box which features 36 mouth-watering burgers and is guaranteed to bring a smile to their tastebuds.  They might even invite you over for a bbq!

(Read our The Honest Bison reviews for details)

What They Get: Wild Burgers Chef box includes 36 thick, 1/3 lb. burgers: 12 Bison, 12 Elk, and 12 Venison

Perfect For: Meat-Lovers, Grill-Masters

$192 (Get Coupon >>)


Wonderful Wine Co: Clean Wine Starter Pack


Wonderful Wine brings clean, low-carb, low-sugar wine free of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides directly to your door.

Watch as your friends and family open up this beautiful clean wine bundle featuring wine that is not only better for them, but better for the environment. (Read our Wonderful Wine reviews for details)

What They Get: The Starter Pack: 3 Bottles including 1 of each Red, White, and Rose

Perfect For: Health-Conscious Adults, Your Wine-Loving BFF, Keto-Dieters

$60 (Get Coupon >>)


Bokksu: Limited Edition Japanese Kit Kat Variety Box


Your snack-loving gift recipient will fall in love with the Japanese Kit Kat Variety Box from Bokksu.  Filled with 60 Japanese Kit Kats in 18 different flavors, this box contains Japan’s most popular (and exclusive) Kit Kat flavors.

Explore flavors like matcha, hojicha, rum raisin, strawberry cheesecake, Japanese sake, and more!  (Read our Bokksu review for more details >>)

What They Get: 60 Limited Edition Japanese Kit Kat bars

Perfect For: Kids, Adventurous Snackers, Candy-Lovers

$75 (Get Coupon >>)


Copper Cow Coffee: Best Brews Variety Pack


Give the gift of coffee!  Copper Cow Coffee brings you organic, all-natural Vietnamese pour-over coffee with real California milk creamers.  Friends and family will love these sustainably sourced personal coffee and creamer packs, made in just 90 seconds, for barista-quality coffee at home or on the go!

(Read our Copper Cow Coffee reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: 5 coffees (2 Classic Black, 1 Ginger, 1 Churo, 1 Lavender) and 5 creamers (4 Sweetened Condensed Milk Creamer, 1 Vegan Coconut Creamer)

Perfect For: Coffee-Lovers

$18 (Get Coupon >>)


Your Super: 5-Day Detox Bundle


Give the gift of a total body reset with the Your Super 5-Day Detox Bundle! The Detox Bundle will reduce bloating and inflammation, improve your overall health, give you better sleep, improve energy levels, and more.

This gift is perfect for anyone who wants to detox and reset their body and is perfect for kick-starting New Year’s resolutions, getting ready for the summer, after indulging during the Holidays, or any time of the year!

(Read our Your Super review for more details >>)

What They Get: This bundle includes enough superfood powders for the 5-Day Detox and another 2-3 week leftovers.

  • Super Green mix – for immune support & micronutrients
  • Forever Beautiful mix – for vitamin C & antioxidants
  • Mellow Yellow mix – for less stress & reduce inflammation
  • Skinny Protein mix – stay full longer with plant protein
  • 1 Starter Pack
  • 1 printed 5-Day Detox Plan with 35+ recipes
  • Access to exclusive members group + personal support


Perfect For: Anyone Needing A Reset

$169.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Nature Box: Delightful Box


Nature Box brings you a snack-lovers dream in the Delightful Box.  This box is filled with carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved sweet, salty, spicy, and savory snacks and will fulfill all of your needs (and late-night cravings!).  Many food gifts available!

(Read our Nature Box reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: Dried Mango, Salt & Pepper Pistachios, Honey Dijon Pretzels, Chocolate Chip Granola Bar, Red Berry Granola Bars, Spicy Alehouse Mix, Sweet & Salty Nut Medley, Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops, Plantain Chips, Kettle Corn, and Turmeric Black Pepper Popcorn

Perfect For: Snack-lovers, Families, Couples, Singles

$60.99 (Get Coupon >>)


Lobster Anywhere: Maine Squeeze Lobster Dinner


Give them a food gift they won’t soon forget!  Lobster Anywhere brings you an entire dinner for 2 that includes fresh cold-water Maine lobsters, authentic, rich, and creamy New England Clam Chowder, and Sweet Sloops (chocolate almond buttercrunch toffee) for dessert.

What They Get: (2) 6-7 oz. Maine lobster tails, 16 oz. of New England Clam Chowder, Four Sweet Sloops

Perfect For: Seafood-Lovers, Mom & Dad

$129 (Get Coupon >>)


Raddish Kids:  3 Months of Raddish Kids Cooking Club


Give the kitchen-helper and budding little chef in your life a 3-month prepaid membership to Raddish Kids!  They will love this cooking club and will be overjoyed when they receive their box filled with a new theme, kitchen tool, and culinary lessons every month.  Parents will love watching their children build confidence in the kitchen as they help with dinner.

(Read our Raddish Kids review for more details >>)

What They Get:  Each monthly kit features 3 recipes, a kitchen tool, a creative kitchen project, monthly collectibles, 3 culinary skills lessons, online bonus activities, and a complete grocery list

Perfect For: Kids!

$72 (Get Coupon >>)


Di Bruno Bros: Binge Watch Box


The gourmet snack-lover in your life will squeal with joy when they open this amazing Binge Watch Gift Box from Di Bruno Bros!  It is packed with sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, and savory snacks that are perfect for a weekend at home on the couch or a road trip with friends.  Tons of food gifts available!

What They Get: Prima Donna Cheese (8 oz),  Smoked Gouda & Beer Cheese Spread (7.6 oz),  Italian Market Style Pepperoni (8 oz),  Black Lava Cashews (5 oz),  Smoky Cheddar Snack Mix (6 oz),  Bananas Foster Dark Rum Popcorn (4 oz), Cheese Crostini (7.04 oz),  Strawberry Mango Gummy Pandas (3 oz), Milk Chocolate Milkies (5 oz), Lark Salted Almond Chocolate Pearl Cookies (5.5 oz)

Perfect For: Snack-Lovers, Couples, Anyone Who Loves Yummy Food, Employees/Clients/Colleagues

$100 (Get Coupon >>)


Seven Sisters Scones: Sconie™ (Mini-Scone) Sampler


Give them the gift that will light up their morning breakfast routine or add something special to their afternoon tea time with a mini-scone sampler from Seven Sisters Scones.  These all-natural scones are handmade daily in Johns Creek, GA, individually wrapped, and are moist and layered with flavor.

Choose from 12 mini-scones or go big with 12 regular-size scones.  They will thank you!

What They Get: 12 mini-scones, approximately 2.5 in diameter, in the flavors of the day

Perfect For: People who love breakfast and brunch, Pastry-lovers



Goldbelly: Goldbelly-Live! Cook-Along


For the person who loves cooking or baking – give them the gift of a live class with a world-renowned chef!  This is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind food gift that will blow them away!

Goldbelly’s series of interactive cook-along’s bring America’s most acclaimed chefs, pizza makers, bakers, & more right into the home of your lucky gift recipient in real-time via exclusive Zoom Classes.

Check availability on Goldbelly as class offerings are updated regularly. Don’t want to gift a class?  Choose from 100’s of food gifts from around the country!

(Read our Goldbelly reviews for more details >>)

What They Get: Meal kit, baking kit, or cake decorating kit with free access to a live class with a world-renowned chef

Perfect For: The Home Baker, Anyone Who Loves to Cook, Aspiring Chefs

Starting at $85 (Get Coupon >>)


eCreamery: Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit


This fun and unique food gift will surprise and delight kids and adults alike!  Your gift recipient will love creating the perfect ice cream sandwich combination out of this box filled with gourmet cookies, ice cream, and toppings.  Choose from flavors like the tried and true Chocolate Chip cookie, Vanilla ice cream, and Sprinkles, or for the more adventurous try the Salted Carmel cookies with Carmel Chocolate Pretzel ice cream with Chocolate Chips.

What They Get: 24 Gourmet Cookies, 4 Pints of Ice Cream, and 2 Toppings

Perfect For: Ice Cream-Lovers, Cookie-Lovers, Sweet-Snackers



Packed With Purpose: For The Chocolate Lover


Delight the chocolate lover in your life with a sinful assortment of chocolate. From caramel-filled organic milk chocolate to heirloom dark chocolate with sea salt and cocoa nibs to southern-style dark pecan toffee and rich fudge brownies, they’ll enjoy every bite.

This food gift, like all gifts from Packed With Purpose, supports aspiring young female entrepreneurs, environmental preservation efforts, workforce development, under-resourced youth development, and wellness efforts for people and pets in need.

What They Get:  This gift arrives in a recyclable box and includes:

  • caramelized banana peanut butter cups
  • gourmet caramel filled milk chocolate bar
  • award-winning dark chocolate bar with sea salt and cacao nibs
  • 2 espresso-infused chocolate brownies with Kona sea salt
  • bite-size double chocolate chip cookies
  • sweet and salty chocolate covered pretzels
  • an artful booklet that showcases the stories of our purposeful purveyors and the meaningful impact your gift creates


Perfect For: Chocolate-Lovers, Employees, Clients




Food Gifts: Stocking Stuffers

Loved ones will rejoice when they open up their stockings to these tasty food gifts!  We have something for everyone in our Stocking Stuffer food gift list (which is also my shopping list this year – Death Wish Coffee for my husband, Crepes-To-Go for my son, Chippin for our dog Daisy, and Midi Bites for me!).

Midi Bites: Natural Protein Bites Sample Pack


Midi Bites brings you tasty, organic, whole food snack bites packed with nutrients and protein in portable, resealable pouches.  They are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or late-night snack.  These protein bites also taste wonderful and will fit easily into a stocking! (Read our Midi Bites reviews for details)

What They Get: 3 Midi Bites Protein Packs including Chocolate, Almond, and Peanut

Perfect For: Healthy Snack-Lovers, Sweet-Tooth Snackers

$15 (Get Coupon >>)


Bakerly: Crepes-To-Go Variety Pack


Bakerly brings authentic French baked goods like delicious crepes to households across America through the combination of simple quality ingredients, time-tested French recipes, good people, and lots of love.

Crepes-To-Go are tasty, individually wrapped treats that can fill all of your stockings with food gift sweetness. (Read our Bakerly review for details)

What They Get: Bakerly Crepes-To-Go Variety 4-Pack (24 crepes total) with chocolate hazelnut filled crêpes, crunchy caramel-filled crêpes, crunchy chocolate-filled crêpes, and strawberry-filled crêpes

Perfect For: Kids, Snack-Lovers, Sweet-Tooth-Snackers

$15.16 (Get Coupon >>)


Chippin: All-Natural Dog Treat Combo Pack


These food gifts are for your fury BFF!  Chippin is on a mission to make nutritious, delicious pet food that is not only good for our furry friends but also good for our planet.  Using organic crickets as the main protein source, these tasty treats are free from major allergens and great for your furry BFF. (Read our Chippin reviews for details)

What They Get:  Combo Pack features 2 Superfood and 2 Antioxidant packs of planet-friendly, healthy dog treats

Perfect For: Dog-Lovers, Environmentally-Conscious Humans, Dogs

$39.95 (Get Coupon >>)


Death Wish Coffee: Death Wish & Valhalla Java Coffee Bundle

Death Wish Valhalla Java Coffee Bundle

Give them the gift of the strongest coffee in the world with a bag of Death Wish Coffee AND one of the most flavorful, premium coffee blends, the Valhalla Java coffee.

They will feel your love as they savor every single coffee bean.

What They Get: 1 lb Death Wish Coffee and 12 oz of Valhalla Java Coffee

Perfect For: Coffee-Lovers, Your Sister and Brother, Colleagues and Employees

$33.98 (Get Coupon >>)


Happy Gifting!

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