30 Food Gifts for Those Who Love to Eat (and Drink!)

Published on December 1, 2020
Last modified on March 27, 2024

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Written By Alison Chew 


Unique Food Gifts for Those Who Love To Eat (and Drink!)


Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift is hard.  No matter how well you know someone, finding a unique gift year after year can be a challenge.  Will it be the right color?  The right size?  Do they already have it?  Will they even like it?  Your options are endless.

If you are like me, you like to give gifts that are personal, filled with love, and useful.

I find that food gifts check all of those boxes plus they are always the right size and color and are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face (and stomach).


food gifts guide


Throughout the year we have tasted, tested, researched, reviewed, and sampled a ton of amazing food and beverage products.

Every November we bring you a list of our favorites, those that we would love to receive as a gift ourselves, to make gift-giving any time of year a little easier and a whole lot tastier.


Looking for more gift ideas?  Check out our Wine Gifts Guide, Tea Gifts Guide, and Coffee Gifts Guide.  We also have Curated Gifts by Occasion.


Top Food Gift Picks for 2023


FarmFoods Holiday Dinner Hero - Food Gift Guide - MealFinds

1. FarmFoods: Holiday Dinner Hero Bundle


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The Holiday Dinner Hero bundle from FarmFoods will delight the meat-lover in your life with six high-quality steaks.

FarmFoods steaks are sourced from responsibly raised grass-fed cattle with a rich, full-bodied flavor that everyone will enjoy.

This bundle includes 2 x Boneless Grass-fed Beef Rib Eye Steaks (7oz – 13oz), 2 x Grass-fed Beef Filet Mignon (7oz – 10oz), and 2 x Grass-fed Beef Top Sirloin Steaks (7oz -10oz).





2. Kosterina: Dipping Duo Gift Set



The foodie in your life will rejoice when they open this gift set from Kosterina!

The Dipping Duo Gift Set contains one premium cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil made from 100% Greek Koroneiki olives and one premium balsamic vinegar made from Italian Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes and aged to perfection.

Both are perfect for all of your drizzling and dipping needs.

Each hand-crafted bottle is 375ml.




eat2explore kids holiday baking kit gift-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

3. Eat2Explore: Holiday World Baking Kit Bundle



Your kids can explore treats from around the world this holiday season with the Holiday World Baking Kit Bundle from eat2explore!

This bundle includes two unique boxes – World Baking Kit – Europe & World Baking Kit- Global –  featuring six Holiday treat recipes from Japan, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Sweden & Colombia.

In addition, every eat2explore kit includes non-perishable ingredients, a cooking tool, educational activities, an explorer guide to a specific country, collectibles, and a shopping list.  Plus, this bundle includes a children’s apron!




levain bakery signature cookie assortment gift-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

4. Levain Bakery: Signature Cookie Assortment



Give the gift cookies this season with the Signature Cookie Assortment from the famous Levain Bakery in NYC.

The Signature Cookie Assortment 8-pack includes two of each of the original 4 cookie flavors: Chocolate Chip Walnut, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin.

Each cookie gift box contains either four, eight, or twelve 6-ounce cookies, packed in a beautiful gift bag and box.

This gift is perfect for clients, co-workers, friends, and family.  Because who doesn’t love a huge, chocolatey cookie?




hellofresh holiday gift card-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

5. HelloFresh: Meal Kit Gift Card

$75 – $160


This holiday season surprise them with a gift of stress-free dinners with a gift card from HelloFresh!

Every HelloFresh meal kit box includes pre-measured ingredients, farm-fresh produce, and step-by-step recipes delivered to their door.

Choose from a $75, $90, $125, or $160 gift card that is delivered electronically with your personal message on the selected send date.




pique sun goddess matcha-tea gift sets-mealfinds

6. Pique: Sun Goddess Matcha Tea

$116 + Free Shipping


Give the gift of radiant skin, calm energy, and a healthy gut this year with Sun Goddess Matcha from Pique.  This organically sourced matcha tea is full of antioxidants to support a better you inside and out.

Pique’s ceremonial grade matcha is both powerful and pure (quadruple toxin screened) giving you a new daily ritual that you can feel good about.  Enjoy the Sun Goddess Matcha for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up with a rich umami taste and delicate and fresh flavor.

This tea gift set includes two cartons of Sun Goddess Matcha tea in 56 single-serve packets great for on the go, at home, or traveling.  The tea-lover and health enthusiast in your life will thank you!



salt and straw bestsellers pint pack-food gifts-mealfinds

7. Salt & Straw: Best Sellers Pint Pack



Give hand-made ice cream made with locally sourced ingredients in unexpected and deliciously creamy flavors to someone you love this Holiday season with the Best Sellers Pint Pack from Salt & Straw.

With the Best Sellers Pint Pack by Salt & Straw, they will enjoy Sea Salt w/ Caramel Ribbons, Double Fold Vanilla, Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Freckled Mint TCHO-colate Chip (v), and Chocolate Gooey Brownie ice cream.




spoonful of comfort festive soup and scent gift package-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

8. Spoonful of Comfort: Festive Kitchen Soup & Scents Package

$114.99 + Free Shipping

(Save 10% with code MEALFINDS10 >> )


Give that special someone a warm hug in the form of a delicious soup box and festive mulled spices simmer set from Spoonful of Comfort.

Your lucky recipient will receive a huge container of gourmet soup, rolls, and cookies plus, mulled simmer spices to fill their kitchen with scents of the season, a “Joy” kitchen towel, a sparkling ladle, and a personalized “Comfort & Joy” greeting card.




clevr blends tea start kit gift set-tea gift sets-mealfinds

9. Clevr Blends   |   The Starter Set

$59.25 + Free Shipping


Give them the rich, creamy coffee-shop latte they love with the added benefits of adaptogens and mushrooms at home this holiday season with the Clevr Blends Starter Set.

This tea gift set includes two Super Lattes of your choice, 1 frother, and 1 perfect scoop.

Gift recipients can choose from Clevr Blends tea flavors including Matcha and Chai or mix up their gift and try the Sleeptime, Coffee, Rose Cocoa, and Golden super lattes.




factor gift card-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

10. Factor: Gift Card

$90 – $150


Give the gift of healthy eating this year with a Factor e-gift card.

With Factor’s pre-made meals, friends and family can enjoy a week of stress-free chef-crafted meals free from hormones, antibiotics, and refined sugars.

They can choose from 30+ meals as well as add-ons like dessert, breakfast, and more with a Factor e-gift card.

Factor e-gift cards come in the following amounts: $90 (6 meals), $110 (8 meals), $130 (10 meals), and $150 (12 meals).  You can add a personal message and select the delivery date.




crowd cow surf and turf food gift- mealfinds

11. Crowd Cow: Classic Surf & Turf



Give the Gift of Incredible Meat and Seafood with Crowd Cow.

This gift from Crowd Cow contains two cuts of tender filet mignon steaks with two lobster tails caught off the coast of Maine for the ultimate surf & turf dinner.

They get 2 X Filet Mignons and 2 X Wild Maine Lobster Tails.





12. Simple Loose Leaf: 3 Months of Tea



Simple Loose Leaf delivers hand-packaged, premium loose leaf tea to your recipient’s door.

Friends and family will love opening their Tea of the Month box and finding new tea to enjoy inside.  And as they sit down for their morning or evening cup of tea they will think of you and how thoughtful you are.

The Tea of the Month subscription includes 3 curated loose leaf teas, 3 USA-made linen filters, and helpful tasting notes.

Each Tea of the Month box makes 21+ cups of high-quality tea.  Choose from green tea, black tea, herbal tea, or a sample of each.




green chef holiday gift card-food gift ideas-mealfinds

13. Green Chef: Organic Meal Kit Gift Card

$50 – $200


Take the stress out of mealtime this holiday season with a gift card from Green Chef.

Every Green Chef meal kit box comes with everything they need, including organic ingredients and tasty recipes, to make a delicious, easy home-cooked meal.

Choose from 30 recipes across different meal preferences like keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean.

Green Chef e-gift cards come in the following amounts: $50, $100, $150, and $200.  You can add a personal message and select the delivery date.




DanielBoulud-Holiday-Sweets-Box-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

14. Goldbelly: Chef Daniel’s Holiday French Sweets Gift Box



Goldbelly has teamed up with the master of French cuisine, Chef Daniel Boulud, to bring you chefs’ favorite French sweets in one box.

Each sweet was handpicked by Chef Daniel Boulud.

The gift box includes traditional French Lemon Madeleines, Cannelés de Bordeaux, Loaf of Gingerbread, Pâte De Fruits, and seasonal gluten-free Macarons




baked brie board igourmet-food gift ideas-mealfinds

15. iGourmet: The Ultimate Baked Brie Grazing Board

$135 + Free Shipping


I can’t think of anything better than hot, bubbly, baked brie.  Can you?

The Ultimate Baked Brie Grazing Board from iGourmet will delight the cheese-lover and host/hostess in your life with ready-to-bake handmade pastries featuring unique and elevated flavor combinations.

This gift box includes Blueberry, Vanilla, and Ginger brie, Truffle, Fig, and Orange brie, Chocolate, Espresso, and Raspberry brie, and Rosemary, Sundried Tomato, and Olive brie.  A reusable acacia wood board is also included for serving.




Premium-Jerky-Ammo-Can-Snack-Gifts-food gift ideas-mealfinds

16. Man Crates: Premium Jerky Ammo Can



This NATO-style ammo can is packed with lean, savory cuts of marinated sweet, savory, and spicy jerky.  Any jerky-lover will be surprised and delighted by this unique gift.

The ammo can gift box includes Country Archer Beef Jerky, Crushed Red Pepper (3 oz), Field Trip Original Beef Jerky (2.15 oz), Carnivore Candy Sweet Picante Beef Jerky (3 oz), Dusty’s Original Snack Stick (1 oz), Che-Potle Meat Stick (1 oz), Habanero Meat Stick (1 oz), and Bar-B-Que Meat Stick (1 oz).




everyplate dinner kit gift-food gifts ideas-mealfinds

17. EveryPlate: Stress-Free Dinner

$50 – $115


Give yourself (or your spouse) the gift of stress-free, affordable, homemade dinners with a subscription to EveryPlate.

Every week select from 21 delicious, easy-to-cook recipes and receive a box of pre-measured ingredients along with step-by-step recipe cards.

With EveryPlate skip the weekly planning and shopping and enjoy more time with your family over home-cooked meals!

Choose from $50, $70, $80, or $115 gift card.




Cake-Pops-Baking-Kit-Kids-Baking-food gift ideas-mealfinds

18. Baketivity: Cake Pops Baking Kit



Kids will love baking homemade cake pops from scratch with this Cake Pops Baking Kit.

In this baking gift box, they get an all-in-one baking activity with a clear recipe, pre-measured ingredients, and an extra fun learning activities.  Just sit back and relax as they bake these tasty treats all on their own.

One Cake Pops kit makes 10-12 cake pops.




family_holiday_basket-by hale groves-food gift ideas-mealfinds

19. Hale Groves: Family Holiday Basket



This festive red basket filled with premium Grove citrus and seasonal treats is the perfect Holiday gift for the whole family!

Included are 4 juicy Grove Navel Oranges, 5 snackable Honey Sweet Tangerines, 4 sweet and exotic Petite Cara Cara Navels, 2 adorable snowman crispy rice treats, and an assortment of Chocolate-Covered Popcorn, gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butter Braid Pretzels, Fruit & Nut Snack Mix, Chocolate Candy, Candied Fruit Slices and traditional Peppermints.




Eastern-Standard-Provisions-Gourmet-Soft-Pretzel-Gift-Box-Oprah-s-Favorite-Things-food gifts-mealfinds

20. Eastern Standard Provisions: Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box



This gourmet pretzel box, named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2019, features a variety of artisanal soft pretzels as well as 4 flavored salts.

The perfect gift for you or someone else!

This box includes (2) Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzels, (6) SlidePiece Soft Pretzel Slider Buns, (12) Turnbuckle Soft Pretzel Sticks, (1) Classic Pretzel Salt, (1) White Truffle Salt, (1) Lemon Rosemary Salt, (1) Chili Lime Salt, and (1) Everything Spice.





21. Copper Cow Coffee: Best Brews Variety Pack



Give the gift of coffee!  Copper Cow Coffee brings you organic, all-natural Vietnamese pour-over coffee with real California milk creamers.

The Best Brews Variety Pack includes a sampling of best-sellers including Classic, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lavender, and Churro along with single-serve sweetened condensed milk creamers.

Friends and family will love these sustainably sourced personal coffee and creamer packs, made in just 90 seconds, for barista-quality coffee at home or on the go!





22. Di Bruno Bros: Binge Watch Box



The gourmet snack-lover in your life will squeal with joy when they open this amazing Binge Watch Gift Box from Di Bruno Bros!  It is packed with sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, and savory snacks that are perfect for a weekend at home on the couch or a road trip with friends.  Tons of food gifts are available!

Included: Prima Donna Cheese (8 oz),  Smoked Gouda & Beer Cheese Spread (7.6 oz),  Italian Market Style Pepperoni (8 oz),  Black Lava Cashews (5 oz),  Smoky Cheddar Snack Mix (6 oz),  Bananas Foster Dark Rum Popcorn (4 oz), Cheese Crostini (7.04 oz),  Strawberry Mango Gummy Pandas (3 oz), Milk Chocolate Milkies (5 oz), Lark Salted Almond Chocolate Pearl Cookies (5.5 oz)





23. Seven Sisters Scones: Sconie™ (Mini-Scone) Sampler



Give them the gift that will light up their morning breakfast routine or add something special to their afternoon tea time with a mini-scone sampler from Seven Sisters Scones.

These all-natural scones are handmade daily in Johns Creek, GA, individually wrapped, and are moist and layered with flavor.

Choose from 12 mini-scones or go big with 12 regular-size scones.  They will thank you!




brightland olive oil the artist mini series-food gift guide-mealfinds

24. Brightland: The Mini Artist Series

$85 + Free Shipping


Looking for a gift for the foodie or aspiring chef in your life?  Brightland’s The Mini Artist Series of infused cold-pressed olive oils, one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, come with special artist-designed labels in the perfect shareable size inside a festive box.  Perfect for gifting!

Brightland extra virgin olive oils are consciously made in California and contain nothing more than fruit and love.

This gift box includes 100 ml of each of the following

  • ARDOR olive oil infused with red chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, chipotle peppers, and paprika
  • ROSETTE olive oil infused with garlic
  • LUCID olive oil infused with lemon
  • ARISE olive oil infused with basil




fine wine pinot noir bundle first leaf-wine gifts ideas-mealfinds

25. Firstleaf:  Premium Pinot Noirs



In this premium fine wine bundle, gift recipients will receive 3 bottles of award-winning pinot noir red wine.

This includes a taste of California with the Longitude 120 West Pinot Noir, the 2020 Le Temps des Récoltes from France, and the Chilean Bodegas Viceroyalty Pinot Noir.

This bundle makes it easy to give the gift of wine exploration.





26. eCreamery: Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit



This fun and unique food gift will surprise and delight kids and adults alike!  Your gift recipient will love creating the perfect ice cream sandwich combination out of this box filled with gourmet cookies, ice cream, and toppings.

Choose from flavors like the tried and true Chocolate Chip cookie, Vanilla ice cream, and Sprinkles, or for the more adventurous try the Salted Carmel cookies with Carmel Chocolate Pretzel ice cream with Chocolate Chips.




Gourmet-Liège-Belgian-Waffle-Gift-Box-Eastern-Standard-Provisions- food gifts-mealfinds

27. Eastern Standard Provisions: Gourmet Liege Belgian Waffle Gift Box



Making Oprah’s Favorite Things List this year, this gourmet Belgian waffle box with toppings will bring joy to friends and family near and far.

Included in the Gourmet Liege Belgian Waffle Gift Box are 8 Liège Belgian Waffles, Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce, Strawberries & Cream Topper, and French Toast Sugar along with a Happy Holidays sticker on the outside of the box.




20-piece-Buffalo-Bob’s-Exotic-Jerky-Stocking-Stuffer-by jerky dynasty-food gifts-mealfinds

28. Jerky Dynasty: 20 Piece Exotic Jerky Gift



For the meat-lover in your life, fill their stocking with exotic jerky for a Christmas morning they won’t soon forget!

This gift pack features 20 different Buffalo Bob’s jerky flavors including Alligator BBQ Jerky, Camel Jerky, Wild Boar BBQ Stick, Kangaroo Outback Stick, Ostrich Hickory Smoked Jerky, Maple Duck Stick, Antelope Stick, and more.

All meat is farm-raised and mixed with beef.




tippsy sake gift box-wine gifts-mealfinds

29. Tippsy:  Sake Starter Set



This sake gift box features 6 x 10 oz mini bottles of sake from all over Japan along with information cards for each bottle and a Sake Guide for beginners.

Each with a unique taste and story due to weather, geography, culture, and traditions.




fly by jing holiday triple threat sauce-food gifts guide-mealfinds 2

30. Fly By Jing:  Holiday Triple Threat



Fly by Jing brings you all-natural chili crisp and sauces inspired by hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Chengdu for that special someone in your life that likes to keep things spicy!

This best-selling trio of Sichuan sauces is hipped in limited-edition packaging and includes a spoon for easy drizzling.

This Holiday Triple Threat gift set includes

  • 100% all-natural Sichuan Chili Crisp: hot spicy, crispy, numbing
  • Zhong Sauce: a sweet, tangy, spicy
  • Mala Spice Mix: secret mix of 11 herbs and spices
  • Exclusive Fly By Jing spoon




Happy Gifting!

Looking for more gift ideas?  Head to our Food Gift Ideas section for curated gift lists by occasion!

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