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Week of February 22nd

The Farmer’s Dog





The Details


Farmer’s Dog is reinventing meal-time for your dog. Each meal is made in simple recipes for dogs from human-grade meat and veggies. All meals are vet-approved and packed with the nutrients your dog needs. Get your dog on the right track with meals from Farmer’s Dog delivered right to your door.

Price per serving calculation: $4.71 per meal (We used a 5-year-old 20lb mixed bread, spayed active female, at a normal weight with no health conditions.  The site recommends 366 calories per day which is $65.94/week or $4.71 per meal)

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Where to buy

Online: at The Farmer’s Dog website

  • Selections per delivery All meals for the week
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  • Family/Kid-Friendly menu options No
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