PetPlate Dog Food Reviews

Published on July 28, 2020
Last modified on July 25, 2023

This PetPlate dog food reviews contains affiliate links and we were given a sample to try.  We may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

Written By Alison Chew


What is PetPlate?

PetPlate delivers freshly cooked dog food made with human-grade ingredients directly to your door based on your pet’s individual needs.

Unlike mass-market pet food, PetPlate does not contain byproducts, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, corn, or gluten and is freshly made in a human-grade USDA kitchen.


PetPlate Coupon

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PetPlate Dog Food Pros

  • Made with 100% REAL human-grade ingredients (USDA certified meats and fresh fruits and veggies)
  • Does not contain byproducts, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, corn, or gluten
  • Option to purchase full or partial portions
  • Containers can be washed and reused or recycled
  • Free Shipping
  • Don’t take my word for it!  Check out our MealFinds PetPlate User Ratings here.


PetPlate Dog Food Cons

  • Food needs to be stored in the freezer and then the fridge taking up space
  • Full portions are expensive if you have a dog over 100lbs or multiple dogs


PetPlate FAQs


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How much does PetPlate fresh dog food cost?

The cost of PetPlate dog food starts at around $3.32 per day on the full meal plan or $1.30 per day on the topper meal plan for an extra small 6 – 10lb dog.

Like most fresh dog food companies, the cost of PetPlate depends on your dog’s breed, weight, age, activity level, and body conditions.  Based on that information they calculate the number of calories needed for your pup each day and the cost.

PetPlate gives you the option to purchase a full portion or a partial “topper” portion (25%) to enhance your current food.  SHOP NOW>>

  • 25 lb, active, spayed  female, 3 years old, beef recipe
    • $5.43/day for Full Plan
    • $2.57/day for Topper Plan
  • 50 lb, active, spayed  female, 3 years old, beef recipe
    • $10/day for Full Plan
    • $3.66/day for Topper Plan


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How much are PetPlate fresh Treats and Supplements?

PetPlate treats are $11.24 each (4.5oz bag) and supplements are $16.95 each (9.8oz bag) with FREE Shipping.

You must buy a minimum of 4 bags and can mix and match or order 4 of the same item.

Treats and supplements can be purchased as a one-time order or you can add them to your subscription.


Where does PetPlate ship?

PetPlate ships to customers within the Continental United States.


How much is PetPlate shipping?

PetPlate offers free 2-day ground shipping!


What are the PetPlate fresh dog food flavors?

PetPlate offers 6 flavors of fresh dog food, created by a vet nutritionist, including Signature Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb, and Functional Pork and Venison.

All food is made with real ingredients including USDA certified meats, fruits, and vegetables along with a proprietary blend of vitamins & minerals and flash-frozen to lock in freshness.


Signature Flavors

Barkin’ Beef: Good for dogs that are picky eaters.

Tail Waggin’ Turkey:  Good for dogs watching their weight.

Chompin’ Chicken:  Good for pups with sensitive stomachs and those who are overweight.

Lip Lickin’ Lamb: Good for dogs who are sensitive to other protein sources, need a little extra energy or have itchy skin and dull coats.


Functional Flavors

Power Packed Pork: Good for dogs that need a little help with weight management and metabolic support.

Lean & Mean Venison: Good for dogs with protein sensitivities as this functional food is to digest.


Does PetPlate dog food contain byproducts or preservatives?

No!  PetPlate fresh dog food does not contain byproducts, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, corn, or gluten.


Is PetPlate human grade?

Yes!  PetPlate dog food is made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients and is prepped and freshly cooked in USDA kitchens.


Does PetPlate need to be refrigerated?

Yes!  PetPlate dog food is shipped frozen and needs to be stored in the freezer until it is ready to be thawed in the refrigerator.  Once meals have been defrosted they will keep up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

PetPlate recommends storing a week’s worth of meals in your refrigerator at a time. SHOP NOW>>


What changes can you expect to see with PetPlate fresh dog food?

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Transition your pup from their current food over to PetPlate slowly over the course of the week so that their tummy can get used to this new food.

Start with 25% Pet Plate on days 1-2, 50% on days 3-4, 75% on days 5-6, and then 100% on day 7.


Week 1 (transition week): Mealtime excitement

Week 2: Better poops, more energy

Week 3: Shinier coat, allergy relief

Week 4: Healthier weight, more stamina

Week 8: Fewer vet visits, fewer meds


PetPlate Fresh Dog Food Reviews

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We’ve tried PetPlate fresh dog food several times now including the Turkey, Pork, and Venison as well as the Chicken Apple Sausage treats and the Mobility and Digestion Supplements.

Overall, we definitely noticed Daisy’s excitement for the newly added fresh dog food to her bowl.

How could we tell?  Throughout the week she ate the PetPlate fresh dog food first and then her kibble.  She is so smart!

We love that the meals come in pre-portioned containers so that after the transition week you can simply open a container and put it in the bowl.


One thing that we don’t love about all fresh dog food is the amount of space that it takes up in the fridge and freezer.  Keep that in mind if you have a large dog or little extra space. SHOP NOW>>


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Daisy tends to have loose stool and we regularly add pumpkin to her kibble to produce firmer and more compact poops.  When we try a new dog food we always look to see what it does to her stool after the transition week.

We noticed that, as promised, Daisy’s stool became more firm and compact (and easier to pick up on our walks!).  To us, this is a great sign that the food is not only agreeing with her digestive system but is also giving her the nutrients she needs.

The one drawback, at least for us, is that if you have a really large dog (100+ lbs) PetPlate and other fresh dog food can be expensive.  If you think full portions of fresh dog food are out of your budget, we recommend trying a half portion or a topper portion (25%).

This way you can give your pup the benefits of eating this high-quality food while keeping costs down.


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The Chicken Apple Sausage Treats were a HUGE hit.  Our Daisy loved them and would hit the bag with her nose to let us know that she wanted one 🙂

I really like that these treats are USDA Organic and made with only six ingredients.  They are also high in protein and easy to break apart, making them great for small dogs and and large dogs alike.  There are about 25-30 in each bag.

If I haven’t mentioned it, our Daisy is a senior dog (12 at the time of this posting) and we have been giving her mobility supplements for over a year now.  The PetPlate Mobility Supplements were another hit.


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We supplement Daisy’s food with pumpkin to help with digestive issues and loose stool, but pumpkin isn’t super travel friendly and needs to be stored in the fridge.  I like that the PetPlate  Digestion Supplements are organic, include probiotics, are like treats, and can be stored in the pantry.

For both the Mobility and Digestive Supplements, there are around 28 per bag and you feed between 1/2 to 4 each day depending on the weight of your dog.

PetPlate Treats and Supplements are very high quality, USDA Organic, and dog-approved!

The only drawback that I see is that they can be expensive if you have a large dog or multiple dogs. SHOP NOW>>


PetPlate Fresh Dog Food Competitors

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PetPlate Fresh Dog Food Reviews: Bottom Line


You have a lot of choices when it comes to fresh dog food.  Why choose PetPlate?  PetPlate stands out from the rest because its vet-designed fresh dog food is made in a USDA kitchen with USDA-certified meat, fresh produce (all human-grade ingredients), healthy grains, and a custom supplement blend.

This tells me that they only use high-quality ingredients and that our Daisy will be getting everything her body needs (and nothing that it doesn’t – like fillers or byproducts).

We like that PetPlate dog food is made with 100% REAL human-grade ingredients (USDA certified meats and fresh fruits and veggies) and does not contain byproducts, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, corn, or gluten.

We also like that you have the option of purchasing a full portion or a partial “topper” portion.  The “topper” portion allows you to give your dog the benefits of fresh food while cutting down on the cost.

And while our Daisy really loved the PetPlate dog food it does need to be stored in the freezer and refrigerator, taking up valuable space.  If you have one refrigerator, are already crunched for fridge/freezer space, or have multiple dogs this could be an issue.

In addition, PetPlate is very expensive compared to most quality kibble especially if you have a large dog or multiple dogs.  BUT compared to other fresh dog food companies, PetPlate is on the lower end of the price range.  You can see our comparison here.

    We also really like their pre-portioned containers which make mealtime super easy with little mess. SHOP NOW>>


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