Food Gifts for New Moms

Give a gift to a new mom or dad that isn’t for the baby! Make their life a little easier with a food delivery kit from MealFinds. Make the new parents’ lives easier with a prepared food delivery kit. For the mama that may have dietary restrictions (no dairy, for example) we have great options to choose from.

cant top this care package soup gift-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Can’t Top This Soup Gift
Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box by wolfermans-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box
detroit style pizza 3 pack from goldbelly-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Detroit-Style Pizza Gift
Five Days of Entrées williams sonoma-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Five Days of Entrées
scones on plate sampler seven sisters scones-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Gourmet Scone Sampler
hello world new mom gift-gift ideas -mealfinds
Hello World Gift Box
Homemade Pasta Dinner Kit by goldbelly-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Homemade Pasta Dinner Kit Gift
sips by tea care box-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Self Care Tea Box

If the new parents have other little ones at home, think about gifting a Baby or Kids Meal Delivery Service to make their lives easier! MealFinds has a great selection of fresh, healthy kids and baby meals including popular brands like Yumble and little spoon. Read real reviews from customers and then choose the best delivery service for your friend or loved one!

Food Gift FAQ's

What can I send to the new mom or dad (not the baby)?

– A great new parent gift idea is the gift of FOOD! Send your friend or loved one a gift of a prepared meal kit, so they can simply heat up the meal and enjoy. Another great idea is a smoothie delivery kit! Give your friends more time to focus on the care of a newborn.

What can I buy for a new mom that she doesn't know she needs?

– A coffee or tea delivery gift! To help stay awake during those tough first weeks, parents of newborns would welcome a coffee subscription service. For those parents that can’t have caffeine, a tea subscription box is a great option.

What are the best gifts to give new parents?

– The best gifts to give new parents are those that make it easier for them in the first months with the new child. Browse our selection of prepared meals and select a healthy option to send!

What food does a new parent want to eat?

– It depends on the parent! We recommend something EASY to make, like our options of fully prepared meals (just heat and serve) or a healthy smoothie. A smoothie subscription service is a healthy alternative to meals and can be a good, quick option for busy parents.