15 Father’s Day Food Gifts for Dad!

Published on April 23, 2021
Last modified on June 28, 2024

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By Alison Chew


It’s time to celebrate all the fathers in our lives!  A time when we can honor the role our fathers have played in our lives and give thanks for all that they do.

Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday of June, and this year it’s on Sunday, June 16th, which makes it the perfect holiday to get outside and enjoy some sun.

Dads have long enjoyed the traditional gifts of Father’s Day, like ties, sports apparel, tools, and BBQ gadgets.  Food and beverage gifts like steak, whiskey, craft beer, and beef jerky have also gained popularity over the years.


15 Father’s Day Food Gifts for Dad



We’ve researched the best food and beverage gifts to surprise your Dad with this June.  These gift boxes can be delivered directly to your Dad, which makes a great option if you aren’t able to visit in person this year.

Celebrate your Dad in the best way we know how:  with food!


 Dinner Gift Ideas    |     Snack Gift Ideas     |     Drink Gift Ideas


Father’s Day Food Gifts: Dinner Delivered


Is your Dad an aspiring chef or a grill master?  Check out these amazing gifts for the perfect dinner – from vegan meal kits to premium meat and seafood boxes, there is something that Dad will surely love.


The Grillfather Crowd Cow-Fathers Day Gift Ideas-MealFinds

1. Crowd Cow: Grill Master Gift Box



Dad wouldn’t pass this good of a deal up. Neither should you!  This extra-special Crowd Cow Father’s Day Grill Master Gift Box will surely please any Dad.

This bundle includes Frigorifico Pando Farms 2 12oz New York Strip Steaks, 2 Frigorifico Pando Farms 8oz Top Sirloins, 2 Riverence 4oz Steelhead Trout Fillets,
Farmer Focus 1lb Chicken Thighs, Pederson’s Natural Beef Farms 12oz Beef Hot Dog, and 2 Creekstone Farms 1lb packs of three.

Perfect For: The grill-master Dad, meat-lover Dad, and bbq-loving Dad will love this gift packed with everything he needs for the ultimate backyard feast.


lobster anywhere 8-10-oz-lobster-tails-fathers day gift-mealfinds

2. Lobster Anywhere:  Jumbo Lobster Tails



Nothing beats fresh Maine lobster tails with lots and lots of melted butter!  Bring the sought-after cold-water Atlantic Lobster directly to your Dad this year for an extra special Father’s Day lunch or dinner.

When you gift Jumbo Lobster Tails from Lobster Anywhere, the lucky recipient will receive wild-caught Atlantic lobster tails.  Each lobster tail weighs between 8-10oz and is perfect for grilling.  You can even pick your delivery date!

Perfect For: The lobster-loving Dad, the grill master, or any Dad who enjoys the finer things in life.


zuckers fathers day bagel brunch goldbelly-fathers day gift ideas-mealfinds

3. Goldbelly: Father’s Day Bagel Brunch for 6

$115.95 + FREE Shipping

(New customers get $20 off $100 with code AFF20)


Does your dad love bagels?  Send him an extra special brunch kit featuring some of the best bagels in NYC straight from Zucker’s!  The Father’s Day Bagel Brunch from Goldbelly has everything Dad needs for a tasty brunch on his special day!

This brunch box includes your choice of 6 NYC Bagels, 3 Cream Cheeses (1/4 lb. each), 1/2 lb. Nova Lox, 6 Black & White Cookies, 1 Campfire Mug, and Everything Spice Shaker Trio Set (each 3.75 oz.).  You can even add coffee and caviar as a special treat for Dad!

Perfect For:  This brunch kit is perfect for Dads who love fresh NYC bagels and Dads that like to brunch.



4. Cameron’s Seafood: Maryland Seafood Sampler



Does your Dad enjoy seafood feasts?  If so, then you might want to check out the Maryland Seafood Sampler from Cameron’s Seafood.  Maryland takes its seafood seriously and now you can enjoy the taste of Maryland’s fresh seafood delivered directly to your door.

The seafood sampler comes with 6 large crabs, 2 x 4oz jumbo crab cakes, 1lb of spiced shrimp, and 32 oz. crabmeat bisque.  You’ll enjoy free shipping in local, regional, and central zones and the seafood comes to your door and is kept fresh with gel packs.

Perfect For:  This gift sampler is perfect for Dads who are seafood fans and who can’t wait to have their friends and family over for a seafood cookout.


purple carrot meal kit subscription-mothers day gift ideas-mealfinds

5. Purple Carrot:  6 Plant-Based Meals


(Get $30 OFF Your First Box with code CARROT30)


Purple Carrot delivers delicious plant-based meals that make you feel good inside and out directly to your door.

With Purple Carrot Meals Dom can choose from a diverse menu of convenient plant-based meal kits, with recipes and ingredients included to make cooking a breeze, and prepared meals that heat up in minutes.

Purple Carrot also offers breakfast, lunch, and grocery items as well.

Perfect For: Purple Carrot meals are perfect for the vegetarian and vegan Dad and the Dad that wants to put a super tasty meal on the table and save time in the kitchen.


Father’s Day Food Gifts: Snacks & More


Dads love a good snack!  Why not give Dad an extra special snack this year?  One that he can enjoy while lounging by the pool, watching the game, on a fishing trip, or as an after-dinner treat.



6. Man Crates: Jerky Pinata



Another inventive gift from Man Crates, the Jerky Pinata is sure to bring out the meat-loving kid in your Dad.  Watch in delight as your Dad smashes the bull head-shaped pinata to reveal a selection of jerky strips and meat sticks.

With this gift, your Dad will receive a pinata shaped like a bull’s head which is full of 14 oz of meat, including Garlic Beef Bites, Honey Bourbon Beef Bites, Root Beer Habanero Beef Bites, Ghost Pepper Bites, Jerky Beef, and Turkey Mini Sticks, Pineapple Pork Mini Sticks, and a Jerky Sweet Chipotle Beef Bag.

Perfect For: This gift will appeal to your fun-loving Dad who loves to have a good laugh while enjoying his snacks.



7. Nuts.com: Burlap Bag of Peanuts

$19.99 for 1lb bag


This bag of peanuts is the perfect gift for the nut lover in your life.  This Burlap Bag of Peanuts gift contains 1lb of roasted, unsalted peanuts in the shell and comes in an old-fashioned burlap bag.

These peanuts make a great late-night snack or a light nibble before dinner.  The sealable burlap bag can also be reused to hold more of your favorite snacks!

Perfect For: Any peanut-loving Dad who enjoys cracking his own peanut shells and munching on some nutty goodness.



8. The Popcorn Factory: Best Dad Ever Popcorn Tin


(Save 15% with code DAD15)


Your Dad will love these tins stuffed with 3 or 4 flavors of delicious popcorn.  They come in either 3.5 gallons or 2 gallons. You can also customize the tin to add a personalized photo and message.

The 3-flavor tins come with Butter, Cheese, and Caramel popcorn and the 4-flavor tins come with those three flavors plus White Cheddar popcorn.

Perfect For:  Your popcorn-loving Dad will love snacking on this tin of popcorn while he’s watching a movie or the big game.  There’s so much popcorn, that he might even share, but we can’t guarantee it!




9. Di Bruno Bros: Beer, Bourbon, and Cheese Collection



The Beer and Bourbon Lover’s Cheese collection is an assortment of strong, dense cheeses which will make a great pairing with your Dad’s favorite beer or on-the-rocks beverage.

Included in the collection are Prima Donna (a hybrid of Reggiano and Gouda), Parmigiano Reggiano, Fiore Sardo, and Lancaster Cheddar. The collection also comes with a crunchy snack mix and a delicious Italian spiced salami.

This indulgent cheese collection serves 8 – 10 so if you’re lucky, Dad just might share a little with you.

Perfect For: This collection of cheeses is a great gift for discerning Dads who enjoy a cheesy treat with their favorite drinks.


mega meat box carnivore club-fathers day gift ideas-mealfinds

10. Carnivore Club: Mega Meats Box

$89.99 + FREE Shipping


If your Dad loves to explore new meaty flavors, then this gift box might be the one for him.  He’ll enjoy at least 18 different meat sticks, jerky, and artisan salamis from top meat brands.  This gift box also ships for free!

Perfect For:  This gift box is a great gift for Dads who love a delicious meat snack and aren’t afraid to try new things!


Nancy Silverton Favorite Gelato Gift Box-Fathers Day Gift Ideas-MealFinds

11. Goldbelly: Nancy Silverton’s Favorite Gelato Gift Box

$99.95 + FREE Shipping

(New customers get $20 off $100 with code AFF20)


Does your Dad have a sweet tooth?  Then he will LOVE this extra special gelato gift box by Nancy Silverton on Goldbelly.

You can send Dad Nancy’s Fancy famous gelato directly to his door! This gift box includes nine assorted individual 4oz servings of Nancy’s favorite flavors.

Flavors include Butterscotch Budino with a Caramel Rosemary Swirl,  Italian Custard with Marsala & Citrus Caramel Swirl, Mixed Berry with Greek Yogurt, Amarena Cherry with Amaretti, Chocolate Fondente with Dark Rum and Valrhona Chocolate Chips, Coconut Stracciatella with Bittersweet Chocolate Strands, Passion Fruit, Roasted Banana with Bourbon & Pecan Praline, Rum Raisin, Salted Peanut Butter with Crunchy Peanuts, Spiced Stumptown Coffee with Cracked Cocoa Nibs, Bourbon Vanilla Bean, Pumpkin Brandy, Meyer Lemon Torrone, and Whiskey Cake and Cream.

Perfect For:  This gift box is a great gift for Dads who love a sweet treat!


Father’s Day Food Gifts: Cocktails and Coffee


Does your Dad enjoy a strong cup of joe in the morning?  Or a beer or cocktail after work?  We’ve rounded up beverages that will hit the spot.




12. Trade Coffee: Coffee Gift Subscription

$40 for 2 bags


Calling all coffee lovers!  This coffee gift subscription will allow your Dad to try coffees from the nation’s top roasters.  Dad will take a quiz to determine his preferences and then Trade will curate a personalized selection that matches his flavor preferences.

Each subscription includes an assortment of coffees that are roasted and delivered directly to you at peak freshness.

Free shipping is also included, and you can select how many bags you’d like to include in your gift subscription, as well as the frequency of delivery.

Perfect For: This gift subscription is perfect for the coffee aficionado and for the Dad who wants to discover new flavors other than his regular cup of joe.



dont tell richard cocktail kit shaker and spoon-fathers day gift ideas-mealfinds

13. Shaker & Spoon: Don’t Tell Richard Cocktail Kit



Send Dad the perfect summer cocktail kit from Shaker & Spoon!  The Don’t Tell Richard cocktail kit will bring the flavors of the Caribbean home to Dad.

The cocktail kit includes mauby syrup, Angostura bitters, coconut water, Grady’s Cold Brew bean bag, banana chips, dehydrated orange wheels, and a recipe card. All Dad needs to add is the rum!  This kit makes 4 drinks.

Perfect For: This gift is perfect for those Dads who love to mix up the perfect cocktail and lounge by the pool.


Flaviar Membership (3)

14. Flaviar: The Whiskey Starter Kit



Send Dad the ultimate whiskey exploration box from Flaviar!  The Whiskey Starter Kit was created to give dad a tasting of 3 unique whiskey experiences.

The box includes Rash Stash #2 Bourbon Whiskey, Bushmills 12 Year Old  Single Malt Irish Whiskey, and Ardnamurchan AD Single Malt Scotch.  Plus, a coaster to keep surfaces spotless and tasting guide leaflets to understand exactly what you are tasting.

Perfect For: This one-of-a-kind gift is perfect for the Whiskey lover who has it all!


Happy Father’s Day!

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