Father’s Day Food Gifts for Dad!

Published on April 23, 2021
Last modified on September 23, 2021

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By Julianne Simpson

Father’s Day Food Gifts for Dad

It’s time to celebrate all the fathers in our lives!  A time when we can honor the role our fathers have played in our lives and give thanks for all that they do.

Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday of June, which makes it the perfect holiday to get outside and enjoy some sun.

Dads have long enjoyed the traditional gifts of Father’s Day, like ties, sports apparel, tools, and BBQ gadgets.  Food and beverage gifts like steak, whiskey, craft beer, and beef jerky have also gained popularity over the years.

We’ve researched the best food and beverage gifts to surprise your dad with this June.  These gift boxes can be delivered directly to your dad, which makes a great option if you aren’t able to visit in person this year.  Celebrate your dad in the best way we know how:  with food!

Seafood Gift Ideas     |     Snack Gift Ideas     |     Meat Gift Ideas   |   Drink Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Seafood

Do you have a seafood-loving dad?  He will love the seafood collections that we’ve found.  Nothing beats fresh Maryland crabs or quality smoked seafood delivered directly to dad.

Get Maine Lobster:  6 Live Maine Lobsters


Nothing beats fresh Maine lobster with lots and lots of melted butter!  Bring the sought-after Maine Lobster directly to your dad this year for an extra special Father’s Day lunch or dinner.

When you gift lobster from Get Maine Lobster, the lucky recipient will receive wild-caught lobster caught off the coast of Maine the day before and delivered to their doorstep overnight.  With this offer, they will receive (6) 100% wild-caught live Maine lobsters (1.1-1.2 lb/each) along with detailed prep instructions.

Perfect For: The lobster-loving dad, the grill-master, or any dad who enjoys the finer things in life.

$164.99 + FREE Overnight Shipping   (Buy 4 Live Maine Lobsters, Get 2 Free >>)


Cameron’s Seafood: Maryland Seafood Sampler


Does your dad enjoy seafood feasts?  If so, then you might want to check out the Maryland Seafood Sampler from Cameron’s Seafood.  Maryland takes its seafood seriously and now you can enjoy the taste of Maryland’s fresh seafood delivered directly to your door.

The seafood sampler comes with 6 large crabs, 2 x 4oz jumbo crab cakes, 1lb of spiced shrimp, and 32 oz. crabmeat bisque.  You’ll enjoy free shipping in local, regional, and central zones and the seafood comes to your door and kept fresh with gel packs.

Perfect For:  This gift sampler is perfect for dads who are seafood fans and who can’t wait to have their friends and family over for a seafood cookout.

$179 (Get $10 OFF with code WELCOME >>)


SeaBear Smokehouse: Welcome to the Smokehouse Collection


If you’re looking for an even bigger assortment of fish and seafood to gift your dad with this Father’s Day, then look no further than the Welcome to the Smokehouse – 12 piece collection.

Your dad will be amazed at the large selection of smoked fish and seafood creations featuring salmon, King crab, scallops, and halibut. This gift is shipped on ice and delivered directly to your door.  The entire collection will feed 2 – 4 people a little at a time, or 10 – 12 people if set out as a grazing table.

Perfect For:  This gift is perfect for your dad if he can’t get enough fish and seafood and his life.  The dishes are easy to prepare and set out, so your dad can spend less time in the kitchen and more time visiting with his family and friends.



Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Snacks & More

Dad’s love a good snack!  Why not give dad an extra special snack this year?  One that he can enjoy while lounging by the pool, watching the game, on a fishing trip, or as an after-dinner treat.

Nuts.com: Burlap Bag of Peanuts


This bag of peanuts is the perfect gift for the nut lover in your life.  This gift contains 1lb of roasted, unsalted peanuts in the shell and comes in an old-fashioned burlap bag.

These peanuts make a great late-night snack or a light nibble before dinner.  The sealable burlap bag can also be reused to hold more of your favorite snacks!

Perfect For: Any peanut-loving dad who enjoys cracking his own peanut shells and munching on some nutty goodness.

$19.99 for 1lb bag


The Popcorn Factory: Best Dad Ever Popcorn Tin


Your dad will love these tins stuffed with 3 or 4 flavors of delicious popcorn.  They come in either 3.5 gallons or 2 gallons. You can also customize the tin to add a personalized photo and message.

The 3-flavor tins come with Butter, Cheese, and Caramel popcorn and the 4-flavor tins come with those three flavors plus White Cheddar popcorn.

Perfect For:  Your popcorn-loving dad will love snacking on this tin of popcorn while he’s watching a movie or the big game.  There’s so much popcorn, that he might even share, but we can’t guarantee it!

$37.99 (Save 10% with code TPF10 >>)


Man Crates: Hot Sauce Making Kit


This hot sauce-making kit is for the dad in your life who isn’t afraid to handle some heat.  In this do-it-himself kit, your dad will be able to craft his own hot sauce and heat level with a mix of various pepper purees.

The kit also comes with gloves, (to protect hands from those hot pepper oils!), a pull-handle food processor, a stainless-steel funnel, and 3 Boston Round bottles to store the hot sauce when finished.

Perfect For: This kit is perfect for your heat-loving dad who also enjoys a little bit of kitchen alchemy!

$79.99 (Get 20% Off orders over $149 with code POP20 through 6/20 >>)


Di Bruno Bros: Beer, Bourbon, and Cheese Collection


The Beer and Bourbon Lover’s Cheese collection is an assortment of strong, dense cheeses which will make a great pairing with your dad’s favorite beer or on-the-rocks beverage.

Included in the collection are Prima Donna (a hybrid of Reggiano and Gouda), Parmigiano Reggiano, Fiore Sardo, and Lancaster Cheddar. The collection also comes with a crunchy snack mix and a delicious Italian spiced salami.

This indulgent cheese collection serves 8 – 10 so if you’re lucky, Dad just might share a little with you.

Perfect For: This collection of cheeses is a great gift for discerning dads who enjoy a cheesy treat with their favorite drinks.



Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Meat

Is your dad a grill master and meat-lover?  Check out these amazing meat gifts – from spicy jerky to premium meat boxes, there is something that dad will surely love.

Carnivore Club: Spicy Jerky Box


If your dad loves to set his tastebuds on fire, then this gift box might be the one for him.  He’ll enjoy 7 bags of spicy jerky that range in heat levels from Hot to Killa!  The jerky comes in 2 oz to 3 oz bags and they have enticing names like “Kickass All Natural Hot Beef Jerky” and “Wicked Cutz Carolina Killa Beef Jerky”.  This gift box also ships for free!

Perfect For:  This gift box is a great gift for dads who love a delicious meat snack and aren’t afraid to turn up the heat once in a while.



Man Crates: Jerky Pinata


Another inventive gift from Man Crates, the Jerky Pinata is sure to bring out the meat-loving kid in your dad.  Watch in delight as your dad smashes the bull head-shaped pinata to reveal a selection of jerky strips and meat sticks.

With this gift, your dad will receive a pinata shaped like a bull’s head which is full of 14 oz of meat, including Garlic Beef Bites, Honey Bourbon Beef Bites, Root Beer Habanero Beef Bites, Ghost Pepper Bites, Jerky Beef, and Turkey Mini Sticks, Pineapple Pork Mini Sticks and a Jerky Sweet Chipotle Beef Bag.

Perfect For: This gift will appeal to your fun-loving dad who loves to have a good laugh while enjoying his snacks.

$69.99 (Get 20% Off orders over $149 with code POP20 through 6/20 >>)


Rastelli’s: Black Angus Sampler Box


Rastelli’s Black Angus Sampler is a great way to try some of their amazing Black Angus Beef.  The beef at Rastelli’s is antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free and the USDA-certified cattle is raised in open fields in a low-stress environment.

The sampler comes with (6) 6 oz steak craft burgers, (4) 6 oz. center-cut sirloins, and (1) 32 oz. chuck roast.  This would make the perfect gift for the dad who loves to grill!

Perfect For:  This gift is perfect for the meat-loving dad in your life who also cares about where his meat is coming from.

$79.00 (Get 10% OFF your first purchase with code MEALFINDS10 >>)

Crowd Cow: Dad Bod Box


Dad wouldn’t pass this good of a deal up. Neither should you!  This extra-special Crowd Cow Father’s Day “Dad Bod” bundle will surely please any dad.

This bundle includes Heritage St. Louis Spareribs, two New York Strip Steak, Tri-Tip Roast, two 100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef, one bottle of Steven Raichlen Project Smoke Kansas City Smoke Rub, and one Whole Chicken.

Perfect For: The grill-master dad, steak-lover dad, and bbq-loving dad will love this gift packed with everything he needs for the ultimate backyard feast.

$142.75  (20% OFF All Gift Orders with code THANKSDAD through 6/20 >>)



Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Beer, Cocktails, and Coffee

Does your dad enjoy a strong cup of joe in the morning?  Or a beer or cocktail after work?  We’ve rounded up beverages that will hit the spot.

Beer Drop:  Hop Exploration Box


Beer Drop is the country’s highest rated and fastest growing beer subscription.  With this interactive experience, Dad will learn about how and why hops are used in his favorite beers and then test out five of Beer Drop’s favorite hops himself.   Add on a Beer Drop subscription for the ultimate Father’s Day gift!

Each Hop Exploration Kit includes a Hop Exploration Guide, 5 Hop samples, Exploration Notecards, and 1 Hop Exploration Glass.

Perfect For: This gift is perfect for the beer-lover, the at-home beer-maker, and any Dad who loves to learn and talk about beer.



SaloonBox: Old Fashioned Gift Box


If your dad enjoys a good cocktail, then you might want to consider getting him this Old Fashioned Gift Box from Saloon Box.  With this box, your dad can make two variations of the rich and smooth cocktail: the classic Old Fashioned and a Vanilla Rooibos Old Fashioned.

The box includes a bottle of Rebel Yell bourbon (750 ml), demerara sugar cubes, Scrappy’s bitters, Portland Syrups Vanilla Rooibos Syrup, 4 wooden stirrers and orange crisp garnishes.  Your dad will also receive a set of whiskey stones, which will help to keep his drinks chilled without diluting the flavor!  Each gift box serves 12 drinks.

Perfect For: This gift is perfect for the dad who enjoys a smooth sophisticated cocktail at home.



Trade Coffee: Coffee Gift Subscription


Calling all coffee lovers!  This gift subscription will allow your dad to try coffees from the nation’s top roasters.  Dad will take a quiz to determine his preferences and then Trade will curate a personalized selection that matches his flavor preferences.

Each subscription includes an assortment of coffees that are roasted and delivered directly to you at peak freshness.  Free shipping is also included, and you can select how many bags you’d like to include in your gift subscription, as well as the frequency of delivery.

Perfect For: This gift subscription is perfect for the coffee aficionado and for the dad who wants to discover new flavors other than his regular cup of joe.

$40 for 2 bags


Mouth: Just Add Whiskey


This gift will delight your bourbon and whiskey-drinking dad.  Mouth has curated a basket that includes everything you need to add to your favorite liquor to create the best cocktails.

This gift comes with small-batch mixers, syrups, bitters, and cocktail cherries. It also includes 2 stemless wine glasses.  This kit goes perfectly with a BYOB Father’s Day event.

Perfect For: This gift is perfect for those dads who love to mix up the perfect cocktail for guests or as a single indulgence.



Happy Father’s Day!

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