Jinx Dog Food Reviews

Published on December 22, 2020
Last modified on June 14, 2023

This Jinx dog food reviews post contains affiliate links and we were given a sample. We may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

Written By Alison Chew


What is Jinx?

Jinx dog food delivers holistic nutrition with clean, functional ingredients like premium animal proteins, natural plant superfoods, and a patented probiotic for your dog directly to your door.

Jinx dog food and treats do not contain corn, soy, gluten, or anything artificial.  And because Jinx is made for the modern dog that lounges on the couch, versus the working dog of the past, their food contains a varied source of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats that are easy to digest.


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Jinx Dog Food Pros

  • No Fillers or Artificial Anything
  • Premium Protein, Superfoods, & Probiotics in every recipe
  • Kibble can be stored in the pantry


Jinx Dog Food Cons

  • Would love larger treats and larger treat bag sizes (we have a big dog!)


How much does Jinx dog food cost?

jinx salmon bowl dog food-jinx dog food reviews- mealfinds

Jinx dog food starts at $34 for an 11.5 lb bag subscription.

You can purchase Jinx dog food kibble in 11.5 or 23.5- lb bags as a one-time purchase or Subscribe and Save 15% on your first 2 orders and 5% on recurring orders.

  • 11.5 lb bag: $40 (one-time purchase) or $34 (subscribe and save)
  • 23.5 lb bag: $65 (one-time purchase) or $55.25 (subscribe and save)
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Below are sample price calculations based on three different size dogs eating the Jinx Organic Chicken, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice recipe and purchasing a 23.5 lb bag of food on the Subscribe and Save plan.

  • 30 lb adult dog: $1.17 per day
  • 50 lb adult dog: $1.77 per day
  • 100 lb adult dog: $2.95 per day


When compared to fresh and raw dog food, Jinx is a lot less expensive (it’s also easier to store), but there are pros and cons to both fresh dog food as well as kibble.  We think you should decide what’s best for your dog.    When we compared the price of Jinx to other premium dry dog food they are LESS expensive than most competitors. (Check out our Dog Food Comparison Guide).

You can read all of our Pet Meal reviews for more details.


Where does Jinx deliver?

Jinx ships to the 48 Contiguous United States and shipping is FREE on orders $35+.


How does Jinx work?

You can order Jinx dog food and treats as a one-time purchase or you can subscribe to regular deliveries.

With this flexible subscription, you can have your food delivered every 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 weeks.  Plus, when you subscribe you will receive 15% off on your first 2 orders and 5% on recurring orders.

You can also pause, skip, or cancel anytime through your online account.

And if your dog doesn’t love it, they will give you a full refund!


Jinx Dog Food Reviews

jinx kibble bags-jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds


Jinx dog food is made with clean ingredients including lean, premium proteins, like Organic Chicken and Salmon, along with over 20+ natural plant superfoods, gentle sources of dietary fiber, and a patented probiotic.  We love that Jinx has no fillers, which means no soy, no corn, no wheat, and no artificial anything.

And best of all, all Jinx formulas are developed and approved by a council of dog nutritionists, veterinarians, and manufacturing experts to provide your dog with a well-balanced diet sourced from premium ingredients. Shop now >>


jinx dog food unboxing review 2022 2

We’ve tried Jinx kibble and treats several times over the past two years including

  • Salmon, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato kibble, Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato kibble, Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Carrot kibble, Salmon & Sweet Potato kibble, and Grain-Free Salmon & Carrot kibble. 
  • Chicken & Mango Treats (no longer available), Beef Jerky Tenders, Chicken Jerky Bites, and Chicken & Sweet Potato Tenders.


Jinx Dog Food Reviews: Dry / Kibble

jinx dog food spilling daisy eating- jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds

With Jinx, you have four functional recipes to choose from all designed to meet the needs of all dogs, regardless of size or breed, and provide total nutrition.

Within those four recipes, two contain Organic Chicken and two are Grain-Free.

At the time of this post, Jinx offered the following kibble recipes

  • Organic Chicken & Sweet Potato kibble
  • Grain-Free Organic Chicken & Carrot kibble
  • Salmon & Sweet Potato kibble
  • Grain-Free Salmon & Carrot kibble


All recipes include lean meat- and plant-based proteins, easy-to-process grains, added taurine for heart health, 60 million patented probiotics for gut health, and 20+ functional superfoods without anything artificial like fillers or preservatives.


jinx grain free salmon and organic chicken kibble-jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds


Our Daisy was clearly interested and excited to try her new Jinx food.  We added Jinx to her normal kibble for two weeks and looked for two things: does she like the food and how does it affect her stool.

Daisy will pretty much eat anything and she was happy to have Jinx added to her normal kibble every day.  Our girl can have a sensitive stomach and we were curious to see how Jinx would affect her digestion.

Throughout the two weeks, we didn’t see any major changes, she didn’t have more gas and her stool was firm and compact.

We did notice how excited Daisy was for breakfast and dinner.  She would nudge the Jinx bags as if to tell us that’s what she wanted to eat.  It was great seeing her so excited!

We didn’t notice a difference in her excitement for or tolerance of each of the kibbles that we tried.  All were welcome by our Daisy and her tummy tolerated everything she ate.

Based on these observations Jinx passed our tests and we would gladly feed Jinx to our dog Daisy.


jinx-dog-food-transition- jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds


When you transition your dog over to Jinx, follow their recommended transition portions and schedule by gradually adding Jinx to their normal kibble and adjusting proportions over a two-week period.

TIP: We recommend that you keep an eye on your pet and pay close attention to their stool to be sure that you are not transitioning too fast.

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How is Jinx Different?

jinx dog food bags and treat bags-jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds


You might be asking how Jinx is different from other premium dry dog food on the market?

According to Jinx, the dietary needs of the modern dog have changed.  Gone are the days that most dogs spend hunting or roaming for food.

Dogs nowadays have a less active lifestyle, they hang on the couch or go to doggy daycare and as such, what they eat should change as well.

Jinx feels that dogs need lower amounts of calorie-rich protein that is stored as fat in inactive dogs, resulting in weight gain.  Instead, dogs need a high-quality protein medley from diverse sources in moderate amounts that is easy to digest.  Jinx uses protein from a mix of sources including animal and plant-based superfoods and combines them with whole grains that are easily absorbed.


Jinx also includes their patented BC30 probiotic to support digestion, strengthen the gut wall and the immune system, and combat pathogens.

This probiotic has been designed and tested to survive the cooking process and into your dog’s stomach. They guarantee a minimum of 60 million CFUs (colony-forming units) per poundShop now >>


Jinx Dog Treats

jinx chicken sweet potato tenders-jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds


Jinx dog treats come in 5 flavors: Beef Jerky Tenders, Chicken & Sweet Potato Jerky, Salmon & Pumpkin Jerky, Chicken & Sweet Potato Tenders, and Chicken Jerky Bites.

Each bag is 5 oz with lean protein as the first ingredient and no fillers, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Jinx Treats Price Breakdown

  • Single Bag: $8-$10 (one-time purchase) or $6.80-$8.50 (subscribe & save)
  • 2 Pack: $14.40-$19 (one-time purchase) or $12.24-$16.15 (subscribe & save)
  • 3 Pack: $20.40-$28 (one-time purchase) or $17.34-$23.80 (subscribe & save)
  • Bundles (4 packs): $30 (one-time purchase) or $25.50 (subscribe & save)
  • Shop now >>


Jinx ships to the 48 Contiguous United States and shipping is Free on orders $35+.


jinx chicken jerky bites-jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds


We tried the Beef Jerky Tenders, Chicken & Sweet Potato Tenders, and Chicken Jerky Bites and our Daisy loved them all!

The Beef Jerky Tenders and Chicken & Sweet Potato Tenders are both soft treats that a fairly large.  They are perfect for our large dog and can be easily broken into smaller pieces for smaller dogs.

The Chicken Jerky Bites were a little small for our Daisy’s big St. Berdoodle mouth but she still gobbled them up.  They would be perfect for small to medium size dogs or as training treats in moderation.

We love that all of the Jinx treats contain a limited number of ingredients, the first ingredient is lean protein, and they are low in calories. Shop now >>


Jinx Dry Dog Food Competitors

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Jinx Dog Food Reviews: Bottom Line

jinx-box - jinx dog food reviews-mealfinds

There are so many things to like about Jinx dog food.  We love that Jinx dog food is made with clean ingredients including lean, premium proteins, along with over 20+ natural plant superfoods, and a patented probiotic.

We also love that Jinx has no fillers, which means no soy, no corn, no wheat, and no artificial anything.

In addition, we like that Jinx is kibble and can be easily stored in the pantry.

Our dog Daisy enjoyed all of her Jinx dog food and it did not upset her digestive system over the two-week trial even when switching between recipes.  She also loved all of the treats, though the Chicken Jerky Bites were a bit small for her big mouth.

Compared to other premium dry dog food, Jinx is LESS EXPENSIVE than most. (View our comparison chart)

If you are looking for a premium kibble with clean ingredients, quality protein, and gut support Jinx may be right for you and your dog.  Shop now >>


Looking for more premium dog food?  Check out our Pet Meals Directory >>

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