Housewarming Food Gifts

The best housewarming gift is a food gift! Celebrate a friend’s (or your) new house with a food delivery gift. MealFinds has a great selection of prepared and easy-to-make meals to choose from, so even though the pots and pans might still be in boxes, you’ll be able to eat a great meal in your new home!

abbandanza gift box by di bruno bros-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Abbondanza Gift Box
abstract distraction cocktial kit gift-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Abstract Distraction Cocktail Kit
ALL COOKED UP gift box by mouth-food gift ideas-mealfinds
All Cooked Up Gift Box
sampler pack by haus-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Aperitif Sampler Pack
bartesian cocktail maker-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Bartesian Cocktail Maker
blue apron 130 meal kit gift card-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Blue Apron $130 Meal Kit Gift Card
bubbly chese gift box-housewarming food gift ideas-mealfinds
Bubbly Cheese Collection Gift
cant top this care package soup gift-food gift ideas-mealfinds
Can’t Top This Soup Gift

Shop unique housewarming food gifts at MealFinds. Whether you have a friend or loved one moving into their first apartment, or their new home in the suburbs, we have a great option. Make life a little easier in the chaotic first days of moving into your new home when you provide prepared delicious meals. Even though you can’t be there in person, you can celebrate your friend’s new place!

Food Gift FAQ's

What kind of wine should I buy for a housewarming gift?

People’s wine choices are very particular and change often, so if you don’t know their favorite type of wine (for that season) we recommend gifting your friend or loved one a gift card for a wine delivery service. We recommend Usual Wines, which is sourced from small, sustainably farmed batches or Three Spirit, which has non-alcohlic elixirs for those that don’t drink.

What is a good housewarming present for someone who likes to cook?

A great housewarming present for someone who likes to cook is a meal kit! When you move into a new house or apartment, it can be hard to shop for different ingredients for an elaborate meal. With a gourmet meal kit, you’re provided with all the ingredients you need to make a delicious, gourmet meal!

Can I give a housewarming gift to kids?

Absolutely! It is a great idea to welcome kids to their new home. It can add to the excitement of the change and take away any anxiety they may have. We recommend Snack Boxes – which are a fun surprise that you can eat, or a special dessert gift like cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies.

What is a good housewarming present for someone who likes coffee?

A great housewarming gift for coffee-lovers is a new coffee maker, a cold-brew coffee set, or a coffee subscription. Choose a coffee gift package, or select a gift card and have your friend or loved one choose their own of coffee.