The Farmer’s Dog Review

Published on September 28, 2020
Last modified on November 3, 2022

For our The Farmer’s Dog review we received a sample and this post contains affiliate links.  We may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

By Alison Chew


The Farmers Dog

The Farmer’s Dog delivers real dog food, made fresh, with high-quality human-grade ingredients directly to your door.

They believe that our pets, just like us, deserve a healthy, balanced diet and that’s why The Farmer’s Dog has created simple recipes, guided by science, formulated by nutritionists, and approved by vets, made with lots and lots of love.

And by skipping the middleman and delivering directly to your door, The Farmer’s Dog can focus on the customer, better ingredients, and fresher food.

The Farmers Dog Coupon

Get 50% OFF>>

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The Farmers Dog Pros

  • Human-grade ingredients, no preservatives
  • Pre-portioned meals
  • Eco-friendly packaging


The Farmers Dog Cons

  • Must store in the fridge and freezer
  • Can be expensive for large dogs/multiple dogs
  • “Topper” or half portion option available to current customers


How much is The Farmers Dog dog food?

the-farmers-dog-box long live dogs-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds

The Farmer’s Dog meal plans start at $2/day and include free shipping. The price of The Farmer’s Dog is based on the number of calories your dog needs daily which takes into account your dog’s age, weight, activity level, allergies, how fit they are to begin with, and more.

Below are sample price calculations based on three different dogs.  You can head over to The Farmer’s Dog to calculate your exact cost using their calculator.

  • 25 lb, active, spayed female, 3 years old, beef recipe
    • $34 per week at 100% The Farmer’s Dog
  • 50 lb, active, spayed female, 3 years old, beef recipe
    • $52 per week at 100% The Farmer’s Dog
  • 100 lb, active, spayed female, 9 years old, beef recipe
    • $90 per week at 100% The Farmer’s Dog
  • Get 50% OFF>>

The Farmer’s Dog does offer smaller portions for current customers so that you can feed The Farmer’s Dog as a topper vs a full meal.  This option is available after your first order.  You can change your daily portion size from your account.

This is a great feature for those with multiple dogs, very large dogs, or those on a budget as it gives you the ability to give your pup this high-quality food at a reduced price.  Get 50% OFF>>


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Want to give your dog The Farmer’s Dog, but the above seems out of your budget?

We recommend taking advantage of their new customer offer (50% OFF at the time of this post!).  This will give you and your pup two whole weeks of amazing high-quality human-grade food at a fraction of the price.

Next, we recommend using half of the portion The Farmer’s Dog recommends along with half of their current dog food.  This will cut your costs by half and will still give your dog some of the amazing benefits of this dog food.  Get 50% OFF>>


Where does The Farmer’s Dog deliver?

The Farmer’s Dog currently ships to the 48 contiguous states.


The Farmers Dog Food Review

The Farmer’s Dog is free from “meals”, and preservatives, and is less processed than kibble making it better for your pup.  Each dog’s personalized plan is based on their individual calorie needs and delivered in pre-portioned packs for easy feeding.

So no need to worry about over-feeding or an overweight dog (or all of the health problems associated with extra pounds).

The Farmer’s Dog uses only human-grade ingredients that meet USDA standards.   Recipes are created by veterinary nutritionists and include clean protein, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Get 50% OFF>>


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For our Farmers Dog food reviews, we tried the beef, turkey, and pork fresh dog food. But before we dig into the dog food review, we first noticed the eco-friendly packaging when unpacking our meals.

The box is curbside recyclable and the insulation can be dissolved in the sink.  This just leaves you with the plastic the insulation came in and the individual meal packets.

Not too bad!  Get 50% OFF>>

the-farmers-dog-box-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds


The Farmers Dog meals are prepared in USDA kitchens and cooked according to USDA-facility standards.

Once the food has finished the cooking process, it is quickly frozen for safe shipping and easy storage.

Your dog food order is truly made fresh, without preservatives, and delivered to your door within days.    Get 50% OFF>>


the farmers dog turkey recipe in pouch-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds

And because this dog food is fresh and without preservatives, it’s important to store it in your freezer until a day or two before you are ready to feed your pup, then you can move it to the refrigerator.  Packs take around 12 hours to defrost in the refrigerator and are fridge-safe for up to 4 days.

This is one of the few drawbacks that we see to fresh dog food.  If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your freezer and refrigerator and/or if you have a large dog requiring a large amount of food this could be a problem.

According to The Famer’s Dog customers, they have experienced the following while enjoying this dog food:

  • Fewer Vet Visits
  • Increased Vitality
  • Clear Skin & Shiny Coat
  • Less “Dog Odor”
  • Better #2/stool
  • Get 50% OFF>>


the farmers dog beef recipe in pouch-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds


During our two-week trial of The Farmer’s Dog, we weren’t expecting to experience all of the above, but we were excited to see if our Daisy likes the food, if she has any tummy troubles, and if her stool is more compact/firm (i.e. easier for me to pick up on our walks and a good sign of a healthy tummy!).

The Farmer’s Dog recommends the following transition timeline:

  • Day 1: 75% old food / 25% Farmer’s Dog
  • Day 2: 75% old food / 25% Farmer’s Dog
  • Day 3: 50% old food / 50% Farmer’s Dog
  • Day 4: 50% old food / 50% Farmer’s Dog
  • Day 5: 25% old food / 25% Farmer’s Dog
  • Day 6: 25% old food / 25% Farmer’s Dog
  • Day 7+: 100% Farmer’s Dog
  • Get 50% OFF>>


Because we were trying The Farmer’s Dog for 14 days, we decided to follow the transition guidelines up to day 4 and hold there at 50% old food and 50% The Farmer’s Dog for the rest of the time.

This would make it easier for us to transition Daisy back to her old food with little upset to her tummy.  Get 50% OFF>>


the-farmers-dog-turkey flavor in-bowl-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds


The Farmer’s Dog includes a container in your shipment to store unused food in the refrigerator.  We found that this container was not very sturdy, more like a takeout container, and we had to throw it away after 2 days as it wasn’t holding up.

It would be great if The Farmer’s Dog could send a higher-quality container like other companies as it would make storage easier with less mess.  It would also be great for those who want to use these meals as toppers versus the whole meal as well.  We did receive a free tote bag from The Farmer’s Dog and would gladly swap that for a better container as it’s more practical for us.

We found that Daisy LOVED her Farmer’s Dog meals.  How do I know?  Our Daisy will eat pretty much anything, but with The Farmer’s Dog, she would lick her bowl clean after eating and would come back several times throughout the day to lick it again just in case she missed a piece.  That is a great sign that she likes it!

In addition to her clearly liking the taste of The Farmer’s Dog, her stool was firm and compact which is a sign that her gut is healthy.  Daisy didn’t experience any tummy troubles while transitioning which was also great to see.  Get 50% OFF>>


daisy eating farmers dog food-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds


Daisy seemed to love all three recipes equally 🙂  From the look of the food, the turkey recipe looks more like “human” food with big pieces of vegetables as compared to the beef and pork recipes, but that’s just from what we can see.  We suggest ordering a variety, you can select up to 3, to see which your pup likes the best (especially if you have a picky eater!).  Get 50% OFF>>


The Farmers Dog Food Review: Bottom Line

daisy in front of dog food bowl-Farmers Dog Food Reviews-MealFinds

The Farmer’s Dog delivers simple, high-quality, human-grade dog food without fillers or preservatives directly to your door giving you a healthier pup and peace of mind.

We found that even after just 14 days our Daisy not only LOVED the taste of The Farmer’s Dog food, but her stools were regular and more compact and she experienced no tummy troubles during the trial.  For these reasons, we give The Farmer’s Dog two paws up!

The Farmer’s Dog, like all other fresh pet food, has to be stored in the fridge/freezer which takes up valuable space which can be a drawback for some.  In addition, if you have a large breed dog as we do, fresh dog food may be out of your budget.  We recommend feeding your dog 25% or 50% portions to save on cost and still give your dog the nutrition they need for a long and healthy life.

If you are looking for fresh, high-quality dog food that is nutritionally balanced to meet the individual needs of your pup The Farmer’s Dog is a great option! Get 50% OFF>>


Looking for more premium dog food?  Check out our Pet Meals Directory >>

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