RAWgust 30 Day Challenge

Published on July 22, 2021
Last modified on June 20, 2023

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Written By Alison Chew



RAWgust 30-Day Challenge

This year we are participating in the popular RAWgust 30-Day Challenge and hope that you will join us!

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What is Rawgust?

RAWgust is a food movement that encourages pet owners to try feeding raw food to their furry companions throughout the month of August.  The idea is that if you give raw a try, you will see and they will feel the many benefits of a raw diet, and you might stick with it moving forward.

Feeding “raw” may sound a little scary, but for our pets, it’s simply eating unprocessed, or less processed, food just as they would hundreds of years ago.  (You know before humans came around and created highly processed kibble and canned food packed with fillers and chemicals.)


RAWgust: Raw Food Benefits

There are many benefits to a raw diet for your BFF.  Here are a few:

  • Improved digestion
  • Smaller, less smelly stool
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Healthy weight /easier weight management
  • Better breath; healthier teeth and gums
  • More energy
  • Reduced allergy symptoms


You might be thinking that this sounds great and want to know how to get started on a raw food diet and do you have to feed all raw to get these amazing benefits?  It’s easy to get started and no need to go all-in on the raw diet if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle or budget.


RAWgust: Getting Started

Getting started on a raw food diet is easy and you have a few options.


1. Add a raw topper to your dog’s current food.

Even a tablespoon of TruDog Boost Me raw food topper (read our TruDog review and get it here) daily on your dog’s current food can give them the benefits of raw.

This option is easy, inexpensive and there is no transition period.

2. Add 50% raw and 50% of your dog’s current food.

Feed 25% raw for a week and then see how your pup is tolerating the new food.  If they are ok, feed 50% raw during the second week and going forward.

This option is also easy but requires a small transition period to get your pup’s stomach used to this new food.

Since this will require more food, we recommend TruDog Rawgo as it comes in 2.2lb bags and makes up to 6lb of food when rehydrated. (Shop now >>)

3. Go all-in with 100% raw!

We love that you are ready to give your pup the benefits of raw, but you have to transition them off of their current food and onto raw food over several weeks as to not upset their stomachs.

Start with 25% raw in week 1, 50% raw in week 2, 75% raw in week 3, and 100% raw in week 4.

This option will require you to transition during the whole month of August, but your pup will be feeling (and tasting) all of the benefits of a raw food diet before this challenge is over.

We recommend TruDog Rawgo as it comes in 2.2lb bags and is the most economical raw option TruDog offers. (Shop now >>)


We have tried raw food in the past, but with our 100lb dog, it’s been cost-prohibitive to feed 100% of the time.

So this August we will be giving the topper option mentioned above a try and hope that you will join us in the RAWgust 30-Day Challenge!


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