Green Chef Reviews

July 10, 2020

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By Alison Chew

Green Chef

Green Chef brings you weekly meal kits packed with organic ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes directly to your door.  Unlike other meal kits, Green Chefs’ focus is on both eating green and living green.  This means that they work with farmers to source sustainable ingredients, are USDA certified organic, and offset 100% of direct carbon emissions and plastic packaging in every box (the ONLY meal kit company to do this!).

Green Chef offers 5 unique plans to choose from including Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, Plant-Powered, and Family Plan.  You can select 2, 4, or 6 servings per recipe and choose 2 or 3 recipes per week. The 6 serving option is a rarity in the meal kit world and allows large families to enjoy delicious meal kits without having to supplement a 4 serving box.  Meals start at $9.99 each with free shipping and they almost always have a new customer offer running where you can save on your first box (or more).

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What We Like

  • Certified Organic!
  • Commitment to the environment through recyclable packaging and carbon offsets!
  • 6 serving option for large families!
  • Flavorful sauces and spice blends!

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t select meals from different plans in the same week.
  • More choices.  Depending on your plan there may only be 6 recipe choices per week.
  • Packaging.  Green Chef packaging is better than most meal kit companies, but the industry as a whole can do better.

Green Chef Meal Reviews

We selected the Keto Plan for our Green Chef meal reviews including the Pork Tenderloin with Chive Butter, the Sesame Ginger Beef Patties, and the Mediterranean Pork Meatballs.  You can see what each of the plans includes as well as a sample menu below.

We started with the Pork Tenderloin with chive butter, sauteed zucchini with walnuts, and a cabbage and tomato slaw.  This dish was delicious.  My husband and son are not fans of zucchini, but really loved the spice blend and the crunch of the walnuts on top.  The slaw was super easy to make and perfect on a hot summer night.  A great tip, which was in the recipe, is to sear the pork tenderloin on the stovetop to get it nice and brown and crunchy on the outside, and then put it in the oven to cook through.

green-chef-pork-tenderloin-chive-butter-ingredients     green-chef-pork-tenderloin-chive-butter

Next up we tried the Sesame-Ginger Beef patties with a broccoli, red bell pepper, and cabbage stir-fry with cashews.  This dish was so tasty!  We added onion and ginger (pre-prepped in a bag) to the ground beef before cooking which added a great flavor to the patties.  But the star of the dish was the tangy sauce.  We put it all over the patties and stir-fry and could’ve eaten more.  We also added rice to the meal as three of us were eating that night.  This was much better than take-out.

green-chef-sesame-ginger-beef-patties-ingredients     green-chef-sesame-ginger-beef-patties

Finally, we made the Mediterranean Pork Meatballs with cauliflower tabbouleh with cucumber, tomato & feta cheese.  This dish was another winner and full of flavor from not one, but two sauces!  We all enjoyed the Mediterranean flavors and my son couldn’t even tell that he was eating cauliflower (he thought is was couscous).


And while we LOVED our meal kits, there is still a lot of plastic/packaging that can not be easily curbside recycled.  Most people won’t clean out their plastic pouches and take them to a center that accepts #4 plastic (and other materials that are not able to be recycled curb-side) and will instead throw them in the garbage.  We do acknowledge and appreciate that Green Chef is committed to providing eco-friendly packaging and practices sustainability more than most meal kit companies and can’t wait to see how they continue to innovate to help our planet.

Green Chef Reviews: Bottom Line

We were genuinely surprised by how flavorful our keto meals were from Green Chef!  Every meal was packed with protein and a ton of nutrient-rich vegetables to ensure that we were eating healthy and would be full at the end.  Our favorite thing about the Green Chef meals has to be the pre-made spice blends, sauces, and marinades.  These are a time-saver and add so much flavor to each dish.  Yum!  We would highly recommend the Green Chef keto meals even if you aren’t on a keto diet (we aren’t!) as they are tasty and filling.  You don’t miss those extra carbs one bit!

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Read on for more details on the Green Chef cost and menu.

How much does Green Chef cost?

The price of your Green Chef order varies by meal plan, the number of servings (2, 4, or 6), and the number of recipes selected (2 or 3) per week.  Shipping is free within the Continental United States.

  • Keto Plan: $12.99 per meal + Free Shipping
  • Paleo Plan: $12.99 per meal + Free Shipping
  • Balanced Living Plan: $11.99 per meal + Free Shipping
  • Plant-Powered Plan:  $9.99 per meal + Free Shipping
  • Family Plan:  $10.99 per meal + Free Shipping


Green Chef Menu

Green Chef offers 5 menus per week based on the plan you’ve selected.  A sample of each Green Chef menu by plan is below.  One of our biggest complaints with Green Chef is that you can’t choose recipes across plans.  For example, if you selected the Balanced Living plan and wanted to add a recipe from the Keto plan you can’t.  You would have to change your whole plan to the Keto plan.

No matter which plan you select your meal kit ingredients come pre-measured with some chopping required.  Green Chef includes incredibly flavorful premade sauces and spice blends that really make the dish sing.  This allows you to create a tasty dinner in around 30 min.


Low-carb, gluten-free dinners



High-quality protein, without any gluten, grain, dairy, or soy


Balanced Living

Choices including meat, seafood, and vegetarian dinners



Plant-based meals for vegetarians and vegans


Family Plan

Meat, seafood, and veggie options for families (2 recipes with 4 or 6 servings only)



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