Fresh Meal Plan Reviews

Published on September 26, 2022
Last modified on October 3, 2022

This Fresh Meal Plan reviews contains affiliate links and we were given a box to review.  We may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

By Alison Chew


Fresh Meal Plan

Fresh Meal Plan delivers fresh, prepared meals that contain a balance of proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates directly to your door.  These fully cooked meals are stored in the refrigerator and are quickly reheated in the microwave to enjoy.

Skip the planning, shopping, and cooking with Fresh Meal Plan meals.


Fresh Meal Plan Discount Code

Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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Fresh Meal Plan Pros

  • Subscription and One-time Order Options
  • 60+ fresh meals available weekly plus Addons like proteins, snacks, dessert, and more
  • Meals for a variety of diets including Keto, Paleo, and Vegan


Fresh Meal Plan Cons

  • Limited nutrition facts on labels (Macros only)
  • Limited heating instructions
  • Shipping is extra


How much are Fresh Meal Plan meals?

Fresh Meal Plan meals are between $9.99 and $12.99 each.  The price per meal depends on if you are placing a one-time order or signing up for a subscription as well as the total number of meals ordered.

With a subscription, the more meals you order the lower the price per meal.


Fresh Meal Plan offers a flexible subscription allowing you to update your plan, skip weeks, and cancel all from your online account.


Where does Fresh Meal Plan deliver?

Fresh Meal Plans delivers to the Continental United States with local delivery in the South Florida area.


How much is Fresh Meal Plan shipping?

Fresh Meal Plan shipping rates will vary depending on your delivery location and if you place a one-time / A La Carte order or a Subscription.  Our rates were $8.99 for a One-time order and $6.99 for a Subscription order.


Is Fresh Meal Plan a subscription service?

You can order Fresh Meal Plan meals as a One-time/A La Carte purchase or you can Subscribe and Save up to 23% on every delivery.  Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


Fresh Meal Plan Reviews: Menu

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The Fresh Meal Plan menu offers hundreds of meals that rotate weekly so you never get bored.  Their menu features fresh, prepared meals for a variety of diets including Traditional (lean protein, complex carbs, veggies), Keto (low carb), Paleo (dairy and gluten-free), Lean & Mean (simple foods and ingredients), as well as Vegan.  You can select meals across diets or stick to one diet for all of your meals.

Meals are made with locally sourced produce, grass-fed beef, and antibiotic-free poultry.  In addition, they do not include artificial ingredients or preservatives.

We noticed that all of the meals are under 600 calories with most under 500 calories.  If you are counting calories or looking for low-calorie meals, Fresh Meal Plan might be just what you are looking for.

We also noticed that on the meal labels there is very limited nutrition information and ingredients.  Fresh Meal Plan focuses on macros and includes calories, total fat, net carbs, and protein on each label.

You can find more nutrition and ingredient information on the menu page by clicking on each meal.  If you are concerned with sodium, for example, you can find it on the website.  Fresh Meal Plan says that all meals contain a low amount of sodium, between 300-500mg per meal.  Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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Fresh Meal Plan A La Carte Menu vs Subscription Menu

The A La Carte (one-time order) menu includes Fresh Meal Plans most popular meals, but is more limited than the subscription menu.

The Subscription menu gives you access to all of the most popular meals in the A La Carte menu plus 50+ new meals that rotate through each week.

If you aren’t sure about subscribing, we recommend purchasing from the A La Carte menu and if you love it (and I think you will!) then you can go ahead and sign up for a subscription so that you not only save up to 23% each week, but you also have access to the full menu.  Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


Fresh Meal Plan Reviews

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For our Fresh Meal Plan reviews, we ordered 8 meals as a one-time A La Carte purchase.  The total cost for our meals was $103.92 plus $8.99 shipping.

You might be wondering how long Fresh Meal Plan meals last in the refrigerator.  Fresh Meal Plan meals are designed to last up to 10 days in the refrigerator and all meals have an expiration date printed on the label.

Fresh Meal Plan meals, like other fresh prepared meals, heat up in the microwave in around 3 minutesGet $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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Beef Barbacoa Bowl With Jalapenos, Corn, Black Beans & Jasmine Rice:  This was our favorite meal of the week!  The sauce was a little spicy but very flavorful and brought the whole dish together.  The beef did not dry out in the microwave and stayed moist.

We did not microwave the sauce cup, the directions did not say to remove but we were afraid it would melt in the microwave.    The only thing that we would change is that we would’ve loved more beans and corn.


beef barbacoa bowl-fresh meal plan meals review-mealfinds


Blackened Grilled Chicken With Green Beans & Jasmine Rice: This is a “Lean & Mean” meal that was very simple with no sauces or spices.  I added salt and pepper and thought that it tasted good, but was nothing special.  The chicken stayed moist in the microwave and the beans still had a nice texture.

Because this meal was so simple, I’m not sure that I would order again as I can easily make this at home. Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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Spaghetti & Meatballs With Marinara & Parmesan Cheese:  You can’t really go wrong with Spaghetti and Meatballs, and this dish, while simple, had a nice marinara sauce and the wheat pasta was a welcome swap.

The meatballs had a nice Italian-style flavor and were fairly large.  Overall, this was a tasty and filling meal.


Grilled BBQ Chicken With House Mac N Cheese: Can you say comfort food?  We really enjoyed this meal.  The tangy bbq chicken, which stayed moist in the microwave, combined with the rich and creamy macaroni and cheese was very yummy and very filling.

The only thing missing for me was a vegetable, which could be easily added on the side.  Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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Margherita Breakfast Pizza With Mozzarella, Tomatoes & Basil:  I wanted to try one of Fresh Meal Plan’s breakfast meals as I haven’t had much luck with breakfast from other prepared meal services.  This breakfast pizza tasted one note to me and was my least favorite meal of the week.

The cheese, egg, and bread all have a similar texture and sort of melded together.  The tomatoes and basil were there, but I would’ve loved more to break up the dish.  An addition of crispy bacon might be nice or a sauce might help bring this dish to life.


Tex Mex Pork Bowl With Black Beans & Yellow Rice: Another favorite!  I loved this bowl.

There was plenty of pork and I loved the green sauce combined with the black beans and yellow rice.  I was a bit confused as to what to do with the spinach and avocado on the side and didn’t know if I should microwave them or leave them as a side salad.

I ended up microwaving everything and decided to mix the spinach and avocado in with the entree.  This was the right call as it gave you a serving of veggies hidden in the yummy Tex-Mex pork.  Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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South Of The Border Casserole With House Enchilada Sauce:  This Keto meal swapped out tortilla chips with cauliflower to cut down on the carbs and is packed with Mexican spices and lots of flavor!

The addition of sour cream on top was a perfect balance and the salty black olives gave the dish a mix of textures.  I would order this meal again and could see adding it to the top of a salad or making tacos or nachos.


Beef Picadillo With Jasmine Rice & Cilantro:  Another “Lean & Mean” meal that was simple, yet tasty.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to taste as the ingredients listed raisins and black olives along with spices and beef, but it tasted really good.

I poured the jasmine rice into the beef picadillo mixture for a very filling lunch.  Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


Fresh Meal Plan Reviews: Bottom Line

grilled bbq chicken with mac and cheese-fresh meal plan meals review-mealfinds

Fresh Meal Plan delivers fresh, prepared meals that contain a balance of proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates directly to your food.  These fully cooked meals are stored in the refrigerator and are quickly reheated in the microwave to enjoy.

We love that you have the option to place a one-time order or subscribe and save as it gives more flexibility and is something that most other prepared meal companies do not offer.  We also like that there is a large rotating menu that includes keto, paleo, and vegan meals, though the A La Carte menu is more limited than the Subscription menu.  We recommend trying out the A La Carte menu if you aren’t sure if you will like the meals and then signing up for a subscription for a wider variety of weekly meal choices and savings.

And while the meals that we ordered were very tasty, we did notice that there is limited nutrition information on the meal labels, listing macros only.  If you would like more nutrition information you will need to go to the Fresh Meal Plan menu to find out more about each meal.  We also noticed that the heating instructions were the same on all meals and we would like more complete instructions (for example – do we remove the sauce containers before microwaving?).

Compared to other fresh, prepared meal services Fresh Meal Plan meals were very tasty and filling.  Not to mention their menu is larger than most and the fact that they offer a one-time order option is a huge bonus over other companies.  The price per meal compared to other meal services is in the low to middle of the price range.

We recommend Fresh Meal Plan to those looking for fresh prepared meals that are very tasty, those looking for keto or paleo prepared meals, and those looking to try a prepared meal service without a subscription! Get $100 OFF Your First 5 Weeks with code FRESH100 >>


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