CookUnity Reviews

August 12, 2020

For our CookUnity reviews, we were given a sample.  This post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.


By Alison Chew


CookUnity delivers freshly made individual meals created from scratch by 50 of the top NY private chefs, some with Michelin Stars, and holistic nutritionists directly to your door.  Chefs use only high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted local farmers to create naturally healthy ready-to-eat meals.  All meals are non-GMO, organic when possible, include humanely-raised meat, and nothing artificial.

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What We Like

  • Fresh meals crafted by top chefs and nutritionists!
  • 150+ choices each week!
  • Compostable meal trays!

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited delivery area to the North East
  • Some sauces can be too oily
  • Extra fee for select meals

CookUnity Meal Reviews

For our CookUnity reviews, we selected the Rosemary Chicken Thigh and Linguine, Grilled Pork Chop with Bacon Gremolata, Tangy Parmesan Tilapia, and the Grilled Hanger Steak with Asparagus from their list of over 150 weekly meal choices.  You read that right, 150+ meal choices each and every week!

Keep in mind when ordering that meals are shipped fresh, not frozen, and are designed to be eaten within 5-7 days.  Meals are super easy to make, just remove from the fridge and follow the instructions on the packaging.  Meals can be heated in the microwave or conventional oven, with times varying depending upon the dish.  Our meals could be heated in under 5 min in the microwave.


We started with the Rosemary Chicken Thigh and Linguine for lunch.  This dish was very filling, I couldn’t finish it all, and tasted amazing.  The chicken thigh was grilled with the bone in and tasted very moist and fresh.  The linguine was in a buttery garlic sauce that filled the house with an amazing smell when in the microwave.  I would definitely order this again, but would only add half the sauce to the pasta as it was a bit oily for me.

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Next up we tried the Grilled Pork Chop with Bacon Gremolata and the Grilled Hanger Steak with Asparagus for dinner.  Of the four dishes, the pork was my least favorite.  It was too thick and I didn’t care for the cabbage on the side.  I did like the grilled taste and the gremolata sauce, though.


The steak was moist and tender, which is amazing considering we microwaved it and I was sure that it would end up tough, and the Mojo sauce was delicious.  The sides were nice and rounded out the dish.


Finally, I tried the Tangy Parmesan Tilapia for lunch.  This was my second favorite dish of the four we ordered.  The broccoli and cauliflower were great and the parmesan sauce complimented the fish nicely.  This time I used half the sauce and it was not too oily.


We love that the packaging has been thoughtfully selected to keep meals fresh and the compostable with the plastic film can be curbside recycled.  This is the first prepared meal service that we know of that has fully recyclable/compostable packaging.

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-Order what you can comfortably eat in 5-7 days from delivery to cut back on food waste

-When heating in the microwave start with the minimum time so that you don’t overcook your meal

-Be careful with the sauce; try using half and then adding more as needed

-Recycle everything!

CookUnity Reviews: Bottom Line


There are so many things to love about CookUnity!  From their wide selection of weekly meals created by top NY chefs, to their thoughtful environmentally-friendly packaging, they deliver what they promise.  Fresh, healthy meals that taste great.  The only drawback is that, at least for now, they are only offered in select states in the North East.  (Check their website as they are expanding!)  These meals are perfect for days when you don’t want to cook, they make for a quick and easy lunch or dinner for adults or older kids alike, and their diverse menu meets the needs of seniors and those with dietary restrictions.

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Read on for more details on the CookUnity menu and cost.

How much does CookUnity cost?

CookUnity plans start at $10.99 per meal.  You can choose to receive 4, 6, 8, or 12 meals per week.  Some meals have an additional fee for more premium ingredients like shrimp and the size of meals varies (we saw 400g to over 600g).


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CookUnity Reviews: Menu

On average, the weekly CookUnity menu features over 150 choices with meals that fit most dietary needs including:

• Under 500 calories: 40+ meals
• Under 35 grams of carbs: 40–50 meals
• Dairy-free: 30–40 meals
• Plant-based: 30-40 meals
• Keto: 30-40 meals
• Paleo: 50-60 meals

New menus are posted every Friday for the upcoming two weeks.  You can easily use the filters to find dishes that meet your preferences.  Check out a sample menu below!






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