Wine Advent Calendar by Sip & Savor

October 5, 2020

For this Wine Advent Calendar post, we were given a sample from Sip & Savor and this post contains referral links.  If you make a purchase we may earn a small commission.  All opinions are our own.


By Alison Chew

Sip & Savor Wines

Sip & Savor, by American Vintners out of Monterey County, CA, bring you Holiday Wine Advent Calendars and New Year’s Wine Countdown Calendars to help you create lasting memories this holiday season.  Wine advent calendars come in several holiday themes and various sizes to fit your holiday decor and budget.  This holiday season Sip & Savor wants you to sit back, sip quality wine, and savor time with family and friends.

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Wine Advent Calendar: Sip & Savor Review

An advent calendar is a special calendar that is used to help you count down the days of Advent until Christmas.  Since the first day of Advent changes each year, most advent calendars start on December 1st and run for 25 days through to Christmas day.  Many advent calendars feature a “window” or “door” for each day of the countdown, in no particular order, that are opened every day leading up to Christmas.  These doors or windows are opened to reveal an image, poem, or a small gift such as chocolate (or in this case wine!).  Advent calendars can take many shapes and sizes and are made from various materials including paper, cardboard, felt and fabric, and even wood.

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The Sip & Savor wine advent calendar comes in a festive cardboard box with a very large wine advent calendar box inside.  Each small wine bottle is cushioned by bubble wrap to ensure safe travel to your destination and can be removed before use.  When you open each window you will find 1 of 12 types of wine including red wine, white wine, and rose.  Each bottle is 187 ml.


For our wine advent calendar review, Sip & Savor sent us the Holiday Sweater Wine Advent Calendar with 24 bottles of wine.  This calendar contains 2 of each of the following California wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet Syrah Blend, Red Blend, Cabernet Merlot Blend, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Sweet Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Rosé.

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When our wine advent calendar arrived I was giddy.  It is the cutest thing and there are so many ways to use it this holiday season.   You can use it as a true advent calendar and open up a bottle every night from Dec 1st through Dec 24th as you countdown to Christmas.

The bottles are the perfect size for one person to enjoy a generous glass or for two people to share as an after-dinner drink with some cookies.  You can also use these holiday-labeled bottles as gifts in gift bags or for gift exchanges or use the whole advent calendar as a centerpiece to your holiday party.  We love how versatile this box of mini-wine bottles is!

When we popped open a couple of the bottles to try we were pleasantly surprised by how good they tasted.  My husband commented that they are a “solid table-wine” and perfect for enjoying with dinner or dessert.  They are what you would expect from California wine at this price-point.  You won’t be disappointed!

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Wine Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas (and New Year’s)

Sip & Savor offers three different wine advent calendars including the Holiday Sweater and Christmas Tree box with your choice of 12 bottles or 24 bottles, and the Festive box with 24 bottles of wine.  Boxes with 12 bottles are $49.99 and 24 bottles are $79.99.  Both come with FREE shipping!

When you do the math, the 12 bottle box for $49.99 works out to $4.16 per small bottle and is equal to 3 regular size 750 ml bottles of wine (at around $16.66 each).  The 24 bottle box for $79.99 works out to $3.33 per small bottle and is equal to 6 regular size 750 ml bottles of wine (at around $13.33 each).  This is a great value for these holiday-themed mini-wine bottles.

Sip & Savor currently ships to AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MI, NY, OH, PA, and TX.

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In addition, Sip & Savor offers a New Year’s Sparkling Wine countdown calendar and a combo Holiday Advent Calendar and New Year’s Countdown Calendar to extend the season to the end of the year.  The New Year’s Countdown calendar contains 7 bottles of sparkling wine for $39.99 and is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, cute after-dinner drinks with dessert, a great gift, or simply a fun way to celebrate the last week of the year.  The combo, with 19 bottles of wine, is $84.99.  The sparkling wine included in these boxes includes 2 bottles of sparkling white wine, 2 bottles of sparkling rose wine, 2 bottles of cava sparkling wine, and 1 bottle of prosecco sparkling wine.

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sip-and-savor-new-years-countdown-calendar  sip-and-savor-wine-advent-calendar-combo

Below are two more ways to use your Wine Advent Calendar this year!

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Wine Advent Calendar: Christmas Party Centerpiece


Of course, you can use it as intended as a countdown to Christmas, but I think that this wine advent calendar would make an adorable centerpiece to any holiday party.  Guests could open up a number and pull out their own personal bottle of holiday wine.  The box is very festive and comes in a number of different options that are sure to compliment your holiday party theme from traditional Christmas Tree to the more modern Festive to super fun Holiday Sweater, there is something for everyone.  Plus, each bottle of wine has a beautiful and festive holiday label.

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Wine Advent Calendar: Great For Gifting

Another idea for your wine advent calendar is to take one or two holiday bottles and include them in your gift bags, gift baskets, or gift exchange presents.


Every year, since my son was a baby, we make holiday cookies and deliver them to friends and neighbors.  Usually, we bake three different types of cookies, one is always a spritz/cookie press cookie, and spend all day baking and decorating.  Our son then delivers these tasty homemade holiday treats around the neighborhood with his Frosty the Snowman tophat spreading holiday joy.  This year we are going to add two little holiday wine bottles to go with the cookies, something for the parents to enjoy along with the yummy holiday sweets.

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Wine Advent Calendar: Sip & Savor Bottom Line


The wine advent calendars by Sip & Savor are a wonderfully festive addition to your holiday season!  The boxes and bottles are decorated perfectly and will fit into any holiday decor theme and budget.  We love that these advent calendars are so versatile and can be used to countdown to Christmas or New Year’s, to add a unique flair to your holiday party centerpiece, and will make a special gift for friends and family.

Please note: Sip & Savor wine advent calendars sell out every year.  Get yours before they are gone!

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Happy Holidays!

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