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Published on February 19, 2021
Last modified on June 15, 2023

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Written By Alison Chew    |    Dietitian Verified by Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN


What is Universal Yums?

Universal Yums delivers a box full of snacks and candies from a different country to your door every month. The snacks and candies in each box promise to be delicious and unique, with most being extremely rare and hard to find in the United States.

In addition to tasty snacks, Universal Yums includes an interactive guidebook in every box filled with country-specific trivia, games, recipes, culture, and more.


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Universal Yums Snack Box Pros

  • Nice assortment of rare snacks and candies with a fun interactive guide
  • Non-subscription/gift options available
  • Free shipping


Universal Yums Snack Box Cons

  • Can not accommodate food allergies
  • Shipping can be high outside of the continental United States


How much does a Universal Yums snack box cost?

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The cost of your Universal Yums box starts at $15/box for a 12-month Yum Box subscription containing 5-7 snacks and go up to $51/box for a 1-month Super Yum Box containing 15-18 snacks. 

The price of your Universal Yums box depends on the box size and the duration of your subscription or gift.

All boxes ship FREE to the contiguous United States.


Where can I buy the Universal Yums snack box?

You can buy a Universal Yums snack box online on their website or select boxes are available on Amazon.


Where does Universal Yums deliver?

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Universal Yums delivers to the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Isreal.

They offer free shipping within the contiguous United States, as well as military addresses (FPO/APO).

Shipping charges for other countries are below:

  • Canada $4-$13 per box
  • The UK $3-$13 per box
  • Australia $6 to $22 per box
  • SHOP NOW >>


Is Universal Yums worth it?

We say yes for those who like to try new snacks and are looking for a monthly (or one-off) family-friendly activity!

The cost per snack breakdown will vary depending on the size of your box and the length of your subscription, but each unique snack from around the world is less than $3.

Plus, add in the guidebook with 12-16 pages of activities and fun facts along with the interactive scorecard for the whole family to play, and this box is absolutely worth it in our opinion.


Universal Yums Box Reviews

We were super excited to try Universal Yums as we are big snackers and are always on the lookout for unique snacks and interesting flavors.

In every Universal Yums box you will receive a variety of sweet and savory snacks and candies that are from a specific country along with a guidebook full of trivia, recipes, games, and other surprises.  The country changes every month so you will never get bored!

And if you absolutely love a snack and want to order more?  You can shop a la carte, no membership needed, in the Universal Yums Store.  More on that below!  SHOP NOW >>


Universal Yums Holiday 2022 Box Review

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For this Universal Yums box review, we received the 2022 Holiday Box, in the Yum Yum size (medium), as a gift for the whole family.

This box was $33 (purchased as a 1-month Gift) and included 10 snacks, a scorecard, and a guidebook.


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Our Universal Yums Holiday box included the following snacks:

  • Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn  from Taiwan
  • Spicy Mustard Potato Chips from the Czech Republic
  • Strawberry Trifle Bonbons from The UK
  • Popcorn Flavored Truffles from France
  • Apple Pie Cookies from The Netherlands
  • Mini Raspberry Linzer Cake from Switzerland
  • Nutty Yogurt Flavored Nougat Bar from Greece
  • Cava Flavored Chips from Spain
  • Julmust & Butterscotch Gummies from Sweden
  • Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Bites from Germany
  • Within our box, we also received a 16-page guidebook, Holiday stickers, and a Yum Scoreboard game.


This Holiday Box featured snacks from 10 countries, some of which were holiday-themed like the Dark Chocolate Gingerbread from Germany while others were fun and unique.

Unlike the Italy box (more on that below), this box featured 10 different snacks with no duplicates and did not come with a Yum Bag.  We love this as it means more snacks to taste and rate on our family scorecard!  SHOP NOW >>


universal yums scorecard and guide snacks-universal yums box review-mealfinds


And while we loved tasting all of the snacks, we did have some favorites and passes.

Universal Yums Holiday Box Favorites:

  • Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn: We weren’t sure what to expect when we opened this bag and were pleasantly surprised!  Rich, sweet, salty…yum!
  • Popcorn Flavored Truffles: A personal favorite of mine!  These little chocolate truffles are rich and delicious with crunchy popcorn inside.
  • Cava Flavored Potato Chips:  What a fun surprise!  Salty popcorn meets popping candy and a wonderfully fun surprise in your mouth.

Universal Yums Holiday Box Passes:

  • Strawberry Trifle Flavored Bonbons: As a family, we had mixed feelings on this one, but overall it wasn’t a favorite.
  • Apple Pie Cookies: We found these cookies to be just ok, nothing special.
  • Nutty Yogurt Flavored Nougat Bar: This nougat bar was a little too sweet for our tastes.


salted egg yolk popcorn-universal yums box review-mealfinds


The Universal Yums Holiday Box 2022 was a super fun experience to share with my family.  We enjoyed trying each snack together and filling out the scorecard.

This box had an even amount of sweet snacks and savory snacks, which for my family, was a great balance as we love both sweet and savory/salty snacks.  That’s one drawback of most snack boxes, you don’t get to choose what you receive and you may receive snacks you don’t like.

In the end, there were several new favorites that we would buy again and some snacks that we would pass on in the future if given the choice.  SHOP NOW >>


Universal Yums Italy Box Review

For our first Universal Yums box reviews, we purchased the Italy box as a 1-month gift, in the Yum Yum size (the medium size) which includes 10-12 snacks and a 16-page guidebook for $31.

When we purchased this box the only country option available for us to choose from was Italy.   SHOP NOW >>


Universal-Yums-Italy Box-Reviews-Snack-Box-MealFinds (1)


Our Universal Yums Italy box included the following snacks:

  • Italian Black Truffle Potato Chips
  • Orange Zest Carrot Cake (2)
  • Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar (2)
  • Lemon and Pepper Taralli
  • Cranberry cookies
  • Ketchup Potato Chips
  • Italian Almond Cookies
  • Raspberry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Tomato & Oregano Bruschetta
  • Yum Bag: Fizzy Lemon Candy (4), Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Pop Rocks (2), and  Tiramisu Cream Milk Chocolate Balls (2)
  • Within our box, we also received a 16-page guidebook, a Mona Lisa sticker, and a Yum Scoreboard game.






And while we loved tasting all of the snacks, we did have some favorites and passes.

Universal Yums Italy Box Favorites:

  • Amica Ketchup Potato Chips: One of my favorites!  I like to dip my potato chips in ketchup and when I saw these I instantly knew that I would like the slightly sweet and salty chips.
  • Nero Vero: Raspberry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar: My favorite candy in this box by far was this chocolate bar.  The sweet, tart raspberries balance the bitter dark chocolate and crunchy almonds.
  • Novi Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar: Creamy quality milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts filled this chocolate bar.  How can you not like it?  It melted in your mouth and was wonderful!
  • Alfredo’s Italian Black Truffle Potato Chips:  “Italy’s world-famous truffles, now in a chip”.  This chip was a favorite of my husband and my son.  They loved the real truffle taste in this crispy chip.
  • The Yum Bag:  This little bag was filled with Fizzy Lemon Candy, which my son loved, Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Pop Rocks, which were an unexpected and fun surprise, and Tiramisu Cream Milk Chocolate Balls which were a wonderful little treat.








Universal Yums Italy Box Passes:

  • Buondolce Orange Zest Carrot Cake: This little cake had more of a citrus taste with a creamy center than a traditional US carrot cake flavor.  If you like orange and cream you will want to try this snack cake, but it wasn’t one of our favorites.
  • Tarallini Lemon and Pepper Taralli: These crunchy little cracker-like rounds were interesting.  They have the slightest hint of lemon and a pepper finish.  My family had mixed feelings about these.
  • Frolletti Cranberry Cookies: These crunchy cookies have a slightly tart and sweet cranberry taste.  We didn’t love them, but we didn’t hate them either.  I don’t think that I would buy them in the store.






Universal Yums Guidebook


Our Italy guidebook was packed with

  • Facts about Italy
  • 2 recipes: one for a unique fettuccine with chocolate and one for a Caprese lunch salad
  • 4 trivia games
  • Information about every snack including nutritional information and ingredients
  • SHOP NOW >>

In addition, we received a Mona Lisa sticker as well as a “Yum Scoreboard” game used to rate all of the items in your Universal Yums box.  This was especially fun for our 10-year-old son.  We gathered around the kitchen table, opened up our Universal Yums box, and dug in!

Everyone tasted and scored as we went along.We also added in some trivia questions to mix it up a bit and learn a little while indulging.

These activities turned this snack box into a fun family activity.




Universal Yums Box Gifting



Universal Yums offers gift subscriptions for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. All gift subscriptions come with a free personalized gift note in the first box.

Gift subscriptions do not renew and will cancel automatically at the end of the gift length so no need to worry about being charged or forgetting to cancel.


Yum Box: Starts at $15 with 5-7 unique snacks in every box and a 12-page guidebook

Yum Yum Box: Starts at $26 with 10-12 unique snacks in every box and a 16-page guidebook

Super Yum Box: Starts at $41 with 15-18 unique snacks in every box and a 16-page guidebook with bonus content


This gift would be great for any adventurous snack-lover, kids, or family.  The guidebook turns this box of tasty snacks and candies into an activity and an opportunity to spend some quality time together. SHOP NOW >>

Universal Yums Shop

Love an item in your box or just want to try some new snacks?  You can also shop a la carte in the Universal Yums Store!

The store, in the Shop section of the site, is filled with goodies from around the globe that you’ve never heard of or tried before.

Here are some that look super interesting 🙂 SHOP NOW >>

universal-yums-bacon-chips universal-yums-salted-egg-popcorn  universal-yums-mocktail-bonbons



You can shop by product type, country, Universal Yums box favorites, and more.  And right now they are giving away a FREE Yum with your Snack Shop purchase.

Yum Store purchases ship at a flat rate of $5.99 in the contiguous US. 


Universal Yums Box Review: Bottom Line



Universal Yums delivers a box of snacks and candies along with an interactive guidebook from a different country to your door every month.

We love the assortment of unique snacks and candies that were in our box, making it something truly special.  And the interactive guidebook not only told us about all of the products in our box but turned the box into a fun family activity.  We especially enjoyed the trivia and the Yum Scoreboard game.

We also love that there are subscription and non-subscription/gift options and that you can purchase products a la carte from the Yum Shop making it easy to try out a box or snacks without worrying about a subscription.  Though, getting a Yum or Yum Yum box every month would definitely be a fun surprise and something that I know my son would absolutely love, not only for the snacks and candies but also for the family time that comes with them.  Finally, the free shipping within the continental US for boxes is great and in line with other subscription snack boxes that we have seen.

We would highly recommend ordering a Universal Yums box, either for yourself, or your family, or as a gift.  The snacks and candies are unique and tasty and the guidebook makes the whole box more of an activity for everyone to enjoy.  If you are a snack-lover, an adventurous eater, or have kids that like to try new things – this is the box for you!  SHOP NOW >>


Looking for more snacks?  Check out our Snack Directory >>

This post has been reviewed and approved by our dietitian Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN, LDN for nutritional accuracy.
rebecca-housh-ms-rdn-ldn-registered-dietitianRebecca Housh is a registered dietitian based in Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from Boston University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Rebecca is passionate about the idea of food as medicine in both preventative and therapeutic care. Her current professional interests lie in food security, food access, and nutrition for chronic disease.

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