Tippsy Sake Reviews

Published on October 25, 2021
Last modified on October 27, 2021

This Tippsy Sake Reviews post contains affiliate links and we were given a sample.  If you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.

By Alison Chew

kudoki jozu sake bottle and info card-tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

Tippsy Sake

Tippsy is the largest online Japanese sake store delivering the world of sake through an immersive educational experience that will delight your tastebuds directly to your door.

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What We Like

  • Huge sake selection
  • Subscription and One-time Purchase options; Gift options
  • Shipping is included in personal subscriptions and 6+ bottles

What We Don’t Like

  • Shipping is not included in gift subscriptions

How much is Tippsy Sake?

three sake bottles and info cards and guide -tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

The cost of a Tippsy Sake subscription is between $93 – $99 with FREE Shipping per quarterly delivery and includes 6 x 10 oz bottles along with educational materials.  These seasonal boxes are delivered quarterly in March, June, September, and December.

Tippsy is NOT currently shipping to AK, AL, AR, MI, MS, and UT.

Seasonal / Quarterly Subscription Options

  • 1 box $99 (delivered quarterly)
  • 2 seasonal boxes $96 each (delivered quarterly)
  • 4 seasonal boxes $93 each (delivered quarterly)
  • NOTE:  All plans automatically renew after each payment cycle
  • Promo Code: Take $10 OFF a Monthly Box with code SAKECLUB >>


Your first box will be shipped upon sign-up. Your seasonal subscription cycle begins with the next scheduled box. (fixed shipping months: March, June, Sept, and Dec).

One-Time Purchase Options

In addition to the seasonal quarterly subscription, Tippsy has the largest online sake store with more than 400 different sakes to choose from.  You can buy both individual bottles of sake starting at $12 or you can buy curated sets of 3 – 6 bottles starting at $55.

If you purchase 6 bottles or more you receive free shipping.  Less than 6 bottles and shipping is $14.99.

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Tippsy Sake Reviews

six sake bottles on table-tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

“Sake (also spelled saké) is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice that has been polished and fermented with a special ingredient called koji.”

Sake is the national beverage of Japan with over 10,000 variations produced all over the country, but most people in the US have not tried this beautiful centuries-old drink. Tippsy is on a mission to change that by making sake simple, educational, fun, and tasty.

For our Tippsy Sake reviews, we received a seasonal subscription box filled with 6 varieties of Japanese sake.


Tippsy Sake Unboxing Video (Coupon and Review)

Tippsy recommends refrigerating all sake upon arrival and they say that it will remain fresh there for up to one year.  In addition, they recommend refrigerating all sake after opening and say that it will maintain its quality and taste for 3-7 days depending on the sake.

Our Tippsy seasonal sake box is the first box everyone receives when they sign up for the seasonal subscription.  This box includes:

  • 6 x 10 oz bottles of Japanese sake
  • Tippsy Sake Guide for beginners
  • Detailed information cards


Each of the six bottles is from the three main sake categories (junmai, ginjo, and daiginjo), and one is a popular cloudy sake nigori, and each represents a different region of Japan.

Tippsy says that each region in Japan is different and that the sake produced there will have nuances in taste and smell from “the climate, water, geography, and culture distinct to that place”.


sake guide and jozen aged sake info card-tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

The six sake bottles that we received include the Kudoki Jozu “Junmai Ginjo”, Jozen “Aged”, Dassai “45”, Suigei “Tokubetsu Junmai”, Tozai “Snow Maiden”, and the Nanbu Bijin “Tokubetsu Junmai”.

Tippsy Sake Reviews By Bottle:

Jozen “Aged”:  From the Niigata region of Japan, this sake (in the red bottle) is aged 1 year.  We found it to be light, dry, and not very sweet.  It had less of a bite than the Dassai 45.

Dassai “45”: From the Yamaguchi region of Japan, has a lovely fruit smell with a rice-forward strong taste.  This sake was closer to liquor, almost like vodka than the others.


sake information card-tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

Suigei “Tokubetsu Junmai”: From the Kochi region, this sake (with the whale on the bottle) has a slight umami taste with a ricey smell.  We enjoyed this sake cold.

Tozai “Snow Maiden”: From the Kyoto region, this is the cloudy sake nigori with the beautiful pink label.  Our favorite sake, with a dry almost creamy sweet flavor.


snow maiden cloudy sake bottle-tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

Nanbu Bijin “Tokubetsu Junmai”: From the Iwate region and sake winner of the 2017 International Wine Challenge Champion, this sake tasted like the sake I’ve had in many sushi restaurants with a sweet floral smell and rice-forward/umami taste.

Kudoki Jozu “Junmai Ginjo”: From the Yamagata region, smells very sweet and has a smooth taste/finish.  We enjoyed it cold.


naju bijin sake with sushi on plate-tippsy sake reviews-mealfinds

Key Sake Tasting Learnings

I’ve learned so much about sake while reviewing Tippsy sake and wanted to include some of my learnings as they may be helpful.

  • Read the Sake Guide!  It is packed with valuable information that will help you find the right sake for you.
  • Temperature matters!  We enjoyed all of the sake’s cold vs warm or at room temperature as they have less of a “ricey” flavor
  • Refrigerate your sake
  • SHOP NOW >>

Tippsy Sake Reviews: Gifting

mini bottle 3 sake gift set-tippsy sake review-mealfinds

Sake is a unique and beautiful gift that will be sure to surprise and delight friends and family.  Tippsy has several gifting options.


Perfect for both sake beginners and long-time sake lovers.  The gift box plan does not auto-renew and you can give 1-, 2-, or 4- seasonal boxes.

The cost of a Tippsy Sake gift subscription is between $93 – $99 per box.  Shipping is not included in gift subscriptions and will be added at checkout. Take $10 OFF a Monthly Sake Box with code SAKECLUB >>

One-Time Purchase

Is there sake that you know and love?  You can shop the Tippsy sake online store and send a bottle to the lucky gift recipient with a few clicks.  OR if you are looking for a more robust sake gift for a special birthday, holiday, or housewarming why not send a curated Sake Set with three sake bottles?

Individual bottles of sake start at $12 and curated sets of 3 – 6 bottles start at $55. Get 15% OFF sets with code SAKESETS >>

Tippsy Sake Reviews: Bottom Line

sake tasting glasses and info cards-typpsy sake reviews-mealfinds

Tippsy is the largest online Japanese sake store delivering the world of sake through an immersive educational experience that will delight your tastebuds directly to your door.

We love the huge sake selection in the Tippsy sake Shop and that they offer sake by the bottle as well as curated packs.  We also love that you have the option to sign up for a seasonal quarterly subscription or can purchase items a la carte.

And while Tippsy offers several gifting options, shipping is not included in gift subscriptions.  Shipping is, however, included in personal subscriptions and orders of 6+ sake bottles.

Overall, we really enjoyed our sake tasting experience.  The information cards and the Tippsy Sake Guide for Beginners were very helpful and made this box an experience vs just 6 bottles of sake.

We recommend Tippsy sake for anyone who loves sake, for those who like to try new things, and think that sake makes for a unique and beautiful gift.

Tippsy Sake Promo Code:

Get 15% OFF sets with code SAKESETS >>

Take $10 OFF a Monthly Sake Box with code SAKECLUB >>


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