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Published on December 18, 2020
Last modified on June 13, 2023

For these Tiller & Hatch reviews we were given a sample.  All opinions are our own.

Written By Alison Chew    |    Dietitian Verified by Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN

What is Tiller & Hatch?

Tiller & Hatch is on a mission to give everyone access to nutritious and delicious food with their line of wholesome family-friendly frozen meals.

Backed by co-founders Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and in collaboration with country music star Brad Paisley and actress, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tiller & Hatch was founded with a commitment to not only make affordable meals but to give back with a portion of the proceeds going to a variety of shelters and charities working to fight hunger.





What We Like

  • Fast, easy family-friendly meals
  • Made in a pressure cooker OR on the stovetop
  • Free shipping

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 9 meal choices with no vegetarian options
  • Subscription-only online


Tiller & Hatch Reviews

Tiller & Hatch is the first frozen meal brand designed for an electric pressure cooker, though you can easily make their meals on the stovetop, which reduces prep time, cook time, and clean up. SHOP NOW >>


Their 9 recipes were developed by Bruce Hecker, a top Hollywood event caterer, to ensure that every meal tastes amazing.  Every Tiller & Hatch meal is made from premium, quality ingredients and is frozen to lock in the flavor and nutrients.  And because meals are frozen they will keep for months.

Meals include traditional family favorites like comforting pasta, hearty stews, and flavorful soups.

There are nine Tiller & Hatch meals currently available including BBQ Chilli with Beef and Beans, Italian Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage, Chili Mac with Beef and Cheese, Tikka Masala with Chicken and Vegetables, Santa Fe Style Pasta with Chicken Breast, Farfalle with Marsala Sauce and Chicken, Chicken Tortilla Stew with Black Beans, Red Pepper and Corn, Cajun Style Chicken Stew with Pork Andouille Sausage, and Coconut Chicken Stew with Vegetables and Rice.

For our Tiller & Hatch reviews, we selected the BBQ Chilli with Beef and Beans and the Chili Mac with Beef and Cheese. Your meals will arrive frozen, simply pop them in the freezer until you are ready to cook. SHOP NOW >>


Tiller & Hatch Reviews: Chili Mac

tiller-and-hatch-chili-mac-bag tiller-and-hatch-chili-mac-cheese


We made the Chili Mac with Beef and Cheese, one of two beef options available from Tiller & Hatch.

This is a 40oz meal that feeds a family of 4. SHOP NOW >>




Following the instructions on the back of the package we:

  • added 2 1/4 cups of water to the pressure cooker
  • defrosted the 2 sauce packets under warm water, then cut the tops and emptied the sauce into the pressure cooker
  • added the rest of the ingredients in the bag
  • selected Meat/Stew setting for 6 mins and set the pressure to low
  • when the timer went off, we waited 5 min and then released the pressure
  • You can also make this meal on the stovetop!  More on that below.


The Chili Mac turned out really good.  It was creamy and cheesy with pieces of beef, tomato, and corn and had a little kick of spice.  This meal is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or when you are craving a warm, comforting meal. SHOP NOW >>




Tiller & Hatch Reviews::  BBQ Chili

We decided to make the BBQ Chili on the stovetop as a lot of people don’t have a pressure cooker. This meal turned out good and was super easy to make.  The BBQ Chili comes in a 20 oz package with 2 servings and we added 2 packages into our pot to feed our family of 3.  SHOP NOW >>




This meal had a sweet BBQ taste with a bit of a spicy kick from the chili at the end.  It was a little too sweet for chili for me, but my son and husband enjoyed it.  It was a nice and easy comfort food dinner on a cold weekday night.  Pair it with some cornbread or a salad, or just eat as-is for a hearty, wholesome homecooked dinner.

Cooking tip: You will need to defrost your sauce packet slightly by holding it under warm water before you can add it to your pressure cooker or stovetop pot. SHOP NOW >>


Can I make Tiller & Hatch Meals Without A Pressure Cooker?

Yes!  You can easily make Tiller & Hatch meals on the stovetop without a pressure cooker.  We tried it out and the BBQ Beef Chili turned out great.

You simply follow the instructions in the FAQ section of the Tiller & Hatch site.  These include adding water to your pot, bringing it to a boil, adding the contents of the package and sauce packet, returning the contents to a boil, then simmering until cooked through.

The amount of water that you add to the pot and cooking times will vary depending on the meal and serving size. SHOP NOW >>




We found that the cooking time for this meal was about 5-7 minutes longer on the stovetop than the recommended 8 minutes in the pressure cooker (after pressurization), but still heated up in about 15 minutes.  Since everything is pre-cooked, all you are doing is warming the meal up.  It couldn’t be easier! SHOP NOW >>


How much do Tiller & Hatch meals cost?

Tiller & Hatch is a flexible subscription service that delivers prepared meals to your door every 4 weeks.  You can skip weeks, change meals, or cancel at any time via your online account. For around $3 per serving, these meals can feed a family of four for less than $15.

You can choose between 4, 6, or 8 meal bundles shipped every 4 weeks.  All bundles come with free shipping and Tiller & Hatch ship to almost everywhere within the contiguous United States. SHOP NOW >>


  • 8 family meals – start at $2.85/serving or $114* every 4 weeks
  • 6 family meals – start at $2.90/serving or $87* every 4 weeks
  • 4 family meals – start at $3.25/serving or $65* every 4 weeks
  • SHOP NOW >>


*Note: There are 3 meals that are currently marked “Premium” during the meal selection process, the BBQ Chili, the Chili Mac, and the Italian Gnocchi, and are an extra $1 per meal.


Where can I buy Tiller & Hatch meals?

Tiller & Hatch meals are available at Walmart stores nationwide as well as select Target stores.  You can order online and have meals shipped directly to your door almost anywhere within the contiguous United States. You can check your zip code on the Tiller & Hatch site prior to ordering. SHOP NOW >>


Are Tiller & Hatch meals healthy?



Tiller & Hatch meals have between 190 – 610 calories per serving.  They have no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, no partially hydrogenated oils, no added MSG, and the meat used does not contain added hormones or antibiotics.

When compared to fast food or traditional “microwave dinners” these meals are, in our opinion, a healthier option, but do contain a lot of sodium. Tiller & Hatch does not currently offer any vegetarian meals and we hope that as they expand they will consider adding some.  SHOP NOW >>


    Tiller & Hatch Reviews: Bottom Line


    Overall, we found that the Tiller & Hatch meals tasted good and were a great value for the money.  These meals are conveniently stored in the freezer, require no prep, and are ready in less than 15 min.   We love that they are free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors, do not contain any partially hydrogenated oils or added MSG and that the meat does not contain added hormones or antibiotics.  We also love that Tiller & Hatch donates to a variety of shelters and charities working to fight hunger.

    If you are looking for a tasty weeknight meal that is easy to make and affordable, Tiller & Hatch is worth a try! SHOP NOW >>


    Looking for more prepared meals?  Check out our Prepared Meals Directory >>

    This post has been reviewed and approved by our dietitian Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN, LDN for nutritional accuracy.
    rebecca-housh-ms-rdn-ldn-registered-dietitianRebecca Housh is a registered dietitian based in Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from Boston University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Rebecca is passionate about the idea of food as medicine in both preventative and therapeutic care. Her current professional interests lie in food security, food access, and nutrition for chronic disease.

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