Three Spirit Drinks Review

Published on May 13, 2022

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By Alison Chew

Three Spirit Drinks

Three Spirit delivers plant-based, non-alcoholic drinks made with functional ingredients directly to your door.  Created by bartenders and plant scientists to stimulate your palate, mind, and body for a better and more connected night out without the hangover.  SHOP NOW >>


What We Like

  • No artificial sweeteners; Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • No hangover (non-alcoholic)
  • Free shipping on orders $90+


What We Don’t Like

  • Mood-altering feelings are not guaranteed
  • The Starter Pack is currently out of stock


How much do Three Spirit drinks cost?

Three Spirit drinks are between $33 and $39 per bottle.

  • Livener, Social Elixir, or Nightcap (individual bottle): 16.9 fl oz / 500 ml is $39
  • The Collection (includes Livener, Social Elixir, and Nightcap): 16.9 oz x 3 is $99


Three Spirit offers Free Continental US shipping on orders above $90.

All orders receive a free recipe bookSHOP NOW >>


Where can I buy Three Spirit drinks?

You can buy Three Spirit drinks on their website.

You can also buy Three Spirit drinks at select bars around the world.  You can see them here.

Three Spirit ships to the United States (all 50 states), Europe, and the United Kingdom mainland.


Three Spirit Drinks Review

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Three Spirit drinks were created through a collaboration between plant scientists, bartenders, and herbalists with the goal of making something a little different for people to enjoy.

The combination of active ingredients in plants, adaptogens, nootropics, spices, and herbs gives way to creative non-alcoholic elixirs with a complex flavor profile and (potential) mood-altering benefits.

Three Spirits says that their drinks could give you “More energy, deeper sleeps, connections enhanced”.

For our Three Spirit Drinks review, we received The Collection which includes all three elixirs – Livener, Nightcap, and Social Elixir, each in a 16.9 oz bottle.  SHOP NOW >>

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All Three Spirit non-alcoholic drinks are plant-based, 100% vegan with sustainably-sourced plants, and gluten-free.  In addition, Three Spirit does not use any artificial sweeteners and instead uses natural sources of sugar from things like watermelons, beets, and agave all from sustainable, fair trade sources.


Three Spirit drinks don’t have to be refridgerated, but you should store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

After opening you should enjoy within 12 weeks.

Three Spirit drinks are used as you would a spirit like vodka or tequilla.  They recommend trying a large shot on the rocks, or you can mix with simple mixers like sparkling water as well as in fancier cocktails found in the recipe book and on their website. SHOP NOW >>


Three Spirit Drinks Review: Social Elixir

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The Social Elixir by Three Spirit is said to be “the ultimate social enhancer”.

This drink is made with natural mood elevators including lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, and damiana, as well as L-theanine for its “zen-like” qualities.

Social Elixir contains trace amounts of caffeine from Green Tea, Yerba Mate, and Cacao extracts, less than 6mg per serving.

In addition, the sweetness comes from natural ingredients including cane molasses, black carrots, and agave nectar.

We found the Three Spirit Social Elixir to taste like a sweet tomato drink without the acidity.  It was slightly bitter with hints of dark berry and savory notes.  This drink is definitely bittersweet tasting.

The Social Elixir was very unique and unexpected in a good way.  I didn’t expect such a complex flavor from this non-alcoholic drink and really enjoyed it.  It’s the most smooth/drinkable of the three in my opinion and my favorite.

After a large serving, we felt the same, but maybe different?   I tried this drink several times over the course of the week to really try and hone in on its effects and still can’t be sure of how it made me feel.  At times I felt a little calm and enjoyed drinking an interesting drink without worrying about a hangover.  SHOP NOW >>

Three Spirit Drinks Review: Nightcap

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The Three Spirit Nightcap is said to help you “unwind, relax, and kick-back”.

Made with tree saps, aromatic and ancient plants used for relaxation, Nightcap contains no caffeine and is sweetened with maple and birch saps.

Key calming ingredients include valerian root and lemon balm.

We found the Three Spirit Nightcap to taste like lemon and floral with spices that linger on the back of your throat.  It has almost a lemony-ginger/black pepper taste and is more of a slow-sipper compared to the Social Elixir.

After a large serving, we felt nothing noticeable.  I wanted this to bring relaxation and calm at the end of a long day and unfortunately, I just didn’t feel it.  I did enjoy the taste, similar to a very interesting cocktail in a trendy bar, but didn’t get any of the added benefits from the ancient plants.  SHOP NOW >>

Three Spirit Drinks Review: Livener

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The Three Spirit Livener is said to be “the pick-me-up and energizer”.

Made with high levels of natural caffeine, 57.5 mg per 1.7 fl oz, from guayusa and green tea.  With less caffeine than a cup of coffee, the Livener gives you a bump of energy without the crash.

In addition, the Livener is sweetened with pomegranate molasses, beets, watermelon, and guava.

We found the Three Spirit Livener to taste like berries and beets with a big kick of ginger spice in the back of the throat. 

This drink was slightly sweet and really packs a spicy punch.  This spice makes it better for sipping than for full-on drinking, at least for me.

After a large serving, we felt awake, probably from the caffeine or the spicy kick. 

This drink was like nothing I’ve ever tried, very complex from the mouthfeel to the initial sweetness to the spicy finish, and something I enjoyed.  The kick of caffeine is similar to what I’ve experienced with a cup of coffee, but I didn’t crash or have the jitters.  SHOP NOW >>

Three Spirit Drinks Review: Bottom Line

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Three Spirit delivers plant-based, non-alcoholic drinks made with functional ingredients directly to your door.  Created by bartenders and plant scientists to stimulate your palate, mind, and body for a better and more connected night out without the hangover.

We like that Three Spirit drinks contain no artificial sweeteners and are Vegan and Gluten-Free for all to enjoy.  And because they are non-alcoholic you can enjoy them without a hangover in the morning.

We really loved the unique, interesting, complex flavors in each drink.  They really make you feel like you are drinking a well-crafted cocktail.

And while we love the interesting flavor profiles, the mood-altering effects are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person.

These cocktail-like drinks/elixirs are popping up all over and as we compared the price of Three Spirit to other similar products we found that the price, while expensive, is in line with others on the market.

We recommend Three Spirit drinks for anyone looking for a non-alcoholic drink with a complex flavor profile and potential mood-altering benefits, those looking for a way to relax without the side effects and hangover that comes from drinking alcohol, and adults that want to dry something new and mix up their at-home cocktail game.  SHOP NOW >>


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