Spoonful Of Comfort Reviews

September 23, 2020

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By Alison Chew

Spoonful of Comfort

Sending just the right gift is hard no matter the occasion.  You want it to be thoughtful, personal, and filled with a warm hug (especially when you can’t be there in person).  Spoonful of Comfort delivers ready-to-eat gourmet soup gift packages as well as cookie packages and other seasonal packages, like our favorite Summer S’Mores package, to friends and family who need a little ray of sunshine.

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What We Like

  • Tasty soup and cookies
  • Thoughtful packaging
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan options

What We Don’t Like

  • Shipping is not included
  • Would like more gluten-free and vegan options

Spoonful of Comfort Reviews

Personally, I like to send food-related gifts because they are practical (everyone eats), can be personalized to your recipient, and are always tasty.  Maybe it’s because I like to receive food gifts 🙂  So when we discovered Spoonful of Comfort we had to try a care package to see if they are worth sending to friends and family.

For our Spoonful of Comfort reviews, we ordered the Get Well Soon package with clam chowder and chocolate chip cookies.  Our box included a 64oz jar of Clam Chowder, a half dozen chocolate chip cookies, a half dozen dinner rolls, a soup ladle, and a personalized message.  The cost was $69.99 before shipping.  If you don’t want to include cookies the cost is $59.99, but who wouldn’t want cookies?  Shipping, for us, was an additional $15. Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>

The first thing that I noticed when I opened the box was how beautiful the packaging was.  It is so pretty and comes with thoughtful quotes throughout.  In addition, all care packages include a personalized note.


We weren’t ready to eat our soup when it arrived and were delighted to read that we could freeze everything for up to 6 months.  The soup, cookies, and rolls can also be stored in the fridge for 3-5 days from the time you receive them.  This is great to know as whoever you send this amazing care package will have the option of eating it now or saving it for later.

The gourmet clam chowder was everything that you would want from this hearty soup.  It was creamy and rich with a wonderful New England style clam chowder taste filled with chunks of clam and potatoes. We heated the soup on the stovetop for about 10 minutes or so, but you can also warm servings in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.


I added cracked black pepper and the oyster crackers that were included.  My husband opted for tabasco and my son decided to soak his rolls in the clam chowder.  However you decide to eat this soup, you will not be disappointed.  We found that the soup could easily feed 5 – 6 people if that was all you were having for dinner and could feed more if you added sandwiches or sides.  The ladle is a nice touch and something that I actually needed. Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>


The rolls we heated in the oven for 5 min to get them nice and warm and toasted.  We added salted butter and dipped them into our clam chowder.  Delish!


The chocolate chip cookies were filled with large chunks of chocolate and my family really enjoyed them.  How could you go wrong with chocolate chip cookies?  Spoonful of Comfort offers 4 additional cookie flavors including oatmeal raisin, sugar cookie, vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip, and snickerdoodle. Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>


Most care packages and gift baskets include your choice of soup and cookies, rolls, ladle, and a personalized note.

  • Gourmet Soup Choices: Choose from seven gourmet soup flavors including the traditional Chicken Noodle, Tomato Basil, Creamy Corn and Potato Chowder, Harvest Vegetable, Poblano Chicken Chowder, Clam Chowder, and Chicken and Wild Rice.  (Each jar is 64 oz. and contains 4-6 servings)
  • Cookies Choices: Choose from five cookie flavors including Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar Cookies, or Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip.
  • Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>


Spoonful of Comfort Reviews:  Seasonal Care Packages and Gifts

Spoonful of Comfort also offers cookie packages as well as seasonal care packages and gifts.


This fall they have an adorable Caramel Apple Package that includes everything you need to make delicious caramel apples at home including an 8oz jar of Cinnamon Goat’s Milk Caramel, 4 orchard-fresh apples, 4 hand-stamped wooden skewers, and a personalized note card.


This summer they had the cutest Summer S’Mores package that includes all of your S’mores ingredients, 4 telescoping roasting sticks, artisan matches, classic red bandanna, and a campfire harmonica.  This is too cute and perfect for your next camping trip or even camping in your own backyard.  I know that my son would love this!


Over the winter Spoonful of Comfort had a Snow Days Snacks gift box.  This package includes a Cozy mug, 2 hot cocoa packets, 1 dozen gourmet cookies, and a personal notecard from you.  It starts at $39.99 with FREE shipping! Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>

They even have “extras” that you can add to a package like socks, books, and more!


Spoonful of Comfort Reviews: Bottom Line


Spoonful of Comfort delivers ready-to-eat gourmet soup gift and care packages as well as cookie packages and other seasonal gifts, like our favorite Summer S’Mores box, to friends and family who need a little ray of sunshine.

If you are looking for a unique, thoughtful, and practical food gift Spoonful of Comfort is a great pick.  Their gourmet soups and cookies are delicious and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.  And while shipping isn’t included in some packages, the cost was only around $15, which isn’t bad for shipping a perishable package.  We also love the seasonal care packages, like the Summer S’mores package, and all of the “extras” that can be added to your gift to personalize it for any occasion.

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Read on for more details on all of the Spoonful of Comfort Care Packages and Gift Baskets.

Spoonful of Comfort Reviews:  Care Packages and Gift Baskets

Gourmet Soup Care Packages


Happy as a Clam Package: Starting at $79.99

  • Includes 64 oz. jar of our Kettle Clam Chowder, 2 packages of oyster crackers, 1/2 dozen dinner rolls, 6 cookies, 2 Chowdah spoons, Nautical napkins, a ladle, and a personalized note card
  • Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>


Feed the Fam package: Starting at $149.99

  • Includes two jars of soup, one dozen rolls, one dozen cookies, a deck of cards, instructions to play the classic game Spoons, a ladle, and a personalized note card
  • Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>



Housewarming Package: Starting at $110.00


Thinking of You Gift Baskets & Care Packages: Starting at $69.99


Birthday Care Package: Starting at $69.99


Get Well Soon Gift Package: Starting at $69.99



Sympathy Soup Gift Baskets: Starting at $69.99


New Parent Care Package: Starting at $69.99


College Care Package: Starting at $69.99


Just Because Gift Baskets: Starting at $69.99



Corporate Gift Baskets: Starting at $69.99

  • Choose from the traditional Care Packages list above or a special Holiday package only offered to Corporate Members
  • Corporate Account Benefits: Personal account specialist, gift list and calendar management, 15% discount on all orders, buy 10 and get one care package for your own use
  • Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>


Gluten-Free Soup Gift Package: Starting at $69.99


Vegan Gourmet Meal: Starting at $69.99

  • Includes a 64 oz. jar of sensational soup, ½ dozen gluten-free, vegan dinner rolls, ½ dozen gluten-free, vegan cookies, a ladle, and a  personalized note card
  • Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>

Cookie-Only Care Packages


Smart Cookie Package: Starting at $24.99


Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>


Cookie Comforts: Starting at $24.99

Seasonal Care Packages


Spoonful of Summer S’mores: Starting at $49.99

  • Includes Gourmet S’mores ingredients, 4 telescoping roasting sticks, artisan matches, classic red bandanna, campfire harmonica (optional item), and a personal notecard from you
  • Use coupon code MEALFINDS2 for 10% OFF >>

    Care Package Extras

    You can even add “extras” to your package like a fuzzy robe, inspirational socks, a “cold care kit”, and more!



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