Riviera Seafood Club Review

Published on July 27, 2022
Last modified on June 22, 2023

This Riviera Seafood Club review contains affiliate links and we were given a sample.  If you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.

Written By Alison Chew


Riviera Seafood Club

The Riviera Seafood Club delivers the highest-quality fresh seafood and sushi grade fish directly to your door.

This family operated business based in LA is on a mission to make responsibly sourced protein accessible while delivering a quality experience that brings people together around the table.


sushi grade tuna on table-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds


Riviera Seafood Club Pros

  • Sushi grade fish, sushi grade salmon, sushi grade tuna are available
  • Family Packs offer a small savings
  • Local pick up (LA), local delivery (LA area), and nationwide delivery are available


Riviera Seafood Club Cons

  • Recipes not included in order (have a handful of recipes website)
  • High free shipping threshold
  • Wagyu/Meat were not available at the time of this review


How much are sushi grade fish and seafood from Riviera Seafood Club?

chu toro bluefin tuna on cutting board-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds

The price of seafood and sushi grade fish from Riviera Seafood Club varies depending on the time of year, type of seafood, and weight of the product.

Below are examples of pricing at the time of this review:

  • Pacific Bluefin Tuna – Akami – 8 oz $33.75 (sushi grade tuna)
  • Ora King Salmon – Filet – 8 oz $29.49  (sushi grade salmon)
  • Hon Hamachi Harasu – Yellowtail Belly – 6-8 oz $33.49 (sushi grade Yellowtail)
  • SHOP NOW >>


Where does Riviera Seafood Club deliver?

Riviera Seafood Club currently ships Next Day Air to all 50 U.S. States and Washington DC.

They have several local pickup options in the Greater Los Angeles area or you can get free local delivery on any order over $125!


How much is Riviera Seafood Club shipping?

Shipping is FREE for orders $175+.


Where can I buy sushi grade fish online?

The Riviera Seafood Club has one of the largest online assortments of sushi grade fish.  Including sushi grade salmon and sushi grade tuna.  SHOP NOW >>


Riviera Seafood Club Review

chutoro bluefin tuna in package-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds

Riviera Seafood Club delivers fresh responsibly wild-caught or sustainably farmed seafood, including sushi grade fish, sushi grade tuna, and sushi grade salmon, directly to your door.

By working directly with fishermen and farms, Riviera Seafood Club ensures the quality of the seafood and allows you, the customer, to trace your order back to the source.

All orders are shipped using Next Day Air usually one day after your order is placed so that your seafood arrives quickly and as fresh as possible.

Currently, Riviera Seafood Club has various cuts of sushi grade Bluefin Tuna available, various cuts of sushi grade Salmon, including Ora King Salmon and Bakkafrost,  as well as Hon-Hamachi (Yellowtail), spot prawns, sea urchin, unagi, black cod, striped bass, swordfish, albacore, monkfish, scallops, shrimp, and caviar.

In addition to purchasing individual cuts of fish and smaller portions of seafood, Riviera Seafood Club offers “Family Packs” that feed 4, 6, or 8+ people.  These Family Packs include several cuts of either the same fish or different fish and offer slight savings over buying the fish individually.

They also offer wasabi and other pantry goods used for making sushi at home.  SHOP NOW >>


Riviera Seafood Club Review: Sushi Grade Bluefin Tuna Family Pack

riviera seafood lcub bluefin tuna family pack-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds

For our Riviera Seafood Club review, we received the Bluefin Tuna Family Pack.

This family pack includes over 2lbs of sushi grade tuna perfect for an amazing sashimi and sushi experience at home.

Bluefin Tuna Family Pack: $166.47

  • 2 x 8oz (1lb) of Pacific Bluefin Akami 
  • 8oz of Pacific Bluefin Chu-Toro 
  • 8oz of Pacific Bluefin Otoro 
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Riviera Seafood Club unboxing-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds


Every Bluefin tuna from Riviera Seafood Club is responsibly caught in the wild, then ranched in the waters of Baja by Bluefiná, and is harvested to order.

Our Bluefin Tuna Family Pack from Riviera Seafood Club arrived freshly “Superfrozen” on dry ice.  This means that the fish were flash frozen at -60-70°C with minimum loss of freshness and nutrients.  They say that this is better than simply freezing the fish as freezing allows ice to expand and contract within the fish causing a loss of texture.

Riviera Seafood Club recommends defrosting and eating as soon as possible for maximum freshness.  If you are unable to use the fish right away, they recommend storing it in a conventional freezer for up to 2 weeks.  After two weeks they say that it could lose quality and change color.

To defrost, Riviera Seafood Club recommends placing your Superfrozen Bluefin Tuna in cold water (or an ice bath) and waiting 15 – 30 min or until thawed.  Once thawed, remove from plastic, pat dry, and enjoy within 24 hours (keep refrigerated).  SHOP NOW >>


seared bluefin tuna with crunchy chili oil-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds


With over 2lbs of fresh, sushi grade Bluefin tuna, we decided to enjoy the fish over several meals prepared in different ways.

Let’s start with the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Akami.  This is the least fatty of the Bluefin Tuna cuts and is known for its rich, meaty flavor.  Riviera Seafood Clubs preparation recommendations included sushi, sashimi, and/or lightly searing this cut.

With over a pound of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Akami, we seared one portion and then made a poke out of the other portion.

To sear, we simply coated the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Akami with olive oil salt, and pepper and added it to a hot pan.  We seared for 1 minute on each side and cut into slices to serve.  For one half of the seared Akami, we added crunchy, spicy, chili sauce, and for the other half, we left plain with just the salt and pepper.  SHOP NOW >>


bluefin tuna akami cut up on cutting board-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds


For the poke, we simply added soy sauce, sesame oil, lots of green onions, cucumber, and sesame seeds and let marinate in the refrigerator for about 15 min before serving.

The Pacific Bluefin Tuna Akami was wonderful!  It had a meaty flavor without being fishy with a richness.  I enjoyed it lightly seared as you could really taste the fish, but the poke was tasty as well.  SHOP NOW >>


bluefin tuna sashimi-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds


Next up, we prepared the Pacific Bluefin Otoro.  This cut features intense fat marbling with a buttery soft almost creamy flavor and texture, and a wonderful delicate umami flavor.

This cut, which is typically found at super high-end sushi bars, is best served as sashimi.  We sharpened up a knife, watched the Riviera Seafood Club video on how to prepare this exquisite piece of fish, and cut thin slices of the Bluefin Otoro.

We served the Bluefin Otoro sashimi with a side of ginger and wasabi.  In addition, we wrapped several pieces around fresh green onions slices for an added freshness and crunch.

Hands down absolutely AMAZING!  The Bluefin Otoro was possibly the best sashimi that I have ever eaten in my life (and I eat a lot of sushi and have even eaten sushi in Japan)!  Its rich, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture combined with a rich, creamy, umami flavor is heaven.  A MUST-TRY!  SHOP NOW >>


chu toro sashimi-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds


Last, but not least, we prepared the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro.  This cut is a mix between the Akami and Toro/Otoro with a balanced fat content and smooth, buttery taste.

Also found in high-end sushi bars, we decided to prepare this cut sashimi style with a side of soy sauce and green onions.

The texture of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro is soft to semi-firm with a wonderful creamy feel in your mouth and heavenly flavor.  SHOP NOW >>


Riviera Seafood Club says that the Bluefin Tuna Family Pack serves 4 people, but we found that it could easily serve 6 people if you serve with sides like edamame, rice, miso soup, etc. making it a great deal over going out to your local sushi restaurant!


Riviera Seafood Club Review: Bottom Line

bluefin tuna sashimi and sushi-riviera seafood club review-mealfinds

The Riviera Seafood Club delivers the highest-quality fresh seafood and sushi grade fish directly to your door.

This family-operated business based in LA is on a mission to make responsibly sourced protein accessible while delivering a quality experience that brings people together around the table.

We love that Riviera Seafood Club offers a large assortment of sushi grade fish, including sushi grade tuna and sushi grade salmon, along with other high-quality seafood on their menu.  We also like that they offer Family Packs that allow you to save over buying individual pieces of fish.  And with local pick up and delivery in the LA area and nationwide delivery, everyone can enjoy Riviera Seafood Club.

We can’t get over the taste and texture of our Bluefin Tuna.  The Otoro was possibly the best fish I’ve ever had (even better than the high-end sushi restaurants I’ve visited)!  I highly recommend giving the Bluefin Tuna Otoro a try as you will not be disappointed.

And while we LOVED our fish, we wish that there were recipes included in our box and/or instructions on defrosting/storing our fish.  In addition, we understand the cost of seafood and fish of this quality is going to be high, but the free shipping threshold of $175 is a bit steep and shipping charges for orders less than $175 can be high because they are shipping Next Day Air.

We recommend Riviera Seafood Club to anyone looking for high-quality seafood and sushi grade fish, to those who don’t have access to high-quality seafood and fish, and to those who want to make sashimi and sushi at home.  Get Riviera Seafood Club a try!  SHOP NOW >>


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