Raddish Kids Review

April 22, 2020

We were given a sample of Raddish Kids to review.  This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

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Raddish Kids Review

Raddish Kids is a cooking club for kids 4-14+ delivered to your doorstep.  The box of culinary fun will bring the whole family together in the kitchen and at the dinner table.  This expert-created monthly cooking class is also a wonderful educational tool mixing math, science, and cultural exploration through food.  Learning has never been more fun (or delicious).

Raddish Kids also makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays.  You can send a single cooking kit, a 6-month subscription, or a 12-month subscription and can even select your ship date during checkout (great for planning ahead!).  In addition, Raddish Kids can be used as a homeschooling tool and they have a ton of free resources on their site.  These resources include cook-along video classes, easy recipes for kids, music playlists, downloadable activities, lesson plans, and other parent resources.



What’s Included?

When you order a Raddish Kids cooking kit you will receive the following in every box:

  • 3 Recipe Guides: Illustrated, laminated, and step-by-step recipes
  • Monthly Collectibles: Table Talk conversation starter cards + a colorful apron patch (apron included with 6 and 12-month subscriptions)
  • Quality Kitchen Tool: Exclusive cooking utensil designed for young chefs
  • 3 Culinary Skill Lessons: Expert guides to develop safe and smart kitchen techniques
  • Creative Kitchen Project: Hands-on craft, experiment, or foodie game
  • Complete Grocery List: Digital and printed checklist
  • Bonus activities and resources online
    • If you have certain dietary restrictions Raddish posts dietary substitutions online via each kit’s “Bonus Bites” page.   You’ll find ingredient recommendations for every Raddish recipe to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free diets. They rarely use nuts in their recipes and if they do, they will be optional.
  • * Food/ingredients are not included


raddish-kids-review-recipes     raddish-kids-review-tools


Getting Started



The price of a Raddish Kids cooking kit is between $24 per kit for a month-to-month subscription, $22 per kit for a 6-month subscription when paid upfront and $20 per kit for a 12-month subscription paid upfront.  All US orders receive free shipping and international customers pay just $7 USD per kit.


Plus, if you have more than one child you can pay an extra $5 per month and receive an additional culinary tool and apron patch, just purchase “Sibling Bundles” during checkout.  You also have the opportunity to purchase an extra apron for $15 and a recipe binder to store all of your laminated recipes for $20.



  • Save $15 off your next Raddish Kids 6-month subscription with coupon code ATHOME
  • Save $20 off your next Raddish Kids 12-month subscription with coupon code CHEF20

Raddish Kids Review: Unboxing

Want to know what your Raddish Kids box will look like when it arrives and see all of the goodies inside?  Check out our unboxing video below.


Bottom Line

We loved the Raddish Kids cooking kit and would definitely order for our own child or as a gift.

Pros:  Overall, we felt that the cards and activities were well designed, with cute and informative illustrations.   Laminated cards are essential, in our opinion, because we all know that kids can be pretty messy in the kitchen.  We liked the mise en place technique as it is really useful and important for kids to learn how to be organized in the kitchen.  The shopping list is helpful and most of the ingredients are pretty common and would be easy to find in your cabinet or at most grocery stores.  Our tester kids would absolutely eat all three recipes included, but the recipes weren’t so simple that they would be boring for adults.  Finally, the kids loved the carrot patch and I could see them looking forward to collecting them and learning how to sew them on their aprons.  The spreader tool included was a good quality tool, but not something that we would use on a regular basis.

Cons:  the “Table Talk” activity cards were just ok and would love to see something more engaging or active.   The theme was pretty cute but generic “spring”.  A missed opportunity, though, was that the theme didn’t seem all that connected to the food or the seasonality of the ingredients.  This could be difficult to do when shipping all over the world but would be nice.


Happy Cooking!


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