Raddish Kids Subscription Reviews

Published on April 22, 2020
Last modified on November 2, 2022

For our Raddish Kids subscription reviews we were given a sample.  This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

By Alison Chew


Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids is a cooking subscription box for kids aged 4-14+ delivered to your doorstep.  The box of culinary fun will bring the whole family together in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

This expert-created monthly cooking kit is also a wonderful educational tool mixing math, science, and cultural exploration through food.

Learning has never been more fun (or delicious!).  SHOP NOW >>


raddish kids open box chinese please-raddish kids subscription reviews-mealfinds


Raddish Kids Pros

  • Well designed kid-friendly recipes and activities
  • Great gift!
  • One-time purchase and subscription options are available


WRaddish kids Cons

  • Table Talk cards don’t always connect with the theme
  • Kitchen gadget quality is hit or miss
  • Ingredients are not included


How much does Raddish Kids cooking subscription box cost?

The price of a Raddish Kids cooking kit is between $20 and $24.

You can purchase a Raddish Kids Subscription or purchase a cooking kit from their Shop without a subscription.

A month-to-month subscription is $24 per kit, $22 per kit for a 6-month subscription when paid upfront and $20 per kit for a 12-month subscription paid upfront.

All US orders receive free shipping and international customers pay just $7 USD per kit.   SHOP NOW >>


Plus, if you have more than one child you can pay an extra $5 per month and receive an additional culinary tool and apron patch, just purchase “Sibling Bundles” during checkout.  You also have the opportunity to purchase an extra apron for $15 and a recipe binder to store all of your laminated recipes for $20.


What’s included in your Raddish Kids cooking subscription box?


When you order a Raddish Kids cooking subscription box you will receive the following:

  • 3 Recipe Guides: Illustrated, laminated, and step-by-step recipes
  • Monthly Collectibles: Table Talk conversation starter cards + a fun apron patch (apron included with 6 and 12-month subscriptions)
  • Kitchen Tool: Exclusive cooking utensil designed for young chefs
  • Culinary Skill Lessons: Expert guides to develop safe and smart kitchen techniques
  • Creative Kitchen Project: Hands-on craft, experiment, or foodie game
  • Grocery List: Digital and printed checklist
  • Bonus activities and resources online
    • If you have certain dietary restrictions Raddish posts dietary substitutions online via each kit’s “Bonus Bites” page.   You’ll find ingredient recommendations for every Raddish recipe to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free diets. They rarely use nuts in their recipes and if they do, they will be optional.
  • * Food/ingredients are not included
  •  SHOP NOW >>


Raddish Kids Subscription Reviews

chinese please cooking kit-raddish kids subscription reviews-mealfinds

Raddish Kids cooking kits bring the whole family together by exploring different cultures through food.

In addition, kids will learn valuable cooking and baking skills along with math and science while creating tasty food for the whole family.

We’ve reviewed Raddish Kids cooking kits several times and appreciate how they bring our family together and teach us all new things.

The most recent cooking kit that we tried was Chinese, Please!.


Raddish Kids Unboxing Video-MealFinds


This kit was $24 and came with three recipes including Chinese Jiaozi Dumplings, Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry, and Egg Drop Soup.  My son is a huge dumpling lover and could not wait to make his own dumplings with this kit.

When you open up your Raddish Kids box you will see an envelope with three laminated recipe and culinary skills cards, a grocery list, a creative kitchen project, and Table Top cards along with your monthly collectible patch and cooking utensil.  SHOP NOW >>


chinese please three recipe cards-raddish kids subscription reviews-mealfinds


Overall, we felt that the Raddish kids cooking subscription box cards and activities were well designed, with cute and informative illustrations.   Laminated recipe cards are essential, in our opinion, because we all know that kids can be pretty messy in the kitchen.  SHOP NOW >>


ingredient list chinese please-raddish kids subscription reviews-mealfinds


The shopping list is helpful and most of the ingredients are pretty common and would be easy to find in your cabinet or at most grocery stores.  The recipes included were challenging enough for younger kids with adult help, as well as older kids to make on their own and feel a sense of accomplishment.   SHOP NOW >>


dumpling recipe -raddish kids subscription reviews-mealfinds


In the Chinese, Please!  cooking kit the collectible utensil was a dumpling press.  We found this press to be useful and easy to use, but the overall quality was lacking.

The collectible patch was a hit with the younger kids and I could see them looking forward to collecting them and learning how to iron them on their aprons.  SHOP NOW >>


raddish kids activities and collectable--raddish kids subscription reviews-mealfinds


The Raddish Kids cooking subscription box “Table Talk” activity cards were just ok and would love to see something more engaging or active. SHOP NOW >>


making dumplings-raddish kids cooking kit review-mealfinds


The recipes we made tasted really good.  In the Chinese, Please! kit we made the Chinese Jiaozi Dumplings and Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry. 

I helped my son get going and he really ran with the recipes once he got the hang of them.

Both dishes were very tasty and my son was so proud of the dumplings and stir fry. SHOP NOW >>


serving dumplings-raddish kids cooking kit review-mealfinds


This box helped our son gain more confidence in the kitchen and he’s excited to be “the best dumpling maker in the house”!  In addition, I really enjoyed spending time with my son and sharing a delicious meal together with my family.  SHOP NOW >>


Raddish Kids Reviews: Seasonal and Holiday Kids Cooking Kits

We also love that Raddish Kids has seasonal/holiday-themed kits like this October box for Halloween – the Frightful Fiesta kids cooking kit!

Your kids can whip up this scary Halloween Tex-Mex dinner featuring a “Creepy Corn Dip”, “Mummy Enchilada”, and a “Haunted Tres Leches Cake” for dessert.  This dinner is sure to be spooky good!  SHOP NOW >>




Or what about this box for November?  The Gourmet Gobble Thanksgiving kids cooking kit!  With this kit, your kids can help make Thanksgiving dinner and dessert.  It comes with Thanksgiving-themed recipes and activities.

Your kids can make a Thanksgiving Vegetable Trio, Baked Mac & Cheese, and Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars for dessert.  And think of how proud they will feel when they sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.  SHOP NOW >>




Raddish Kids Subscription Reviews:  Bottom Line

tasting stir fry-raddish kids cooking kit review-mealfinds


Raddish Kids is a cooking subscription box for kids aged 4-14+ delivered to your doorstep.  The box of culinary fun will bring the whole family together in the kitchen and at the dinner table.  This expert-created monthly cooking kit is also a wonderful educational tool mixing math, science, and cultural exploration through food.

We loved the Raddish Kids cooking subscription box and would definitely order it for our own child or give it as a gift.  This kid’s cooking box is a great activity during at-home learning, over spring break or summer vacation, or a great gift for that aspiring little chef!

We also love that you can sign up for a subscription or make a one-time purchase.

The Holiday Raddish kids cooking kits are super fun and sure to bring joy during the Holiday Season.  Be on the lookout for a spooky Halloween kit in October, a Thanksgiving kit in November, and a Christmas kit in December.  These make great gifts too!

And while we really enjoyed our Raddish Kids cooking kits, the quality of the kitchen utensil seems to be hit or miss, and the Table Top cards could be better connected to the overall theme of the box.

We recommend Raddish Kids cooking kits to kids who love to cook or help in the kitchen and think that they make for a unique family-friendly gift for kids 4 to 14.



Happy Cooking!

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