Pass the Honey Snack Review

Published on February 23, 2021
Last modified on June 15, 2023

Written By Alison Chew    |    Dietitian Verified by Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN


What is Pass the Honey?

Pass the Honey delivers individually packaged raw honeycombs directly to your door and is disrupting the highly fraudulent overly-processed mainstream liquid honey industry.

They are also changing the honey industry’s poor practices by educating on pollinator health, conducting research on honey specimens, and co-creating new ways to source honey with beekeepers and their pollinators.

Pass the Honey presents a whole new appreciation of real honey through their detailed “Tasting Experience”. Ignite your senses of sight, smell, and taste when you taste Pass the Honey’s honeycombs following along with their Tasting Guide. Sharing the tasting experience with friends is sweet too!  Shop now >>


Pass the Honey Raw Honeycomb Snack - Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds


Pass The Honey Pros

  • Unique taste. Unlike any conventional honey. The honeycombs will change the way you think about honey.
  • Soo sticky!!! Easily grasps onto anything you want to eat it with and melts smoothly in hot beverages.
  • We loved the crunch of the wax. It was a really nice texture and added a new element. It reminded me of the cream/crunch combo crunchy peanut butter has. If the crunch is not your jam, chew on the honeycomb and let the wax collect as the honey dissolves in your mouth, and discard the wax.


Pass The Honey Cons

  • Depending on how you are storing the honeycomb, the real honey might collect in the bottom, leaving a partially dry comb. To fix this I would slowly turn the packets to ensure a heavily coated comb.
  • When dropped in tea, the honey is perfectly dissolved, but the wax falls apart into weird tiny pieces. I didn’t love sipping on the wax pieces after placing them in the hot tea. Instead, I strained the tea after letting all the honey dissolve and nutrients be absorbed.
  • I wish the Tasting Experience came inside our first package versus having to download it.


How much does Pass the Honey honeycomb snack cost?

pass-the-honey-individual- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds


The cost of Pass the Honey honeycomb is between $3.83 – $4.99 per all-natural honeycomb.

  • 7 servings: $34.99 One-Time Purchase; $31.49 Subscribe & Save
  • 21 servings: $89.97 One-Time Purchase; $80.10 Subscribe & Save
  • 42 servings: $179.94 One-Time Purchase; $161.10 Subscribe & Save
  • Shipping and taxes are calculated at checkout based on cart total and delivery location.
  • Shop now >>


Pass the Honey only offers the highest quality and cleanest honeycombs. Unfortunately, the honey industry is oversaturated by pesticides and processed syrups, this is what makes conventional honey so inexpensive.

Pass the Honey’ combs comes straight from the hives and supports generational beekeepers. It takes honeybees months to produce the combs, they are delicate and responsibly sourced.  In order to maintain integrity when sourcing honeycombs a couple of extra dollars, and days, are necessary before you can enjoy the honeycombs.

Your satisfaction with the honeycombs is Pass the Honey’s top priority. They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when you place your first order. Return within 30 days and get a full refund with zero guilt. Shop now >>


Pass the Honey Review

Pass the Honey packages raw honeycombs into convenient single-serve packets for the perfect sweet and nutritional snack while also fulfilling their mission to “create, restore and enhance pollinator habits.” After years of disappointing and fake mainstream honey, Pass the Honey raises the standards by bringing real, raw, and unaltered honeycombs to your door.  Shop now >>


pass-the-honey-package outside- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds


Honey is the third most fraudulent food in the world, mainstream liquid honey can include up to 80% “fake-honey” ingredients and even contain high-processed syrups (no thanks). As honey became a part of everyday life, the more corrupt the industry became. Aiming to decrease price while sacrificing authenticity, mainstream honey’s highly-processed taste became the norm. Consumers have been missing out on the health benefits real honeycombs offer.

Pass the Honey supports a strong cycle of honey production that provides real, true honey to its consumers. The nutrients of real honeycomb have disappeared due to commercial beekeeping.  As such, they source all of their raw honeycombs from generationally-trusted beekeepers in Turkey. Although, Pass the Honey has committed to restoring the honey industry in the United States. Their “Regenerative Honey Working Group” educates beekeepers on sustainability, conducts research to determine ethical standards, and runs tests on their honey through Sweetwater Labs Science.

Beehives in Turkey were selected after extensive research. They are completely untouched and free from harmful pesticides. Supporting an eco-diverse, sustainable and growing beekeeper community, Pass The Honey sets to transform the honey industry’s outdated practices.

For our Pass the Honey review we received one box of 7 single-serve honeycombs. Each single-serve package is 25 grams. It is recommended to enjoy one honeycomb a day, so this would be one week’s worth of honeycomb.  Shop now >>


Pass The Honey Unboxing-Pass the honey review-MealFinds


The star and only ingredient is Raw Honeycomb. Pass the Honey packages honeycombs from only the top 20% of the combs, experts select the ‘filet mignon of honeycombs to promote truthful and sustainable honey.

Honeycomb stuns on a grazing board, delightfully melts over toast, and enhances an average cup of tea. Pop the whole thing in your mouth for a sweet and sticky treat or spread it on sour grapefruit-like we did for a flavor explosion!  Shop now >>


pass-the-honey honey on snack tray- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds


The honey was uber-sticky and perfectly clung to my cheese, grapefruit, and dark chocolate. The wax held the honey’s form together which helped the clinging. You can decide if you would like to eat the waxy part or not by slowly melting away the honey in your mouth as the wax collects on its own, or chewing the entire thing. The honey was super sweet but also bitter. Escaping away from the taste of pure sugar, Pass the Honey lets real honey shine. I could taste new flavors like lemon and even smell a sunny spring rain.

Every rose has its thorn. Although I loved the stickiness factor, it was really inconvenient to have sticky fingers on the go. At home, this was easily resolved by washing my hands right away, but out of the house, I found myself with no other option but to lick my fingers clean. This of course tasted delicious but is probably not the best look.  Shop now >>


Pass the Honey Review: Eating the Wax

pass-the-honey-review-cheese-board- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds


You can consume raw honeycombs as a snack, accentuate a cheese board, or satisfy a sweet craving. Packaged individually in recycled plastic, honeycombs will stay fresh and are perfectly portioned as to not waste a drop of honey.

Everything is edible, even the wax. The wax is nutrient-dense, rich in antioxidants, and contains antibacterial properties, making the entire honeycomb full of health benefits. Pass the Honey says that consuming raw honeycomb may increase brain function, lower cholesterol, and support healthy blood pressure.  They recommend chewing on the wax for up to 10 minutes to get the nutritional benefits.

We found eating the wax enjoyable. It’s definitely something I was glad to be educated on. If I was not 100% sure it was safe to eat I would have been skeptical. Instead, I really enjoyed it and felt good about the added nutritional value from the wax. I ended up swallowing the wax, but if you are not loving it as much as I did, totally feel free to discard it after enjoying the honey.

Pass the Honey honeycombs act as a functional and alternative everyday sweetener and are a healthy addition to yogurts, savory plates, and hot beverages free from pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, additives, and fillers.  We say add honeycomb to your afternoon tea or replace your second coffee with honeycomb to increase immunity, provide allergy relief, and ensure daily consumption of key vitamins and minerals.  Shop now >>


Pass the Honey Review: The Tasting Experience

pass-the-honey-tasting-experience- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds

The Tasting Experience turns this product into a special event to be shared with friends or family. You can download the Tasting Experience Guide here and watch a video as well to help with your adventure.

Break down each aspect of the honeycomb with a detailed guide to help you understand the look, smell, and taste of pure honey. Although honeycombs are great snacks or sweeteners for hot tea, the Pass the Honey tasting guide invites you to experience authentic honeycombs at another level.

The tasting guide has three main components, sight, smell, and taste. Use the tasting wheel throughout each component to help guide your senses. There are helpful examples and real-life instances connected to each sense. The last two pages outline the senses and invite you to follow and fill out as your tasting experience is happening. There are also pro tips and facts about how humans taste.

I love knowing random facts to pull out as my “party-tricks” so this really spoke to me.

Evaluating each sense when tasting the honeycomb offered a slow and appreciated experience. The tasting wheel included in the guide helped flow through your senses. Sometimes, it is difficult to tie memories with taste, smell, and sight but the tasting wheel asked enriching questions that made that easy.  Shop now >>


pass-the-honey-tasting- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds


I especially enjoyed the questions that asked you to think of past food and ingredients you have eaten. Thinking of sweet treats connected what I was tasting in the honeycombs with the feeling of eating my favorite things like candy and cheesecakes.

The tasting wheel also prompted great conversations with friends including learning about their favorite flowers and drinks.

The tasting guide would be the best addition to an at-home get-together and we wish that it was included in our package. Honeycombs pair nicely with cheese, hot toddies, and wines. I would recommend treating the tasting guide like a gameboard.

Everyone gets their own guide and honeycombs, then you go around the room and take turns answering each question while tasting. This opens the conversation to all senses to unlock memories and personal experiences. Honeycombs can be a fun, and unforgettable way to connect with others.

Shop now >>


Pass the Honey Review: Bottom Line

pass-the-honey-package- Pass the Honey Reviews - MealFinds

Pass the Honey delivers individually packaged, nutrient-dense, raw honeycombs that are free from pesticides and are sustainably sourced directly to your door.

We like that you can truly taste the difference between Pass the Honey’s honeycombs and honey you would find in the grocery store. Honeycombs are stickier, conveniently packaged, and well-sourced.

Noticeable variance in the size of honeycombs made it difficult to choose which package I wanted to open. In hot beverages, the wax and honey quickly separated, reminding me of how great they tasted together. Even though the single-serve packaging is very convenient, a jar would be a great eco-conscious choice to keep in your kitchen. Perhaps soon they will offer different types of packaging.

The tasting experience was one of the most unique ways I’ve ever eaten. Taking the time to connect with each sense was something I never thought to do! I really enjoyed the tasting experience with others and learned more about everyone as we tasted the real difference in Pass the Honey.  We only wish that the guide came in the package vs having to download it from the site.

I would recommend Pass the Honey to anyone who uses honey in their everyday life. It is really important to trust the products you put into your body every day. Pass the Honey is a great “feel-good purchase” and would make a sweet housewarming gift or as a “get well soon” treat with some tea for anyone.

Bottom line, you will experience the real taste of honey with a newfound appreciation for pollinators and beekeepers. Discover your favorite ways to enjoy, and always want more.  Shop now >>


Looking for some tea to go along with your honey?  Check out our Tea Directory >>

This post has been reviewed and approved by our dietitian Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN, LDN for nutritional accuracy.
rebecca-housh-ms-rdn-ldn-registered-dietitianRebecca Housh is a registered dietitian based in Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from Boston University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Rebecca is passionate about the idea of food as medicine in both preventative and therapeutic care. Her current professional interests lie in food security, food access, and nutrition for chronic disease.

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