Nurture Life Review

August 13, 2020

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By Ingrid Becker

Nurture Life

Nurture Life creates meals for all ages with one common purpose, to nourish your children and family with wholesome ingredients that teach them how to love making healthy food choices. Each meal is designed to be nutrient-rich and satisfy everyone from the pickiest eater to “flavor explorers.”

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What We Like

  • Nutritious meals that my children loved
  • Lots of options to choose from when ordering
  • Packaging designed to appeal to the children

What We Don’t Like

  • The cost can be high for multiple children (I have 3) after the initial discount
  • Limited options for the cold lunch meals

Nurture Life Review


Usually, food subscription services come and go in my home. Living in a household of five there is either not enough food in a family meal or we order meals to serve just the parents and need to make an additional meal for the children. Honestly, I would prefer to always find a meal solution for the children first. Solving the food dilemma for grown-ups is always easier. Enter, Nurture Life! This subscription service brings quality nutritious children’s meals for every age group from ten-month babies to teenagers.


Children can be picky and mine are no different. When I ordered the meals to introduce to my children I let them be involved in picking out their choices to get them excited. When the box arrived we started with the cold lunch boxes. We ordered the chicken meatball sliders and the build-your-own pizzas. My children loved them! Both meals came with fruit (one had apple slices and the other pear slices). The sauce for the sliders and the pizza both had vegetables creamed into it. My children had no idea! They even commented on how good the sauce was.

After the cold lunches we decided to try the hot meals that are designed for dinner. We ordered the following in our box:

  • Chicken bites with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans
  • Mini pupusas with fiesta corn and zucchini
  • Chicken and vegetable dumplings with edamame
  • Chicken meatballs with pasta and vegetables



The favorites were the chicken meatballs with pasta and vegetables and the chicken and vegetable dumplings with edamame. All the meals were very good though and the children cleaned their plates. As a Mom, I rarely see a cleaned plate by all my children.

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Nurture Life Review Tips:

  • Portion size increases with age.  If you have kids who eat more or less order accordingly.  For example, you may have a 10 year-old that is a big eater and may want to order the teen meals.
  • Meals will be best if eaten within one week from the delivery date (check the use-by date right on the packaging!), and they can be frozen up to 90 days

Nurture Life Review: Bottom Line


Nurture Life will be a staple food subscription in my household. These meals will especially be useful for date nights and with our various dinner times due to extra-curricular activities and sports. I’m grateful for discovering this option when I really need a quick meal that is a healthy alternative.

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Read on for more details on Nurture Life cost and menu.

How much does Nurture Life cost?

Meals range from $6.89 for a 10-24 month old child, to $12.99 for a teenage or family meal.  There is a $39 order minimum with free shipping for orders over $59 and delivery to the continental US.

  • Baby Stage 3 Finger Foods:  Starting at $6.89/meal
  • Toddler Meals:  Starting at $7.99/meal
  • Kid Meals:  Starting at $8.99/meal
  • Teen & Adult Meals:  Starting at $10.99/meal
  • Cold Lunches:  Starting at $7.99/meal
  • Family Meal Mains (2 adult servings per meal):  Starting at $12.99
  • Family Meal Sides (4 adult servings per meal):   Starting at $9.99


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Nurture Life Menu

Many items on the Nurture Life menu are similar throughout the age ranges with the portion size increasing with age. For instance, you can order a meal that consists of chicken meatballs and a starch from 10 months of age up to a teenager. The meatballs for little ones are broken into bite-size pieces and are served with small-sized pasta, while the meatballs for the teenager is served with whole wheat pasta and vegetables. There are also menu items for the picky eaters as well as some “breakfast for dinner” options.

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Baby Stage 3 Finger Foods

  • Age recommendation: 10 – 24 months
  • Serving size: 1 cup of food, representing 4oz – 8oz net weight



Toddler Meals

  • Age recommendation:  1- 4 years
  • Serving size:  6.3oz – 7.5oz net weight



Kid Meals

  • Age recommendation:  5 – 12 years
  • Serving size:  7.8oz  – 10oz net weight



Teen & Adult Meals

  • Age recommendation:  13 & Up
  • Serving size:  10.9oz – 12.5oz net weight



Cold Lunches for Toddlers and Kids


Family Meals

  • Mains contain 2 adult servings
  • Sides contain 4 adult servings



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