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May 27, 2020

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By Alison Chew

We all know how to lose weight: eat less and do more.  Easy, right?  Not really.  We’ve all been there, whether you are trying to lose 10 lbs or 50 lbs, counting calories and exercising is only half the battle.

The other half?  The other half is the why behind your eating and exercise habits.  Why do you binge eat at night?  Maybe you are bored or anxious or unhappy or happy.  Finding out why will help you understand emotional triggers and behaviors associated with them.  This is where the Noom program is different.  Noom changes lives through behavioral changes along with developing healthier habits around eating and exercise.  For this Noom review, we interviewed Kate an actual Noom user to get her honest opinion on the Noom program.

What Is Noom?

The Noom program is based on a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT for short.  CBT addresses patterns of thinking and behavior, like why you eat when you are stressed or what motivates you to exercise, and leads not only to weight loss but to changing habits that are preventing you from reaching your goals.  Noom does this through daily articles, tips, and quizzes via their app and teaches users how to identify habits and make a positive change.  They also use food-logging, step counting, and exercise tracking, along with personalized coaching and support to help you create new habits and understand what is really holding you back.  All in the palm of your hand.

The Noom Promise: 
We’ll be with you on your personal journey as you learn how to change your habits, to lose weight in a sustainable way, and change your life for good.

Noom Reviews

About Kate

Kate is a teenager and lives in the southeastern part of the United States.  Like many high schoolers, Kate is busy with school work, extracurricular activities, and friends.  She keeps active by working on and acting in high school plays throughout the year.  Kate loves to eat carbs and comes from a family that loves to bake.  She wanted to lose weight and feel healthier, like many of us but needed more support and a better understanding of her current habits in order to create new ones.  Enter Noom.


It is good to note that you have to be 18 years old to create an account on the Noom app and that Kate’s mom helped her set up her Noom account and has been closely supporting her along this journey to developing healthy habits.  Kate has been using Noom for about a year.  Read on for a brief interview with Kate to get her unique perspective on the Noom program.

Kate’s Noom Review

MealFinds: How did you hear about Noom?

Kate: I learned about Noom from Youtube ads and commercials.

MealFinds: Why did you try Noom?  What were your goals?

Kate: I tried Noom because I wanted to lose weight and feel better in my body.  My goals were to lose 20 pounds and become healthier. I was able to accomplish that by snacking less when I’m anxious.

MealFinds: Did you try any other weight loss apps/programs before Noom?  Why didn’t they work for you?

Kate: I tried Fitbitpals and it didn’t work for me. It didn’t keep me accountable and I couldn’t talk to someone when I needed to. Fitbitpals made me feel alone, Noom does not.

MealFinds: How has Noom helped you?  What have you learned?

Kate: Noom has helped me keep track of how much I eat and what it does to my body. I’ve learned that carbs aren’t the enemy and that I can eat everything in moderation.

MealFinds: What do you like about the Noom program?

Kate: I like how I can talk to my specialist, track my calories, and weigh in every day.

MealFinds: Do you have a favorite tool in the Noom app?  Food tracker, step tracker, daily weigh-in, tips, etc.

Kate:  I really like the food tracker it makes me feel happy when I’m under.

MealFinds: What do you dislike about the Noom program?

Kate: I don’t like that it glitches sometimes. I also don’t like the red food / green food system.

MealFinds: What advice would you give someone like you about using the Noom app?

Kate: All weight loss is hard at first, Noom keeps you accountable. Talk to your specialist if you’re scared or stressed about losing weight. It’s not worth the journey if you’re not going to be happy with the outcome. I wanted to be healthier and Noom has done that for me.

Kate, with the support of her family and Noom specialists, was able to create life-changing habits by linking her anxiety to unhealthy eating.  We want to thank Kate for agreeing to give this Noom review.  It’s not easy for anyone to talk about their weight loss journey and struggles, let-alone a high schooler, and we applaud her for her bravery.

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