Nick’s Ice Cream Reviews

Published on May 13, 2021
Last modified on June 9, 2023

For our Nick’s Ice Cream reviews we were given a sample and this post contains affiliate links.  We may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.

By Alison Chew     |    Dietitian Verified by Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN


What is Nick’s Ice Cream?

Nick’s delivers creamy, Swedish-style ice cream that is low fat, low calorie, and low net carb directly to your door.

Sweetened with sweeteners derived from plants and free from synthetic ingredients and artificial sweeteners, this ice cream has no added sugar and is keto-friendly.


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Nick’s Ice Cream Pros

  • Keto-friendly and soy-free; gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options
  • Low calorie, low net carb, low fat, creamy ice cream that tastes great
  • No artificial sweeteners are used; no added sugars (does not spike blood sugar)


Nick’s Ice Cream Cons

  • Expensive
  • Shipping is extra when you only buy 6 pints
  • Gums, sugar substitutes, and other natural additives


How much does Nick’s ice cream cost?

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The price per pint of Nick’s Ice Cream online is between $8.49 – $12.49.  In-store we found the price per pint is significantly less at $5.99.

The price of Nick’s ice cream varies depending on whether you purchase in-store or online as well as if you purchase one-time or subscribe or purchase a pre-made bundle or create your own.

ONLINE: Nick’s Ice Cream website

Must buy in quantities of 6 pints.  All flavors are available.

  • Mix & Match Bundles: 6 pints $74.94 + shipping; 12 pints $119.88 + FREE shipping
  • Pre-Made Bundles: 6 or 7 pints $74.94 + shipping
  • Subscriptions get 15% OFF + Free shipping: 6 pints $59.94 + FREE shipping; 12 pints $101.90 + FREE shipping


ONLINE: Amazon.  Limited flavors are available.

You can also buy Nick’s Ice Cream on Amazon.

At the time of this post, the price for 6 pints on Amazon was $74.99, the same as on Nick’s Ice Cream website.



Can buy single pints.  Limited flavors are available.

  • Giant (PA): $5.99
  • Acme (PA): $5.99


Where can I buy Nick’s Ice Cream?

nicks butter pekan ice cream on spoon-nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds

You can purchase Nick’s ice cream on their website, on Amazon, and in select stores across the United States.

For the largest selection, you can order Nick’s ice cream online with 2-day delivery via UPS.  Ice cream is sold in pints in quantities of 6.

  • You can mix and match to create your own bundle
  • Select from a pre-made bundle
  • And if you buy 12 pints or more you receive free shipping.
  • In addition, you can sign up for a flexible subscription and receive free shipping.
  • SHOP NOW >>


Nick’s ships via UPS 2-Day Ground on dry ice to all 48 continental US states. Shipping is $15 per delivery for 6 pints and you receive free delivery when you order 12 pints or more or when you subscribe.

To find a store near you go to the Nick’s website and enter your zip code.  Most stores have a limited selection of flavors and quantities.

Stores that may carry Nick’s include ACME, Fresh Grocer, Jewel, Shnucks, Harris Teeter, Randalls, Pricerite, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Giant, Albertsons, Safeway, Market Basket, Dave’s Shaw’s, Big Y, Wakefern, Roche Bros, Tom Thumb, or Rouses. SHOP NOW >>


Nick’s Ice Cream Reviews

Nick’s is out to change the world by revolutionizing the snacks we love to make them better for us and still great tasting.  By using sweeteners that are derived from plants they are able to provide the sweetness that we love without the calories or sugar rush we don’t.

The plant-based sweeteners that Nick’s uses include Stevia, Sweet Fiber, Erythritol, Monk Fruit, Birch Sugar, and Allulose.

In addition to using plant-based sweeteners, Nick’s also uses a plant-based fat called EPG.  EPG gives the ice cream the creamy texture you would find in ice cream full of dairy fat, but without all of the calories.   Compared to regular ice creams, Nick’s has about 1/4 to 1/3 of the calories.


For our Nick’s Ice Cream reviews, we received 6 pints of ice cream in the following flavors: Cherry Choka-Fläka, Cookies and Kräm, Sälta Karamell, Birthdäg Cake, Strawbär Swirl, and Butter Pekan.  In addition, we received one Choklad Peanot Snack Bar. SHOP NOW >>


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Nick’s Ice Cream Favorites

Out of the six ice cream flavors that we tried our favorites were the Cookies & Kräm, Sälta Karamell, and Butter Pekan.  But we also really liked the Cherry Choka-Fläka and Birthdäg Cake ice creams as well.  The Strawbär Swirl was our least favorite of the bunch.

More on each flavor is below.


Nick’s Cherry Choka-Fläka (270 Calories/4 Net Carbs per pint)

The Cherry Choka-Fläka has a vanilla base with bits of cherry and chocolate flakes.  We enjoyed the taste of this ice cream, but wish the base was cherry to give it more of a cherry taste.  And we would also love more chocolate flakes.  SHOP NOW >>


nicks-ice-cream-cookies-kram on spoon-nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds


Nick’s Cookies and Kräm (280 Calories/7 Net Carbs per pint)

The Cookies and Kram was one of our favorite flavors!  We loved the vanilla ice cream and cookie crumbles and just wish there were more chocolate cookie crumbles!


Nick’s Strawbär Swirl (220 Calories/5 Net Carbs per pint)

Nick’s says that the Strawbär Swirl has a vanilla ice cream base swirled with ribbons of strawberry.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any “ribbons” of strawberries and this ice cream tasted the most “fake” to me, and neither my husband nor son ranked it top on their list.  SHOP NOW >>


salta karmell ice cream on spoon-nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds


Nick’s Sälta Karamell (240 Calories/5 Net Carbs per pint)

The Sälta Karamell was another favorite!  We loved the swirl of salted caramel throughout the caramel ice cream.  This ice cream was especially creamy and we love that Nick’s uses caramel ice cream instead of vanilla as the base. SHOP NOW >>


Nick’s Butter Pekan (300 Calories/4 Net Carbs per pint)

I love the flavor of butter pecan ice cream, but I don’t love all of the calories that come with it.  I was excited to try Nick’s Butter Pekan as it has 1/4 of the calories found in other brands.

We loved the creamy, maple ice cream base and chunks of pecans.  It had all of the richness you would expect from Butter Pecan, but without the guilt. SHOP NOW >>


birthdag cake ice cream on spoon-nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds


Nick’s Birthdäg Cake (230 Calories/5 Net Carbs per pint)

The Birthdäg Cake ice cream was a huge hit with my son.  We loved that Nick’s uses cake batter ice cream as the base instead of plain vanilla as it tastes so much more like a real vanilla cake.

This flavor made me think of the yellow box cake mix flavor that we all love.  And everyone enjoyed the festive sprinkles. SHOP NOW >>


nicks keto snack bar out of package -nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds


Nick’s Choklad Peanöt Snack Bar (15g of Protein):  This snack bar is high in protein and low in carbs making it keto-friendly with no added sugar.

The Choklad Peanöt Snack Bar is filled with nougat, caramel, and peanuts and covered in milk chocolate.  It reminded me of a Snickers bar, but with fewer calories and carbs and less fat.

Nick’s also offers a Karamell Choklad Bar and a Krispi Nougat Bar.

Nick’s Snack Bars come in boxes of 12 and are currently $34.95. SHOP NOW >>


Nick’s Ice Cream Reviews: Flavors

nicks strawbar swirl ice cream in a cup with red sprinkles and whipped cream-nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds


Nick’s currently has 23+ flavors including Butter Pekan, Coffee Karamell, Sälta Karamell, Mint Chokladchip, Peanöt Butter Karamell, Birthdäg Cake, Strawbär Swirl, Swedish Lemon Bar, Swedish Pistasch, Swedish Cookie Dough, Swedish Choklad, Key Lime Pie, Swedish Munchies, Rocky Fjord, Campfire Smorgs, Strawbar Cheesecake, Raspbar Swirl, Hazelnot Kram,  Swedish Vanilj, Triple Choklad, Cherry Choka-Fläka, Peanöt Butter Cup, and Cookies and Kräm.


Does Nick’s Ice Cream have gluten, sugar, nuts, soy?

All of Nick’s ice creams are soy-free and have no added sugar.


Is Nick’s Ice Cream keto-friendly?

Most of Nick’s ice creams are keto-friendly with only 4-7 net carbs per serving.


Is Nick’s ice cream gluten-free?

Nick’s offers 12 gluten-free ice cream flavors and 12 nut-free flavors, but all ice cream is processed in a facility that handles nuts and gluten.


Light Ice Cream

  • Gluten-Free:  Butter Pekan, Coffee Karamell, Sälta Karamell, Mint Chokladchip, Peanöt Butter Karamell, Birthdäg Cake, Strawbär Swirl, Swedish Lemon Bar, Swedish Pistasch, Swedish Cookie Dough, Swedish Choklad, Key Lime Pie, Swedish Munchies, Rocky Fjord, Campfire Smorgs, Strawbar Cheesecake, Raspbar Swirl, Hazelnot Kram,  and Swedish Vanilj
  • Contains Gluten:  Triple Choklad, Cherry Choka-Fläka, Peanöt Butter Cup, Cookies and Kräm
  • SHOP NOW >>


Does Nick’s ice cream have vegan flavors?

Nick’s has partnered with Perfect Day to bring you 7 vegan ice cream flavors.  These vegan ice creams are not dairy-free however, but they do use an animal-free dairy protein that is 100% vegan and made without any animal products.

Vegan Ice Cream

  • Plant-Based and Lactose-Free: Karamell Swirl, Choklad Choklad, Swedish Mint Chip, Peanöt Butter Fudge, Hazelnöt Fudge, Strawbar Kram, and Vanilj Bean
  • SHOP NOW >>


Nick’s Ice Cream Reviews: Bottom Line

nicks-ice-cream 6 pack on tray outside-nicks ice cream reviews-mealfinds

Nick’s Ice Creams delivers low fat, low calorie, and keto-friendly Swedish-style ice cream directly to your door.

We love that this ice cream is sweetened with sweeteners derived from plants, is free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients, has no added sugar, and gets its creamy texture from plant-based fat.  We also love that this low-net carb ice cream actually tastes good.  Out of the 6 flavors that we tried, 5 of them tasted wonderful with no “fake”/chemical taste.

And while we love the taste of this low-calorie ice cream, buying online is more expensive than buying in-store and more expensive than most other “healthy” ice cream alternatives. In addition, shipping is extra when you buy fewer than 12 pints online. Buying Nick’s ice cream in-store is a less expensive option if you can find it locally and get the flavors you want.

Compared to other keto-friendly ice creams, Nick’s is similar to some by using plant-based sweetener alternatives, but what sets them apart is the plant-based fat that they use which adds to the creamy texture and reduces the number of calories per pint.

We would recommend Nick’s to anyone looking for a low-calorie, keto-friendly ice cream, those managing their blood sugar and want to enjoy a sweet treat without added sugar, and anyone on a diet.  SHOP NOW >>


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This post has been reviewed and approved by our dietitian Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN, LDN for nutritional accuracy.
rebecca-housh-ms-rdn-ldn-registered-dietitianRebecca Housh is a registered dietitian based in Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from Boston University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Rebecca is passionate about the idea of food as medicine in both preventative and therapeutic care. Her current professional interests lie in food security, food access, and nutrition for chronic disease.

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