Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews

Published on January 27, 2021
Last modified on June 18, 2021

For these Nguyen Coffee Supply reviews we were given a sample and this post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.


By Lauren Oats

Nguyen Coffee Supply

Nguyen Coffee is an award-winning and leading specialty Vietnamese coffee brand that delivers sustainably sourced, single-origin 100% Vietnamese coffee directly to your door.  All coffee beans are certified organic and clean in Vietnam, free from fillers, flavors, or artificial ingredients, and come in a medium roast for a bold smooth flavor. In addition to coffee, Nguyen Coffee Supply gives you the opportunity to discover the “Phin”, a Vietnamese slow-drip brew style and the most common brew style in Vietnam, through their Original Phin kits.

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What We Like

  • Sustainably-sourced; direct trade coffee beans
  • Choice of ground or whole beans
  • Flavor is bold and delicious
  • Woman-owned company

What We Don’t Like

  • The 4oz Phin was too small for our mugs
  • Takes about 5m to brew a 4-8oz cup of coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews

Nguyen Coffee currently offers four types of coffee and Phin kits in three filter sizes.  All of the coffee beans come from farms that are certified organic and clean, using all-natural biofertilizers, in Vietnam.  Beans are sustainably sourced and direct trade (no middleman). Get $5 OFF Orders $50+ with code GET5OFF >>


Coffee comes in 12oz and 5lb bags and can be ground or shipped as whole beans.  The four types of coffee include

  • Loyalty: Single Origin Arabica & Robusta coffee beans
  • Moxy: 100% Single Origin Arabica coffee beans
  • Truegrit: 100% Single Origin Peaberry Robusta coffee beans (strongest brew!)
  • Limited Edition Moka: 100% Moka a.k.a. Arabica Bourbon


For our Nguyen Coffee Supply reviews, we received one bag of the Truegrit 100% Peaberry Robusta coffee, one bag of the Moxy 100% Arabica coffee, and the Original Phin Kit.  Nguyen Coffee is a Vietnamese coffee that has low acidity, a strong flavor, and a smooth finish.  All of the Nguyen coffee beans are medium roast which is what most people prefer as it delivers a nice coffee taste without being too bitter.

We have tried several Vietnamese coffee retailers and really enjoy the flavor profile and were looking forward to experiencing Nguyen Coffee, especially the Phin kit.

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Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews: Original Phin Kit and Loyalty Coffee


We received a small 4 oz Phin and a bag of Loyalty coffee grounds that were ready to brew in our Original Phin kit.  “Phin” is a Vietnamese slow-drip brew style and the most common brew style in Vietnam. It is often described as “Vietnamese espresso”.

Nguyen Coffee Supply has 3 Phin filter sizes 4oz, 12oz, and 24oz.  We recommend the 12oz as it fits most coffee cups.

4 oz Phin

  • 3.25-inch plate diameter; Makes 1 serving; Brew time: 5 minutes
  • Great for travel!


12 oz Phin

  • 4.375-inch plate diameter; Makes 1-2 servings; Brew time: 6-7 minutes
  • Fits most mugs!


24 oz Phin

  • 6-inch plate diameter; 4 servings; Brew time:  6-7 minutes
  • Great for batch brewing!


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To use the Phin kit:


  • Scoop 2 tablespoons of ground coffee into the brew chamber.
  • Level the coffee and drop the gravity press on top.
  • Add 1 oz hot water to bloom for 45 seconds.  Then fill to the top.
  • Cover with the cap and brew for 5 min.
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I must admit, I’m a coffee addict. I’ve traveled all over the world and I’m always eager to try a new way to enjoy my addiction.  Prior to receiving this kit, I had never experienced Phin brewed coffee before.  After receiving my order, my first thought was that this is light, portable, and perfect for travel. No more horrible hotel coffee! I reviewed the enclosed “How to use your Phin card” and even watched a few videos on Vietnamese coffee.

During my first pour, I was surprised at the wonderful smell that came from the Phin.  Watching the drips of coffee come out was a lot of fun and my kitchen smelled wonderful. It did take about 5 minutes to make a 4oz cup.  My first pour was the traditional way with an added spoonful of sweetened condensed milk. It was delicious and now I’m hooked! I find that the flavor is similar to Italian Espresso without the heavy machinery. Get $5 OFF Orders $50+ with code GET5OFF >>

The Loyalty Coffee flavor was bold and complex with a combination of Single Origin Arabica & Robusta coffee beans.  Robusta beans have nearly 2x more caffeine, 60% less sugar and fat, and 2x more antioxidants than Arabica beans.  So this blend not only has more caffeine, but it is also better for you!

Original Phin Kit (4 oz Phin + Coffee): $27-$30 (depending on the coffee selected) + Free U.S. Shipping Over $50

Loyalty Coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews: Truegrit Coffee


Truegrit is made from 100% Single Origin Peaberry Robusta coffee beans and is, therefore, Nguyen’s strongest coffee.  As we mentioned for the Loyalty coffee, Robusta beans have nearly 2x more caffeine, 60% less sugar and fat, and 2x more antioxidants than Arabica beans.  This coffee gives you more caffeine without the jitters (helping you save money by drinking less) and with less sugar comes a bold flavor.

This bag was whole bean coffee with notes of scotch, grapefruit, and bitter melon. I ground it to a grit similar to the Loyalty Coffee we received.

Before this product, I had no idea coffee beans contain sugar! If you’re on Keto and looking for a low sugar option this would be a perfect product to try during your black coffee days. The flavor is delicious in an ‘espresso shot’ form or even in a larger American size cup. This variety was more bitter and stronger than the Loyalty, but I still enjoyed the whole cup.

Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews: Moxy Coffee


Moxy is made from 100% Single Origin Arabica beans giving you a smooth and fruity coffee without the sour flavor from high acidic coffees.  This variety of coffee came in whole beans. It has notes of berries, chocolate, cherry, and honey. I ground it to a grit similar to the Loyalty Coffee we received.

Of the 3 coffees we received, this one was my favorite. I made a “latte” style coffee out of Moxy and was ready for another one as soon as I took the first sip. I enjoyed that the flavor of this roast was bold without being bitter and the coffee never tasted acidic.

Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews: Shipping

Currently, Nguyen Coffee Supply ships nationwide in the U.S and to Canada, though there are additional fees to Canada. They roast and ship coffee weekly ensuring a fresh bag of coffee every time.  Customers can enjoy Free U.S. Shipping on orders over $50.

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Nguyen Coffee Supply Reviews: Bottom Line


Nguyen Coffee Supply offers customers the chance to experience high-quality Vietnamese coffee at home.  We love that this company is women-owned and that the beans are sustainably-sourced and certified clean and organic in Vietnam.

The three types of coffee that we tried were all a medium roast, with bold coffee flavors, and a smooth finish.  We really enjoyed the Moxy as it was never bitter and was perfect for my afternoon latte, as well as the Loyalty for its espresso-like flavor.  The Trugrit had more caffeine and less sugar and was a bit bitter for my taste, but still really good.  I recommended adding your choice of milk to smooth out the taste.

The Phin now has a place on my coffee shelf and I look forward to taking it with me on my next business trip.  We enjoyed the Phin experience and recommend the 12oz filter as the 4oz didn’t fit any of our cups.  The Phin is great for everyday coffee drinkers who want to try something new. It’s also a wonderful gift for the coffee lover that travels. Let’s face it, they don’t need another coffee gift card, they need a Phin and a cute travel mug!

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