Best Meat Delivery Services

April 24, 2020

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By Alison Chew

Meat shortages are hitting grocery stores in cities and towns across the United States, but don’t worry there are plenty of online meat delivery services that will deliver high-quality meat to your door (we have 30 in our Meat Delivery section).  In addition to meat delivery services, many meal kit companies are offering the ability to add protein to your existing weekly delivery, order meat and seafood in place of your meal kits, or order a la carte with no subscription required.  The number of protein add-ons from our top choice may surprise you!

Best Meat Delivery Services




Top Pick for One-Stop Shopping: Omaha Steaks

  • Non-Subscription
  • Choose from steaks, beef, pork, chicken, ham, lamb, veal, and bison.  They also have starters, sides, desserts, meal kits, pantry items, wine, and more.
  • A lot of “combos” ship free
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Omaha-Steaks-Quarterly-Grilling-Box Omaha-Steaks-Meals-The-Ultimate-Burger-Cookout

Crowd Cow

  • Subscription and Non-Subscription Options
    • Subscription: 2-30lbs of meat per box (Custom box starting at $99, Steak Lovers at $159, and Japanese Wagyu at $249)
    • One-time order is flexible
  • Choose from chicken, beef, lamb, pork, and salmon
  • Free shipping on orders $149+
  • New customer coupon
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  • Non-Subscription
  • Choose from beef, pork, poultry, lamb, bison, rabbit, venison, boar, veal, foie gras, charcuterie,  caviar, truffles, mushrooms, pantry items and more
  • Shipping cost based upon the size of your order and your location
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  • Shop D’Artagnan >>


D'artagnan-Angus-Beef-Ribeye-Steak-Boneless D'artagnan-Angus-Ground-Beef D'artagnan-Rack-of-Lamb-Frenched-(Australian)

Top Pick for Most Unique Meat Selection:  Fossil Farms

  • Non-Subscription
  • Choose from alligator, antelope, beef, pork bison, chicken, duck, elk, emu, goose, guinea hen, kangaroo, lamb, ostrich, pheasant, quail, rabbit, squab, turkey, venison, boar, and yak (no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones)
  • Shipping starting at $16
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Fossil-Farms-ALLIGATOR Fossil-Farms-Emu Fossil-Farms-Bison

Porter Road

  • Non-Subscription and Subscription Options
  • Choose from beef, pork, lamb, chicken, sausage, and bundles.  Meat contains no antibiotics, no hormones, and is pasture-raised.
  • Free shipping for subscription boxes and for orders $100+
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Porter-Road-Grill-Master-Box Porter-Road-Butchers-Choice-Box

Perdue Farms


Perdue-Farms-Family-Bundle-Large Perdue-Farms-Welcome-to-the-Family-Organic-Chicken-Bundle Perdue-Farms-A-Cut-Above-Premium-Proteins-Bundle

QVC Meat

  • Non-Subscription and “Auto-Delivery” Options
  • Choose from beef, chicken, ham, lamb, pork, turkey, veal, and combos.  They also have starters, sides, desserts, meal kits, pantry items, wine, clothing, beauty products, home and garden, and much much more!
  • Free shipping
  • New customer coupon
  • Shop >>


QVC-Meat-Smithfield-(48)-2-oz-Original-Sausage-Patties-Auto-Delivery QVC-Meat-Heartland-Fresh-(10)-5-oz-Chicken-Fried-Chicken-Auto-Delivery QVC-Seafood-Rastelli-Market-Fresh-Holiday-Combo-Pack-Auto-Delivery



Snake-River-Farms-Prime-Perfection Snake-River-Farms-Snake-River-Farms-Chophouse-Collection Snake-River-Farms-Showcase-Package

Steaks and Game

  • Non-Subscription
  • Choose from Wagyu and grass-fed beef, poultry and fowl, pork, lamb, bison, buffalo, venison, elk, alligator, frog, kangaroo, Nilgai antelope, ostrich, rabbit, turtle, and wild boar
  • $8 flat-fee shipping on orders $70+
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Steaks-and-Game-Grass-Fed-Beef-Rib-Eye-Steaks Steaks-and-Game-Berkshire-Pork-8-Bone-Rack Steaks-and-Game-Wagyu-Beef-Burgers

Butcher Box

Butcher Box logo

Best Meal Kits With Meat Add-Ons


  • Cost: Between $4.29-$4.99 per portion (depending on your plan.  Each Protein Pack counts as “1 Meal”) + $8.99 shipping
  • Subscription:  Yes, but you do not have to order meal kits.  You can subscribe and only order the Protein Packs.
  • Choices: 3 Protein Pack choices ( 2 or 4 portions each depending on your plan)
    • Ground Beef & Chicken Breasts
    • Boneless Pork Chops & Chicken Breasts
    • Shrimp & Chicken Breasts
  • Dinnerly Coupon >>
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  • Cost: Between $2.99-$4.99 per serving (depending on your selections) + $6.99 shipping
  • Subscription:  Subscription and 4 meal (1-4 person meal kit or 2-2 person meal kit) minimum required.  Protein add-on’s do not count as a “meal”.
  • Choices: 3-4 Choices depending on the week (add 2-12+ portions of each)
    • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (6 oz per serving)
    • Top Sirloin Strip Steak (5 oz per serving)
    • Responsibly-Sourced Ocean Shrimp (4 oz per serving)
    • Atlantic Salmon (5 oz per serving)
  • Gobble Coupon >>
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  • Cost: Between $3.99-$4.99 per add-on (depending on your selections) + $7.99 delivery fee
  • Subscription:  Subscription required.  Protein add-on’s do not count as a “meal”.
  • Choices: 4 Choices depending on the week
    • 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts (12 oz)
    • Chicken Breast Strips (10 oz)
    • Ground Beef (10 oz)
    • Italian Pork Sausage (9 oz)
  • Hello Fresh Coupon >>
  • Go to HelloFresh >>



Home Chef

  • Cost: Between $69.98 – $100 per add-on pack (depending on your selections) + free shipping on orders over $45
  • Subscription:  Subscription required.  Protein add-on’s do not count as a “meal”.
  • Choices: 2-4 Choices depending on the week
    • Classic Protein Pack:  Serves 8 (includes 2 New York strips, 6 chicken breasts, and 4 beef burgers) for $84.99
    • Premium Protein Pack:  Serves 8 (includes 4 filets mignon, 2 New York strips, and 2 sirloin steaks) for $100
    • Essential Protein Pack: Serves 8 (includes 4 beef burgers, 4 chicken breasts, 4 turkey burgers, and 4 boneless pork chops) for $69.98
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home-chef-meal-kit-meat-add-ons1 home-chef-meal-kit-meat-add-ons2

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

  • Cost: Starting at $8.49 per portion (depending on your selections) + $8.99 shipping
  • Subscription:  Subscription required, but you do not have to order meal kits.  You can subscribe and only order the Protein Packs.  8 portion minimum.
  • Choices: 3 Choices
    • Butcher’s Trio Pack:  2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, 2 Bone-in Pork Chops, 1 pkg Ground Beef
    • Land & Sea Pack:  1 pkg Ground Beef, 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, 2 Salmon Fillets
    • Seafood Selects Pack: 1 pkg Wild US Gulf shrimp, 2 Salmon Fillets
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TOP PICK:   Sunbasket

Sunbasket is hands-down our top pick for meal ket service with protein add-ons.  They have by far the largest number of choices, they do not require a subscription, you can add meal kits and more to your order, and they offer free shipping on orders of $100+.

  • Cost: Starting at $3 per serving (depending on your selections) + $9.99 shipping for orders under $50, $6.99 for orders $50-$100, and free shipping for orders $100+
  • Subscription:  No subscription required, but they do have a $35 minimum order
  • Choices: Over 50 protein choices (plus meal kits, lunch, breakfast, snacks and more)
  • Sunbasket Coupon >>
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