JuneShine Drink Review

Published on May 16, 2022
Last modified on June 22, 2023

This JuneShine drink review contains affiliate links and we were given a sample.  If you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.

Written By Alison Chew


What is JuneShine?

JuneShine has created handcrafted hard kombucha and canned cocktails made with real, premium ingredients that are better for you and for the planet.


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JuneShine Pros

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Free shipping on orders $75+
  • Drinks are sustainably produced; a carbon-neutral company that donates one percent of sales to environmental nonprofits


JuneShine Cons

  • Kombucha has to be refrigerated
  • Can not mix and match to create your own bundle
  • No longer sold online


How much are JuneShine drinks?

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JuneShine drinks are $2.75 for a 12oz can of Hard Kombucha and $4.16 for a 12oz Canned Cocktail.

  • JuneShine Hard Kombucha Sampler Pack: 24 cans for $66; 12 for $34.99; 36 for $99
  • JuneShine Hard Kombucha: 12 x 12oz pack $33; 6 x 54oz pack $36
  • JuneShine Spirits/Canned Cocktails: 12 x 12oz pk $49.99 (individual flavor or 3 flavor pack)
  • JuneShine Spirits Variety Pack: 20 x 12oz pk $83.33 (4 cans of each of the 5 flavors)


Where to buy JuneShine drinks?

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You can buy JuneShine Hard Kombucha and Spirits/Canned Cocktails via Instacart.

You can also find JuneShine in select stores nationwide.  FIND A STORE  >>


JuneShine Drinks

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JuneShine drinks include Hard Kombucha and Canned Cocktails in a variety of flavors.

These drinks are unlike other hard kombucha and canned cocktails on the market in that JuneShine only use natural ingredients and never use artificial flavors, sweeteners, or syrups.

JuneShine Hard Kombucha is sustainably brewed with real, organic ingredients and probiotics.  It is also gluten-free and low in sugar.

JuneShine Canned Cocktails are made with quality spirits, real juice, and sparkling water.  And unlike other canned cocktails, JuneShine has two shots per can and no added sugar.

JuneShine is also doing a lot of good!

All of their drinks are sustainably produced.  They are also a carbon-neutral company through our partnership with Climate Neutral and that means JuneShine leaves no carbon footprint.  And finally, they also donate one percent of sales annually to 1% For The Planet, which is a collection of environmental nonprofits working to fight climate change. BUY ON INSTACART  >>


JuneShine Drink Review: Canned Cocktails

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JuneShine ready-to-enjoy cocktails are made with award-winning spirits, real juice, and sparkling water.  There is no added sugar, which we love, and each 12 oz can contain 1.5 to 2 shots.

JuneShine canned cocktails currently come in 5 flavors including Rum Mai Tai, Passionfruit Vodka Soda, Classic Tequilla Margarita, Lemon + Lime Tequilla Ranch Water, and Classic Vodka Mule.

For our JuneShine drink review, we received the Mixed Cocktail Variety PackBUY ON INSTACART  >>


JuneShine Canned Cocktail Unboxing Video--MealFinds


This 12 pack contains 4 cans each of the Rum Mai Tai, Passionfruit Vodka Soda, and Classic Tequilla Margarita and is $49.99.

Want FREE shipping?  Just spend $75 or more.  BUY ON INSTACART  >>


JuneShine Rum Mai Tai Canned Cocktail

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The JuneShine Rum Mai Tai is made with award-winning, premium spiced white rum from Malahat Spirits and sparkling water along with real organic orange, cherry, coconut, pineapple, and lime juice.

The JuneShine Rum Mai Tai tasted slightly sweet with lots of pineapple and lime flavor when you first sip and then a hit of creamy coconut at the end.

I was happily surprised at how much I liked this cocktail as I don’t usually drink Mai Tai’s because they are so sweet.  But the JuneShine Rum Mai Tai was well balanced with all of the tropical flavors that you come to expect from this island classic without the sugar hangover. BUY ON INSTACART  >>


JuneShine Passionfruit Vodka Soda Canned Cocktail

passionfruit vodka soda can and glass-juneshine drink review-mealfinds

The JuneShine Passionfruit Vodka Soda is made with award-winning, premium vodka, sparkling water, and real, organic passionfruit, pineapple, and lemon juice.

The JuneShine Passionfruit Vodka Soda smells like bright passionfruit from the moment you pop open the can. Then when you take a sip you get more passionfruit flavor, with tart lemon.   And unlike many vodka cocktails, I didn’t get that bite/burn from the alcohol which makes this cocktail almost too easy to drink.

This drink is more tart than sweet and was our FAVORITE of the three we tried.  BUY ON INSTACART  >>


JuneShine Classic Tequilla Margarita Canned Cocktail

classic tequila margarita can and glass-juneshine drink review-mealfinds

The JuneShine Classic Tequilla Margarita is made with award-winning, premium tequila, sparkling water, sea salt, and real organic orange and lime juice.

The JuneShine Classic Tequilla Margarita tasted like a Skinny Margarita and we loved it!  You could taste the tequila and tart lime with hints of sea salt (without a salted rim!).

The orange gives this canned cocktail a little sweetness, but it’s not sickly sweet and does not include sour mix or added sugar. BUY ON INSTACART  >>

TIP:  For all of the canned cocktails, be sure to turn your can upside down a few times to mix all of the ingredients.  Don’t overshake as the cans do contain bubbles and you don’t want to waste a drop when you open!


JuneShine Drink Review: Bottom Line

cheers two juneshine cans-juneshine drink review-mealfinds

JuneShine brings you handcrafted hard kombucha and spirits made with real, premium ingredients that are better for you and for the planet.

This will be our new go-to canned cocktail for summer parties and gatherings by the pool.

We loved the taste of all three of the JuneShine canned cocktails that we tried and feel that they are healthier versions of cocktail classics.

With only a few high-quality ingredients, no added sugar, and nothing artificial, these cocktails will level up your entertaining game without the sugar hangover.

We also love that JuneShine drinks are sustainably produced and that JuneShine is a carbon-neutral company that donates one percent of sales to environmental nonprofits.

And while we really enjoyed these canned cocktails, we are really bummed that they are no longer sold online.

We recommend JuneShine drinks to anyone looking for an alcoholic beverage made with high quality, natural ingredients, those looking for a canned cocktail without added sugar, or anyone who just wants to mix up their at-home cocktail game. BUY ON INSTACART  >>


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