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Published on October 8, 2020
Last modified on June 14, 2021

For our Home Bistro reviews, we were given a sample. This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase. All opinions are our own.


By Lauren Oats

Reviewed by Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN

Home Bistro

Home Bistro boasts “Freshly Prepared, Home Delivered Restaurant Quality, Gourmet Meals”.  With over 40 individual gourmet prepared meals to choose from, including vegetarian and pescatarian options, you are sure to find something delicious for dinner at the Home Bistro.

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What We Like

  • Incredibly quick and easy to prepare
  • Gourmet meal choices
  • Ability to serve completely different individual meals at the same time

What We Don’t Like

  • Price per person is more expensive than other services
  • Lacked the crispy texture found in baked meals

Home Bistro Reviews

Home Bistro Unboxing by MealFinds

The Home Bistro website is packed with mouthwatering pictures of foods you probably don’t cook at home. I couldn’t resist trying a few of their best sellers.  Chianti Braised Short Rib with rice in under 25 minutes… this may be too good to be true. I ordered 4 meals that would satisfy our family, even the picky eater. I also got 2 meals for nights when I normally can’t eat with the family.

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For our Home Bistro reviews we ordered:

  • Hanger Steak with Romesco Sauce x2
  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Sweet and Spicy Vegetables x2
  • Charbroiled Chicken Romesco
  • Chianti Braised Short Ribs with Rice


Our box arrived filled with the typical ice packs on the top, bottom, and sides. Inside were 6 meals- Each package contained the protein and side dishes in vacuumed sealed packs, with easy to follow directions and estimated cooking time on the front of each meal. Each meal is stored in the freezer until you’re ready to eat. Simply pick your favorite from the freezer, boil some water, and immerse your meal packet in the boiling water according to the package directions. It’s that simple.

home-bistro-romesco-steak-cooking2 home-bistro-romesco-steak-cooking

Our first night I made the Hanger Steak with Romesco Sauce and Chicken with Romesco Sauce. It was incredibly easy to prepare both dishes at once. Everything fit into one large pot and was steaming hot in a matter of minutes. We all loved the flavors in both meals. The meat was tender, and the sauce was delicious. You could see chunks of garlic, tomato, and herbs. The sides were also wonderful, but a little different than what we’re used to. I’d have preferred my potatoes and Brussel sprouts to be crispy, but they were still enjoyable.

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The Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Vegetable was a perfect light meal. I was pleasantly surprised by the vegetables in this dish. I don’t like mushy vegetables and was afraid the carrots and the broccoli would be overcooked. Both side dishes were yummy, and the broccoli had just the right amount of heat.


After seeing the reviews on the website, I was really looking forward to trying the Chianti Braised Short Rib. On the first cool Fall day, I curled up on my couch with a blanket and a bowl of this enticing meal. I wasn’t disappointed. By far, the Chianti Braised Short rib with Rice was my favorite. The short rib was perfectly cooked, the meat fell off the bone and the flavor was perfect. The rice was a perfect complement to the short rib and perfectly seasoned.

The only drawback to the Home Bistro for us is it’s more expensive than the grocery store and most other prepared meal services.  But because these are gourmet meals when comparing the price to takeout from a nice restaurant, the price is similar, though you do have to do some of the cooking.  In addition, shipping is not included and will add to the total price of your meals.

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Home Bistro Review: Bottom Line


Immediately I noticed that Home Bistro is a little different than the other meal services I’ve used. Each meal shown is for one person and usually contains a protein, vegetable, and starch. This is not a subscription service. It’s more like ordering takeout from a nice restaurant or a gift. The nutrition information is easily found with pictures of each meal, a great feature for those of us who are trying to make healthy choices.

The next big difference between Home Bistro and meal kits is prep work. With Home Bistro the only prep is boiling water or starting your microwave. No mess of chopping, sautéing, or heating up the oven. On a busy night, I can have 4 different gourmet meals prepared and on the table in under 20 minutes.

Home Bistro lives up to its slogan of “Freshly Prepared, Home Delivered Restaurant Quality, Gourmet Meals”. The ease of preparation and quality of ingredients is unmatched. For my family of four, the cost is out of our budget for weekly meals, but I could see myself sending a week’s worth of meals to a new mother or a friend who hates cooking for one or ordering our favorites for a special occasion or Holiday.

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Read on for more details on the cost of Home Bistro and a sample menu.

How much does Home Bistro cost?


Our meals averaged $20 per person, with individual Home Bistro meals starting at $16.99 each, and you can pick as few or as many as you’d like. This is not a subscription service, so there is no need to sign up, review weekly choices, pause or skip weeks, or cancel a plan. The only shipping choices were 2-day or overnight. Shipping was $32 for our order.

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Home Bistro Reviews: Menu

When we ordered, Home Bistro offered over 40 meal choices that included Chicken, Steak, Pork, Fish, Shellfish, and Vegetables with various side dishes. Meals ranged from $17-$29 and are reminiscent of gourmet menus around the country.

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This post has been reviewed and approved by our dietitian Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN, LDN for nutritional accuracy.
rebecca-housh-ms-rdn-ldn-registered-dietitianRebecca Housh is a registered dietitian based in Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from Boston University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Rebecca is passionate about the idea of food as medicine in both preventative and therapeutic care. Her current professional interests lie in food security, food access, and nutrition for chronic disease.

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