Heed Foods Review

April 14, 2020

For this Heed Foods review we received a sample.  This post contains affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase.  All opinions are our own.


By Alison Chew

Heed Foods

Heed Foods is a pet wellness company focused on the gut health of your pup, offering a line of dog food, toppers, and treats designed to improve digestion and overall well-being through premium, prebiotic-infused, kibble.  Using a blend of science and natural ingredients, they have created a balanced diet for dogs at all life stages, with a focus on improving your pup’s gut where 70% of your dogs’ immune system lives.  Because when your dog’s gut is healthy their digestive system is working to protect against disease and infection as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight, and reduce allergy symptoms.


Heed Foods kibble is for all dogs but can be particularly helpful to dogs with digestive/GI issues by improving stool quality in just 2 days, picky eaters by utilizing tasty human-grade toppers and fresh chicken liver, and dogs with compromised immune functions and allergies by fixing their gut and improving immune systems.

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Healthy Dog Food

What We Like

  • Food packed with PREBIOTICS for your pup’s gut health and immune system
  • Easy to store!  No fridge or freezer space required
  • Tasty toppers and treats!

What We Don’t Like

  • Need bigger bags of food and toppers for our 100lb dog
  • Treat max of 3 per day


Heed Foods Review

So what did we think of Heed Foods after our trial?  You can tell that this kibble and the “toppers” are made with high-quality ingredients, but the key differentiator between Heed Foods and other high-end dog food companies is their use of all-natural prebiotics.  These prebiotics improve your dog’s gut health, immune system, and overall wellbeing and takes your dog’s health to the next level!


We really love that the kibble and toppers are easy to store and that no freezer or fridge space is needed!  Our Daisy really enjoyed the “toppers” and always ate them first.  She also loved the freeze-dried apple treats and would drool waiting for these after her morning walk.

During our trial, we also noticed that Daisy’s stool became more firm/compact and smelled less which shows that her gut is in good health and it makes it easier to pick up after her.  And while Daisy doesn’t have an immune disorder or allergies she does have a sensitive stomach and is getting older.  We want to do everything we can to keep her healthy with a strong immune system.

Our Daisy also loved the Freeze-Dried Probiotic Apple Treats.  I mean REALLY loved them.  These treats are made with 100% human-grade, pure apples, and are coated with natural probiotics.   Our girl could easily eat the whole bag!  One thing to note, Heed Foods recommends no more than 3 of these treats per day as to not upset your dog’s stomach.

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Healthy Dog Food

How much does Heed Foods Dog Food cost?

Each 10lb kibble delivery comes with two 2.4 oz 100% human-grade freeze-dried topper bags and each 5lb kibble delivery comes with one 2.4 oz topper bag.  Prices below reflect a 10% subscription discount on orders of kibble.  The cost to feed a 20lb adult dog with an average body is around $0.91 per meal (a 10lb bag of kibble is $58.50.  Heed recommended 1.25 cups per day or 1-10lb bag of kibble every 4 weeks) or $1.83 per day or $58.50 per month.

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  • Fresh Salmon & Quinoa Kibble (Price 5LB – $31.49; 10LB – $58.50) including 1 or 2 toppers
  • Fresh Chicken & Ancient Grains Kibble (Price 5LB – $31.49; 10LB – $58.50) including 1 or 2 toppers


Toppers (prices are if purchased a la carte)

  • Freeze-Dried Turkey, Apples & White Beans (Price $11.95)
  • Freeze-Dried Cod, Apple & Carrots (Price $11.95)
  • Freeze-Dried Turkey, Bananas & Carrots (Price $11.95)
  • Freeze-Dried Topper Trio-Pack (Price $17.95)



  • Freeze-Dried Probiotic Apple Treats (Price $9.99)

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Heed Foods Review: Bottom Line


We highly recommend Heed Foods!  We love that the kibble and toppers can be stored in the pantry, that they are made with high-quality human-grade ingredients, and that our Daisy loved eating this food (and treats!) and it showed in the firmness of her stool.  The key differentiator, that we see between Heed Foods and other high-end dog food companies, is their use of all-natural prebiotics to help maintain digestive health.  If you have a dog with an immune disorder, allergies, a sensitive stomach, or, like us, if your dog is getting older and you want to keep her healthy with a strong immune system, we highly recommend giving Heed Foods a try!

Read on for important information about Heed Foods ingredients and getting started.

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Healthy Dog Food

Heed Foods Review: What to Expect and Ingredients

Heed Foods prebiotic ingredient studies show that you could expect to see:

  • 2 Days: visible improvements in stool quality (odor, texture)
  • 1 Week: improvements in diarrhea and constipation
  • 1-2 Months: improvements in skin and fur conditions


Heed Foods kibble has been formulated by renowned nutritionists to exceed AAFCO standards and includes all-natural ingredients and superfoods, like fiber-rich grains and flaxseeds, and anti-oxidant-rich kelp and blueberries.  The #1 ingredient is always fresh meat, 31% North America sourced protein to be exact (the highest of all dog food), and the primary protein source is animal-based.  This is important to note because most dog food companies use protein fillers like pea or soy protein which are not as healthy for your pet.

Heed Foods has selected chicken and salmon as protein sources, not only for their amazing taste, but because of the low impact on our environment compared to beef, lamb, and pork.  Chicken is also highly digestible and salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, both great for your pup.  They also use fiber-rich carbohydrates with a low glycemic index like brown rice, barley, and sweet potato to keep dogs energized for a full day of play.

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The key differentiator, that we see between Heed Foods and other high-end dog food companies, is their use of all-natural prebiotics. Their proprietary prebiotic blend includes all-natural ingredients like yeast extract, chicory root, thyme extract, organic acids, kelp, and sunflower lecithin.  What are prebiotics you might ask?  Prebiotics stop the growth of bad bacteria and help maintain digestive health.  And because Prebiotics are not “live cultures” like probiotics they survive the cooking process and are effective throughout the life of the kibble.

Heed Foods recipes are made in small batches in the USA following the highest quality standards.  And to ensure that food continues to meet these high standards, every batch of food they produce is tested and results are readily available to customers.  Wow, talk about transparency!

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Healthy Dog Food

    Heed Foods Review:  Ordering Process

    Ordering is easy, simply select chicken or salmon, 5lb or 10lb, and your toppers.

    To determine how many bags needed and the frequency of deliveries for your pup use the Feeding Guidelines, one for Adult dogs and one for Puppies, located in the middle of each of the kibble pages in the orange table.  Keep in mind a 5 lb bag of Heed contains 20 cups of food and a 10 lb bag contains 40 cups of food.  See below.


    Finally, sign up for a one-time purchase or subscribe to save 10% and for super easy set-it-and-forget-it delivery.

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    Heed Foods Review:  Getting Started

    When your order arrives unpack your food and toppers and store them in a cool dry place.  No need to store anything in the refrigerator or freezer (taking up precious space).  Watch our unboxing video to see what’s inside the box.

    Heed includes wonderful instructions for transitioning your pup over to their new food.  Days 1-3 feed 1/4 portion of Heed, days 4-6 feed 1/2 portion of Heed, and days 7-10 feed 3/4 portion of Heed.  They even include a handy dandy “Poop 101 Stool Chart” for reference to ensure that your pup is on the right track.  If your pup’s poo is loose you may need to stay at a certain stage for a couple more days until your pup adjusts.


    After day 10 you can feed 100% Heed Foods kibble and the topper of your choice to your pup.  For our Daisy, this would be around 4 cups per day or 2 cups per meal.

    Learn more about Heed Foods on their MealFinds page and head on over to the Heed Foods site to sign up today.  Trust us, your pup will thank you!

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    Healthy Dog Food

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