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Published on September 16, 2021
Last modified on June 20, 2023

This Good Chop Reviews post contains affiliate links and we were given a sample.  If you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.

Written By Alison Chew 


What is Good Chop?

Good Chop delivers high-quality, all-natural meat and seafood products from American farms and fisheries directly to your door.

This flexible subscription service is not only convenient, providing monthly deliveries, but it also allows you to fully customize your box, skip deliveries, and cancel at any time.

Plus, they offer a 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee.


Good Chop Coupon

Save $120 now >>


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Good Chop Pros

  • All-Natural, high-quality meat and sustainable seafood sourced from American farms and fisheries
  • No antibiotics or added hormones ever
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping on first order
  • Don’t take my word for it!  Check out the MealFinds Good Chop User Ratings.


Good Chop Cons

  • Limited selection of seafood
  • Subscription options only
  • No gifting options


Good Chop FAQs


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How much is Good Chop?

The price of Good Chop is between $149 to $269 per delivery or $4.14-$3.74 per meal.  Good Chop offers 2 fully customizable and flexible subscription plans including the Medium plan is $149 per delivery and the Large plan is $269 per delivery.

Both come with FREE shipping on your first order!

You can customize your selections and delivery frequency, which is automatically set to monthly, within your online account.

Medium Plan: $149

  • Pick 6 items
  • Up to 36 portions or $4.14 per meal
  • For individuals and small families
  • Save $120 now >>


Large Plan: $269

  • Pick 12 items
  • Up to 72 portions or $3.74 per meal
  • For medium families and large freezer
  • Save $120 now >>


How much is Good Chop shipping?

Good Chop plans come with free shipping on your first box.


Where does Good Chop deliver?

Good Chop currently delivers to the Continental United States.  Orders are delivered on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on where you live.


Is Good Chop packaging recyclable?

Yes!  All packaging is curbside recyclable, including the insulated liners made from renewable plant-based materials, except for the plastic bags that the dry ice comes in.


Does Good Chop have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes!  If you don’t love your selections, Good Chop offers a 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee and will work with you on an account credit or refund to make things right. Save $120 now >>


How often does Good Chop deliver?

Good Chop delivers every four weeks.


Does Good Chop allow you to choose your Meat and Seafood?

Yes!  Good Chop allows you to fully customize your box with meat and seafood items each delivery.


What is on the Good Chop Menu?

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Good Chop American Meat

At the time of this review, Good Chop had 28 items on their menu including beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

Good Chop beef comes from cattle born and bred in the United States and is free from antibiotics and preservatives, added hormones, and growth promotants.  This all-natural meat is better for you and better for the animal.

In addition, Good Chop only sources high-quality grain-finished Angus beef (Choice and Prime) for more marbling, flavor, and tenderness and has Premium options like USDA Prime and 100% Grass-Fed.

There are currently 16 different beef items on the Good Chop menu.

Did you know that imported meat can be labeled “Product of the U.S.A.” even if the cattle aren’t raised in the US?  Good Chop only sources meat from American farms that are committed to quality and sustainability.


Good Chop American Seafood

The sustainable seafood that Good Chop offers is sourced from American fisheries, is wild-caught on U.S. coasts or raised in U.S. farms, and MSC- or ASC-certified.  Seafood selections are free from antibiotics, additives, and coloring.

There are currently only 3 seafood items on the Good chop menu.

Good Chop sources American-born and bred pork and chicken that is responsibly raised, fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no antibiotics or added hormones.

There are currently 7 pork items and 2 chicken items on the Good Chop menu.

Compared to other online retailers offering both meat and seafood delivery, this menu is on the smaller side in terms of the number of products offered, but they do offer most cuts of meat that people like to enjoy.  With only 3 seafood choices, they do not have the variety that seafood-only delivery services offer, but as a meat-first company, the seafood products are a nice addon. Save $100 now >>


Good Chop Meat and Seafood Reviews

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Good Chop partners with local American farmers and ranchers with high standards for animal welfare including giving animals enough space, shelter, and water to thrive to bring you high-quality meat free from added hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives, as well as sustainably sourced seafood from American fisheries.

They then vacuum-seal and flash-freeze all meat and seafood at the peak of freshness to lock in flavor and prevent spoilage and food waste.  Your selections will stay fresh for up to 1 year in the freezer!

To order, simply select your monthly plan, Medium or Large, and then select your cuts from the Good Chop menu of meat and seafood.  Every month you are able to customize your box, skip a delivery, or cancel your plan right in your online account.

When your delivery arrives, move your selections into the freezer until you are ready to cook.

For our Good Chop reviews, we selected the Medium plan, $149, and filled our box with New York Strip Steaks, Porterhouse Steak, Wild-Caught Pacific Cod, Wild-Caught Salmon, 100% Grass-Fed Filet Mignon, and Pork Loin Roast. Save $120 now >>


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At the time of this review, Good Chop offered a variety of beef, pork, chicken, and seafood on their menu and we were excited to try a little bit of everything.  With our Medium plan, we were able to select 6 items with up to 36 portions.

We received:

  • New York Strip Steaks (USDA Choice, Angus): 2 x 10 oz steaks
  • Porterhouse Steak (USDA Choice, Angus): 1 x 16 oz steak
  • 100% Grass-Fed Filet Mignon (USDA Choice): 2 x 6 oz steaks
  • Wild-Caught Pacific Cod: 6 x 5 oz portions
  • Wild-Caught Salmon: 6 x 5 oz portions
  • Pork Loin Roast: 1 x 2.5 lbs


Adding up the portions that we received, our box contained 148 oz of meat and seafood which is around 30- 5 oz portions or 37- 4 oz portions. Save $120 now >>


Good Chop Meat Reviews: American Angus and 100% Grass-Fed Beef

porterhouse steak new york strips and filet mignon on cutting board-good chop reviews-mealfinds


Good Chop has a nice selection of beef on its menu and more beef than any other product currently offered.  We decided to try the New York Strip Steaks, Porterhouse Steak, and 100% Grass-Fed Filet Mignon on an early fall evening with family.

All of the steaks that we tried tasted wonderful.  The highlight of the meal though was the Porterhouse Steak.  The bone in the middle of the Porterhouse helped to lock in the juices and flavor of the meat resulting in a tender and flavorful piece of meat.

My father-in-law loved this steak so much that he asked where it came from and to send him a link so that he can order some for himself.  Save $120 now >>


Good Chop Meat Reviews: American Pork

pork loin roast on cutting board-good chop reviews-mealfinds


The Pork Loin Roast that we received was a good size and weighed in at 2.5 lbs.  We decided to sear the roast on the stovetop to give it a nice crispy outside and finish it in the slow-cooker with an amazing butter, honey, garlic sauce for a juicy and tender inside.

This pork loin roast was flavorful and definitely a family favorite.  The quality of the pork really came through and is something we would order again.

This 2.5lb roast easily fed our family of 3 with leftovers and could feed up to a family of 4. Save $120 now >>


Good Chop Seafood Reviews: American Wild-Caught Cod and Salmon

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Each seafood selection included 6-5 oz filets.  For our family of 3, the 6 pieces of Wild-Caught Pacific Cod and 6 pieces of Wild-Caught Salmon made 3 family dinners.

We marinated the Wild-Caught Pacific Cod in a miso marinade overnight for maximum flavor and then seared them on the stovetop for about 3 min per side.  If you have never tried miso marinated cod, it has a buttery texture and umami flavor that will blow you away.  For a recipe, search for “Nobu miso black cod” and several will come up.

We decided to bake the Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon in the oven with a tangy soy sauce, honey, ginger, and garlic sauce.  The fish came out flaky and tender and did not taste fishy at all.

The 5 oz portion size was perfect for most at our table alongside rice, green beans, and fresh corn on the cob. Save $120 now >>


sockeye salmon on plate with rice green beans and corn-good chop reviews-mealfinds


Is Good Chop worth it?

We say YES!  When we compared Good Chop prices with prices from our local Whole Foods store, which features high-end meat and sustainably sourced seafood, we found that the prices were similar.

With the added bonus of meat and seafood delivered to your door, we think that Good Chop is worth it for its quality and convenience.

If you are comparing Good Chop to lesser-quality grocery store brand meat, Good Chop is more expensive because the quality is better.

Compared to ButcherBox, a similar subscription-only online meat delivery service, which has a custom box for $169/month that includes 9-14lbs of meat and seafood, GoodChop is slightly less expensive at $149/box with more meat and seafood choices and 36 portions in a Medium Plan box.  Depending on your choices you can receive the same amount of meat and seafood as a Butcher Box box or less.


Good Chop Competitors

Crowd Cow Review

Butcher Box Ratings

Rastelli’s Review


Good Chop Reviews: Bottom Line

various cuts of beef on grill-good chop reviews-mealfinds


Good Chop delivers high-quality, all-natural meat and seafood products from American farms and fisheries directly to your door.

This flexible subscription service is not only convenient, providing monthly deliveries with free shipping, but it also allows you to fully customize your box, skip deliveries, and cancel at any time.

We love that Good Chop has ONLY all-natural, high-quality meat and sustainable seafood sourced from American farms and fisheries on their menu as we prefer to support American-made products.  And after tasting several products, you could definitely taste the quality of the meat and seafood that we received.

We also like that they have a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, so if you don’t love your selections they will work with you to make it right.  And we can’t forget that they offer Free Shipping on every delivery!

And while the selections that we tried tasted wonderful, Good Chop does have a limited seafood selection and we would turn to them for meat with seafood as an addon if it fits into our needs/diet/dinner plans.  In addition, Good Chop is subscription only, which could turn some people away who only want meat delivery every now and then.  The good news, though, is that the Good Chop subscription is flexible giving you the option to pause, change delivery frequency, or cancel at any time.

We would recommend Good Chop to anyone looking for quality American-born and raised all-natural meat and wild-caught sustainably sourced seafood all free from added hormones, antibiotics, colors, or preservatives; for those who don’t have access to high-quality meat and seafood; and for those who are looking for a unique gift. Save $120 now >>


For more meat and seafood delivery services check out our Meat Delivery and Seafood Delivery Directories!

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