Foodstirs Reviews

September 21, 2020

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By Ingrid Becker


Foodstirs has reinvented your favorite childhood sweets by removing 25%-50% of the sugar and using sustainable clean ingredients to deliver delicious seasonal baking kits, baking mixes, and sweet snacks to your door.  All Foodstirs products use less sugar compared to competitors, are USDA organic and non-GMO, use fair-trade chocolate from organic farmers, and are the first sweet snack brand to receive the “Glyphosate® Residue Free certification” verifying that their products are free from the world’s most used herbicide.

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What We Like

  • Easy to follow directions that young bakers can follow
  • A fun finished product that looks beautiful and tastes great
  • Thoughtful packaging

What We Don’t Like

  • Would love more toppings in the baking kits
  • It would be nice if the sugar cookie kit came with a cookie-cutter
  • Seasonal mixes and baking kits sell out fast!  Get them while you can!

Foodstirs Baking Kit Reviews

As a middle school cooking class teacher, I always gravitate to finding recipes that I can make with my children or that they can make independently. Cooking is one of those hobbies that I feel is important to start young so not only do they learn how to cook but also so they can gain confidence in the kitchen. Not to mention I get a lesson in patience and tolerance along the way. Foodstirs checks all the boxes.


With both of these recipes, I guided my children along the way but if they were to repeat the recipe they could easily accomplish the same result on their own. As an added benefit, making a sweet treat such as this is a huge accomplishment for them. Watching them revel in their finished product was a Mommy win for me as well.

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Foodstirs Reviews: Teddy Island Cupcake Kit

This teddy island cupcake kit is just the most adorable thing ever! This kit comes with all that is needed to make the cupcakes and frosting, blue food coloring for half of the frosting, gummy bears for each of the cupcakes, and palm tree paper umbrellas for half of the cupcakes. To make the sand of the cupcakes you crumble an extra cupcake. All that was needed from home was eggs, butter, milk, and yogurt. My 11-year old twins made most of this recipe with my guidance and the final project was the most adorable sweet treat. The taste was amazing as well. The cupcakes were moist and delicious and the frosting was not overly sweet.

If I was searching for a cooking kit to inspire my children to get more comfortable in the kitchen I would definitely recommend Foodstirs. Gaining confidence in the kitchen needs to extend beyond simple meals. Encouraging children to also try their hand at baking is a lesson in following directions with the sweetest reward at the end. Foodstirs accomplishes that task with easy to follow directions and great tasting desserts.


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Foodstirs Reviews:  Sweet Tooth Sugar Cookie Mix

This sweet tooth sugar cookie mix is a perfect standby cookie recipe for your children to use. All you need to include in the recipe is butter and one egg. The end result is a perfect sugar cookie that can easily be adapted to create holiday-themed cookies or you could add coloring or flavor enhancers (lemon zest, coconut syrup, etc.).  Foodstirs might want to create a monthly box with a cookie cutter to match the holiday or season and possibly some frosting or sprinkles.


This sugar cookie recipe is really easy to create and tastes amazing. If I knew I needed to make sugar cookies for a birthday party or school function I would definitely consider ordering this box. In addition, I think there is a great opportunity for Foodstirs to offer a sugar cookie box monthly that includes a cookie cutter or two that would include the holiday that month of the season. My children would love to receive a themed cookie box when their favorite holiday is approaching.


I had always been curious about Foodstirs baking kits so I was excited to try them out with my youngest children. These baking kits are perfect for those children that want to pursue baking but maybe are not quite ready to measure and sift. With a Foodstirs baking kit, you can feel confident in getting quality ingredients, with simple instructions, and a sweet reward at the end. Baking can be really stressful. Why not take away some of the guesswork and use a mix that will achieve a consistent result?

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Foodstirs Reviews:  Turkey Treat Baking Kit

We were so excited to try out the new Foodstirs Turkey Treat baking kit!  These brownies are super easy to make and look adorable.  The kit comes with all of your dry ingredients plus a cute turkey cookie cutter, and you simply add eggs and oil for the brownies and then butter and cream cheese or yogurt for the icing.  This kit is $19.99, but you can save 12% using our coupon code MEALFINDS12 at checkout.


This is a great activity to do on Thanksgiving Day to get the kids involved in the meal and to keep them entertained.  Plus, they taste great!  We recommend cutting the icing with cream cheese to cut back on the sweetness as the icing was a little too sweet for our tastes.

Baking Tips:

  • For the icing, I substituted cream cheese for the yogurt and the icing came out wonderfully tangy and sweet
  • We added some sea salt to the top of the brownies to balance out the sweetness


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Plus, take a look at these adorable winter baking kits: Ugly Sweater Cookie Kit and Snowflake Swirl Donut Kit!


Foodstirs Reviews: Bottom Line

foodstirs-teddy-island-sugar-cookie foodstirs-thanksgiving-turkey-brownie-baking-kit-3

I highly recommend Foodstirs for any home that embraces baking and for the younger bakers in your home that are curious about creating some treats for the family. These mixes take a lot of the guesswork out of cooking and help a beginner baker create a consistently delicious finished product to share with family and friends.   These seasonal baking kits are also a great option to send for a birthday gift to a child who loves to bake or to have around the house for a fun (and sweet) weekend activity.

Enjoy Foodstirs and all the baking memories that will come with it.

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Read on for more details on cost and product options.


How much do Foodstirs Baking Kits cost?


Baking kits range from $19.99-$25.99, with the majority of the kits priced at $25.99. There are a variety of options available as well as seasonal options. For instance, you can order the ultimate mini gingerbread house cookie kit for $23.99. This is a limited edition seasonal cookie club purchase that includes baking tools as well.

Cookie mixes from Foodstirs sell for $5.99 with a Keto option for $8.99. Not only do they have cookie mixes, but there are also brownies, coffee cake, sweet breads, and seasonal options such as chocolate chippy pumpkin bread.

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Foodstirs Seasonal Baking Kits and Baking Mixes

We are between seasons, going from Summer to Fall, and there are currently three baking kits available on the Foodstirs site – the teddy bear cupcakes, a unicorn pinwheels cookie kit, and the mini gingerbread house kit. As I said earlier, we made the teddy bear cupcakes which were unbelievably adorable and really tasty. My daughters already asked for the gingerbread kit because they enjoyed making the cupcakes so much.

If you are ready to dive into the fall season Foodstirs has some pumpkin baking mixes that I look forward to trying. The organic pumpkin spice cookie and warm apple spice coffee cake both sound like perfect fall treats to bake on a chilly fall day. My house embraces each season and fall screams pumpkin spice, chili, and creamy casserole dishes so both of these fall seasonal baking mixes will be pantry essentials for this home.  See below for more details on past Foodstirs seasonal baking kits.

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Foodstirs Past Summer Baking Kits




Foodstirs Past Fall Baking Kits



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Foodstirs Past Winter Baking Kits



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Foodstirs Past Spring Baking Kits

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Foodstirs Baking Mixes




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