Everipe Smoothie Reviews

Published on September 22, 2020
Last modified on June 9, 2023

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Written By Alison Chew    |    Dietitian Verified by Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN


What is Everipe?

Everipe delivers nutritious and delicious freeze-dried superfood smoothies to your door.  Let’s face it, making superfood-packed smoothies can be a hassle – sourcing hard-to-find superfoods, experimenting with flavors, using up ingredients before they go bad?  Who has the patience for that?

Everipe to the rescue!  Everipe plant-based smoothies contain 100% real foods free from added sweeteners and preservatives and can be made in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

And because ingredients are freeze-dried, they don’t take up valuable fridge and freezer space; you can store them in your pantry for up to 1 year!  No food waste here.

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Everipe Pros

  • Clean ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives
  • Easy to store in the pantry
  • Free Shipping; Inexpensive
  • Vegan


Everipe Cons

  • Only 5 flavors


How much do Everipe smoothies cost?

Everipe smoothies start at just $4.25 per 12oz smoothie with FREE shipping.


10-Pack Bundle:  One-Time Purchase $49.99; Subscribe & Save $42.49 (Save 15%)

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How much is Everipe shipping?

Everipe offers free shipping within the Continental United States.


Where does Everipe deliver?

Everipe delivers to customers within the Continental United States.


Are Everipe smoothies vegan and dairy-free?

Yes!  Everipe smoothies are 100% plant-based,  vegan and dairy-free.  They are made with 10g of plant protein and upcycled fruits and veggies.


Are Everipe smoothies gluten-free?

Yes!  Everipe smoothies do not contain gluten.


Do Everipe smoothies contain added sugar?

Everipe smoothies do not contain added sugar and are only sweetened by fruits.


Everipe Smoothie Reviews

For our Everipe reviews, we tried the Variety 5-Pack which contains one of each of the five smoothie flavors.

The 5 smoothie flavors include Strawberry Bananza, Piña Colossal, Unbelievaberry, Tropical Zing, and Cocoa Mojo.


everipe smoothie unboxing-everipe smoothie review-mealfinds


We love that Everipe smoothies can be stored in the pantry for up to 1 year and won’t take up valuable room in your freezer.  This means you don’t have to worry about drinking them right away or your smoothies going bad.

We also like that they are super easy to make and come together in less than 90 seconds.  Take 10% OFF Everipe with code MEALFINDS >>


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Best Everipe Smoothie Flavors: Unbelievaberry and Piña Colossal


I absolutely love a good berry smoothie and really enjoyed the Strawberry Bananza and Unbelievaberry smoothies.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Pina Colossal smoothie.  A new favorite!

According to Everipe, “freeze drying amplifies the taste of each fruit so that when blended, it tastes much closer to fresh (vs frozen).”  The taste of all of the smoothies was vibrant and sweet without added sugar, chemicals, or preservatives.  Yum!



The Strawberry Bananza smoothie tastes just like the classic combination of strawberries and bananas, but with added berries (cherries, mulberries, and raspberries) for an extra berry punch.

The Piña Colossal smoothie, my second favorite, tastes like you are sipping a pina colada on a tropical island and is packed with pineapple and coconut.

The Unbelievaberry smoothie is our favorite as we love the strong berry taste with a hint of mango.




The Tropical Zing smoothie was bursting with a zesty ginger taste that was a bit too much for me, but if you love ginger this smoothie is great for your immune system.  This was also the sweetest smoothie from Everipe.

Finally, the Cocoa Mojo smoothie is just what you would want from a chocolate smoothie, lots of chocolate taste with a hint of banana.

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Everipe Smoothie Ingredients


All Everipe smoothies are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan (except the Tropical Zing as it includes Bee Pollen), and preservative-free with no added sugar.  Three of the smoothies contain almonds including the Cocoa Mojo, the Strawberry Bananza, and the Pina Colossal in case you have a nut allergy.

  • Strawberry Bananza: Banana, Mulberries, Strawberries, Chia seeds, Plant-based hulled hearts, Ground almonds, Goji berry powder, Mango, Raspberries, Cherries
  • Piña Colossal: Pineapple, Ground almonds, Banana, Mulberries, Coconut, Chia seeds, Plant-based hulled hearts, Papaya
  • Unbelievaberry: Mulberries, Mango, Raspberries, Blueberries, Chia seeds, Plant-based hulled hearts, Pomegranate, Beetroot powder
  • Tropical Zing: Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Banana, Chia seeds, Plant-based hulled hearts, Bee pollen, Ginger, Turmeric
  • Cocoa Mojo: Mulberries, Banana, Cocoa powder, Ground almonds, Chia seeds, Plant-based hulled hearts, Mango, Pineapple
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Everipe Smoothie Nutrients


According to Everipe, “freeze drying is a completely natural process that maintains more nutrients than traditional freezing”.  You can see the nutrients for each smoothie below.

  • Strawberry Bananza: 215 Calories, Fat 7g, Carbohydrates 35g, Dietary Fiber 7g, Sugar 19g, Protein 6g
  • Piña Colossal: 260 Calories, Fat 15g, Carbohydrates 30g, Dietary Fiber 7g, Sugar 16g, Protein 7g
  • Unbelievaberry: 175 Calories, Fat 4g, Carbohydrates 30g, Dietary Fiber 7g, Sugar 18g, Protein 5g
  • Tropical Zing: 165 Calories, Fat 4g, Carbohydrates 29g, Dietary Fiber 5g, Sugar 19g, Protein 4g
  • Cocoa Mojo: 235 Calories, Fat 11g, Carbohydrates 34g, Dietary Fiber 9g, Sugar 17g, Protein 8g
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Everipe Smoothie Reviews: Bottom Line


Everipe brings you healthy, flavorful superfood smoothies at a reasonable price, just $4.25 per 12 oz smoothie (with Free shipping!).

We love that these smoothies are packed with superfoods and clean ingredients and free from added sugar and preservatives.

We would love to see more smoothie flavors as well as the option to buy smoothies in larger quantities at a discounted price.  These freeze-dried smoothies are made for stocking up after all!

We recommend Everipe for anyone looking for flavorful superfood smoothies at a great price, for those looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, and for those looking for smoothies that can be taken on vacation or while traveling.

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This post has been reviewed and approved by our dietitian Rebecca Housh, MS, RDN, LDN for nutritional accuracy.
rebecca-housh-ms-rdn-ldn-registered-dietitianRebecca Housh is a registered dietitian based in Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology from Boston University and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Illinois in Chicago. Rebecca is passionate about the idea of food as medicine in both preventative and therapeutic care. Her current professional interests lie in food security, food access, and nutrition for chronic disease.

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