Bumpin Blends Smoothies Reviews

Published on October 5, 2021
Last modified on February 8, 2022

This Bumpin Blends Smoothies reviews post contains affiliate links and we were given a sample.  If you make a purchase we may be compensated.  All opinions are our own.

By Alison Chew

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Bumpin Blends Smoothies

Bumpin Blends delivers custom superfood smoothies designed for your specific needs and symptoms directly to your door.

Each superfood smoothie is packed with organic, functional ingredients and designed by a dietitian to improve specific symptoms like anxiety, hair/skin/nails, headaches, and digestion. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>


What We Like

  • Organic ingredients; nothing artificial and no added sugar
  • Smoothie blends based on your Symptoms
  • FREE shipping


What We Don’t Like

  • On the expensive side
  • Subscription only
  • Gifting is available, but a bit complicated


How much do Bumpin Blends Smoothies cost?

metamorphosis smoothie cubes and box-bumpin blends smoothies reviews-mealfinds

Bumpin Blends smoothie cubes cost between $9.57 – $11.50 per 16 oz smoothie.  The price depends on your subscription plan and is based on the number of smoothies and the frequency of deliveries.

Every delivery comes with Free Shipping.  Bumpin Blends currently delivers to the entire United States.  More on each plan is below.

Bi-Weekly Delivers


Monthly Deliveries


With Bumpin Blends you have a flexible subscription whereby you can update your flavors, skip a delivery, or cancel at any time via your online account or text.  In addition, your nutritionist will send you a reminder to select your flavors before your box ships. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

Bumpin Blends Smoothies Reviews:  Smoothie Menu

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Bumpin Blends currently has 25 smoothie flavors on its menu with each smoothie containing functional ingredients supporting one or more symptoms.

You can find a smoothie that supports the following symptoms or needs:

  • Anxiety
  • Brain Health
  • Digestion
  • Energy
  • Hair Skin Nails
  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Milk Supply
  • Mood
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Swelling and Bloating


We found that one smoothie usually supports several symptoms.   For example, the Green Mango smoothie helps to improve your iron level, headaches, energy, and milk supply.

Each tray of superfood smoothie cubes is made from organic, whole-food ingredients, that are safe for all women including babies, kids, teens, pregnant moms, those going through IVF, and lactating moms.  In addition, smoothies do not contain added sugar or flavors, or any artificial ingredients.

Bumpin Blends only uses organic, whole, real vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, protein, and spices.

If you are interested in smoothies that are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, kosher, nut-free, and/or soy-free, Bumpin Blends has all of those, though you do have to dig into each smoothie flavor to find what you are looking for.  We hope that they will add these dietary filters in the future. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

Bumpin Blends Smoothies Reviews

starwberry fields smoothie made with box and tray-bumpin blends smoothies reviews-mealfinds

Every Bumpin Blends superfood smoothie is designed by a registered dietician to be tailored to specific needs and symptoms.  This is unique to Bumpin Blends and something that we have not seen before!

For our Bumpin Blends smoothies reviews, we ordered 7 smoothies including Strawberry Fields, Magic Cherries, Metamorphosis, Green Mango, Feeling Peachy, Sweet Beet, and Mango Awake. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

Bumpin Blends Unboxing Video-Bumpin-Blends Smoothies Reviews-MealFinds

When your smoothies arrive they will be frozen under dry ice.  Carefully remove the dry ice and let evaporate in your sink then recycle the plastic bags.  In addition, you can compost or dissolve the green foam “cooler” in the sink by removing it from the plastic and running warm water over it in your kitchen sink.

We love the packaging and the convenient trays that these superfood smoothies come in.  Each tray of 6 pre-blended, frozen superfood smoothie cubes can make 1 x 16 oz smoothie or 2 x 8 oz smoothies.  The cubes make it easy to portion out exactly what you need, eliminating waste. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

bumpin blends smoothie back of package-bumpin blends smoothies reviews-mealfinds

Making your smoothie is super simple, add the cubes to your blender with your choice of liquid and blend for a minute.  We made all of our smoothies with water, but on the back of each smoothie package, there are “Pro Tips” that include a liquid pairing recommendation as well as other helpful tips.

In addition, if you have questions about a smoothie, need advice, or recipe suggestions you can reach out to your personal dietician nutritionist via a 24/7 hotline or text. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

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Bumpin Blends Smoothie Flavors

  • Berry Awake: My top choice for its sweet berry flavor.  If you like the taste of berries, you have to try this smoothie.  Plus, you get spinach hidden inside for your daily dose of greens.
  • Magic Cherries: Tied for second, this smoothie has a burst of cherry and hints of banana.
  • Metamorphosis:: Tied for second, Metamorphosis tastes like a tropical coconut and pineapple drink with a hint of banana.
  • Strawberry Fields:  This smoothie was light and bright with a strawberry flavor and a hint of cinnamon.
  • Green Mango: This smoothie tastes like sweet leafy greens.
  • Feeling Peachy: Has a sweet nutty taste with some peach coming through followed by almond and walnut.
  • Sweet Beet: Our least favorite of the box, this smoothie definitely tastes like a sweet beet.  And while I do like beets, it was a little too beet forward for my tastes.


Overall, these smoothies tasted great.  They were all very light and refreshing.  Perfect for a snack in between meals or on the go or a fruity (healthy) drink for kids and adults alike.

TIP: I like a slightly thicker smoothie so I cut back on the liquid by half and even substituted plain greek yogurt and both gave me a thicker smoothie.  The yogurt turned this smoothie from a snack into breakfast.

TIP:  You can thaw several cubes in the refrigerator overnight to more easily mix into your morning yogurt or oatmeal. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

sweet beet smoothie in greek yogurt bowl-bumpin blends smoothies reviews-mealfinds

It’s good to note that smoothies are only 60 – 160 calories and are not met to be a meal replacement. Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>

Bumpin Blends Smoothies Reviews: Bottom Line

magic cherries smoothie package-bumpin blends smoothies reviews-mealfinds

Bumpin Blends delivers custom superfood smoothies designed for your specific needs and symptoms directly to your door.

Each superfood smoothie is packed with organic ingredients and designed by a dietitian to be tailored to specific symptoms like anxiety, hair/skin/nails, headaches, and digestion.

There are two things that set Bumpin Blends apart from other online smoothie retailers.  The first is their use of functional ingredients to help improve specific symptoms.  The second is their use of organic ingredients, with nothing artificial, and no added sugar.  We also love that Free Shipping is included with every order.

And while these superfood smoothies tasted wonderful, they are more expensive than other smoothie options we have tried.  They are also subscription only, like most online smoothie retailers.  And their gifting is a bit clunky as you have to place an order and then text or call to add a note and cancel the subscription.

Compared to other superfood smoothies, Bumpin Blends is on the more expensive side at $9.50 – $11.50 per 16 oz smoothie.  But, as noted above, these smoothies are 100% organic, made with functional ingredients beyond just fruits and veggies, and you have access to a nutritionist 24/7.

We recommend Bumpin Blends smoothies to those looking for clean, organic superfood smoothies, those looking for functional foods to support specific symptoms, and those looking for healthy smoothies in unique flavors.  Get 15% OFF with code MEALFINDS15 >>


Looking for more Smoothie Delivery Services?  Check out our Smoothie Directory >>

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