Best Adult Advent Calendar and Advent Calendar for Kids 2021

Published on October 18, 2021
Last modified on April 14, 2022

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By Alison Chew

The holidays are coming up and we are ready to start the countdown! Advent calendars, or countdown calendars, are a great way to keep track of how many days are left until the big day. They help build excitement and are fun for the whole family.

We searched the internet to find the best advent calendars for 2021. Each one is unique, from adult advent calendars with mini wines to calendars filled with little chocolates for kids. You are sure to find the perfect advent calendar here!

Advent Calendar for Adults 2021

Advent Calendar of Beer

beer advent calendar give them beer-adult advent calendar-mealfinds

Beer Advent Calendar 2021


$84     | Give Them Beer 

With 12 of the highest-rated craft beers hidden inside this advent calendar, you will never want Christmas to actually arrive- you’ll want the daily beer excitement to keep going! This advent calendar is something you can look forward to after a long day of holiday shopping, Christmas get-togethers, and holiday baking projects.

Pop open the calendar door and see what tasty beer is waiting for you. We recommend putting this calendar in the fridge so your daily treat is nice and cold.

hard seltzer advent calendar-adult advent calendar-mealfinds

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar


$59     | Give Them Beer 

Countdown to Christmas like an adult with this fun hard seltzer advent calendar. Open a new numbered door each evening to find a new flavor of hard seltzer. The seasonal packaging is super festive and the drinks are incredibly tasty.

This adult advent calendar makes a great gift and is a new way to spread holiday cheer!


Wine Advent Calendar

ugly sweater wine advent calendar-holiday food gift ideas-mealfinds

Holiday Sweater Wine Advent Calendar


$49.99     | Sip & Savor 

Get in on the ugly sweater trend and also enjoy some tasty wine with this amazing advent calendar. The sweaters on the box may be ugly but the wine inside is not! In fact, you can choose between a mix of reds and whites, all red wine or all white based on which wine you feel is the prettiest (and most delicious!).

Grab a wine advent calendar with 12 or 24 bottles. We like the mixed 24 pack which gives the most interesting variety of wine and counts down every day in December!

12 nights of wine vinebox-wine advent calendar-mealfinds

12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar


$129    | Vinebox 

Counting down to Christmas with world-class wine sounds like a dream come true. With the 12 nights of Wine advent calendar, this dream becomes a reality. A delicious and alluring reality at that!

The Vinebox wine advent calendar comes with twelve glass tubes of wine. There are four white wines, two roses, and six reds in the set. This is a great gift for any wine lover, whether they have been naughty or nice in 2021!

wine ornaments advent calendar manos-wine advent calendar-mealfinds

Mano’s Wine Ornaments 12 Nights of Christmas Edition


$49.95     | Mano’s 

Wine ornaments are a quirky twist on the traditional advent calendar. The set comes with 12 mini bottles that can be hung around your Christmas tree. Find a wine bottle ornament each day and count down until Christmas in style.

Each bottle contains 187 ml of California cabernet sauvignon, the perfect Christmas wine! The wine has hints of chocolate and berries and is completely Santa approved! Order this new twist on an advent calendar and enjoy some wine, decorate your tree, and prep for Christmas day.

qvc vintage wines advent calendar-wine advent calendar for adults-mealfinds

Vintage Wine Estates 12 Wines Advent Calendar


$107.69    | QVC

Why get a regular advent calendar when you can get a whole advent box? The Vintage Estates advent calendar needs to be big because it is packed with twelve bottles of wine. Each bottle has about 2-3 glasses of wine which makes this the perfect advent calendar to share. Of course, you can always just enjoy the whole bottle yourself- extra “celebrating” in December is always needed!

Grab this wine advent calendar for the wine connoisseur in your life. There are twelve different kinds of wine in each box making it perfect for anyone who is excited to try new wines. You should definitely get one for yourself as well!


Advent Calendar for Men

jerkey advent calendar for men man crates-food advent calendar-mealfinds

Jerky Advent Calendar – Tis the Season


$79.99     | ManCrates Jerky

Who here loves beef jerky?! We sure do! We are very excited about all the flavors of beef jerky that are tucked into this advent calendar. From garlic beef jerky bites to root beer habanero jerky, each day is exciting and unique. You will wake up excited to see what the jerky flavor of the day is!

This manly advent calendar is great for the tough guys in your life. Of course, any jerky lover will be thrilled to count down the days of the advent with their favorite snack!


Advent Calendar with Tea or Coffee

tea advent calendar 24 days davids-food advent calendar-mealfinds

24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar 


$50     |     David’s Tea 

Enjoy a fun, new flavor of tea each day in December. Behind each door of this cute, Christmas tree advent calendar is a delicious Davids Tea. There are new, limited-edition flavors and also best-selling blends. Each tin of tea makes one to two 16 ounce servings of tea.

The Davids Tea advent calendar is great for any tea lover. It is perfect if you are looking for a more grown-up, adult advent calendar. Since there is enough tea for two people, it is a lovely calendar to share. Order now while supplies last!

keurig coffee advent calendar-adult advent calendar-mealfinds

24 Cups of Cheer Advent Calendar


$18.99     | Keurig 

Calling all Christmas coffee lovers- this is the advent calendar for you! Keurig has round up your favorite coffee brands and hidden them inside a pretty Christmas-themed calendar. Wake up each morning and open your daily slot to find what tasty coffee you will try that day. This calendar will keep you fully caffeinated and motivated from the first day of December until Christmas.


Advent Calendar with Chocolate

dollay parton chocolate advent calendar- adult advent calendar-mealfinds

Dolly Parton Advent Calendar


$39.95     | Williams Sonoma

All Dolly Parton lovers need this advent calendar. What could be better than enjoying one of Dolly’s favorite candies each day as you countdown to Christmas? You will learn Dolly’s favorite little indulgences while looking at the pretty painted picture of Dolly herself on the front of the calendar.

There are twenty-four individually wrapped candies in the Dolly Parton advent calendar. Each one is a favorite of the country music star. From caramels to mints, each day will be exciting, tasty, and new!

williams sonoma peppermint bark chocolate advent calendar-food advent calendar-mealfinds

Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar


$29.95     | Williams Sonoma

Peppermint bark has long been a Christmas classic. The fresh, minty taste of peppermint and creamy, smooth chocolate are a match made in heaven. With this peppermint bark advent calendar, you will get to enjoy this tasty holiday treat every day. The only surprise will be the shape of the candy. Will you get a Christmas tree, Santa, soldier, or snowman? You’ll have to open the door to find out!

We love this easy advent calendar for families, adults, and kids alike. Everyone enjoys peppermint bark so it is fun for all! Order one now before those December days are here!

Neuhaus-2021-Premium-Chocolate-Advent-Calendar-adult advent calendar-mealfinds

Neuhaus 2021 Premium Chocolate Advent Calendar


$76.99     | Simply Chocolate 

Not only is this chocolate advent calendar full of delicious Belgian pralines, but it is also incredibly beautiful. The 3D box opens up to a snow Belgian scene. As you open the advent calendar flaps each day, the Christmas scene builds and builds, becoming more beautiful by the day. Put this calendar on your Christmas mantel for sure!

Give this chocolate advent calendar as a wonderful Christmas gift for any chocolate lover. It also is perfect to buy for your own home. You definitely deserve some decadence and luxury this holiday season!


Advent Calendar for Kids 2021

Harry-Potter-Advent-Calendar-Gourmet-Chocolate-Williams-Sonoma-kids food advent calendar-mealfinds

Harry Potter Advent Calendar


$39.95     | Williams Sonoma 

Search for each day’s countdown number on a beautiful picture of Hogwarts castle. Each advent door will reveal a treat straight out of the magical wizarding world. Fizz Whizbees, butterscotch drops, gummy frogs, and lemon sherbets are a few of the candies you will find inside this mystical calendar.

Anyone who loves Harry Potter will be excited about this advent calendar. Adults and kids alike can enjoy the tasty themed treats. Beware of the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans- every harry potter fan knows that they aren’t always so sweet…

popcorn advent calendar-food adult advent calendar-mealfinds

Holiday Popcorn Advent Calendar 


$39.99     | Popcorn Factory 

Forget the traditional, sweet chocolate-filled advent calendars and get one that is all about the salty snacks. A new kind of popcorn is waiting behind every door of this tasty advent calendar. From ranch popcorn to Lindt Lindor milk chocolate popcorn, each day is new and delicious.

Grab this cute kids advent calendar (which is also perfect for adults!) for any little popcorn lovers in your life. It is a great advent calendar for kids but also perfect for adults who like to snack. The popcorn portions are perfectly sized for one so you may have to pick up a second calendar if you’re gifting for two!

advent calendar chocolate-food kids advent calendar-mealfinds

Dylan’s Candy Bar Advent Calendar 


$15     | Dylan’s 

The Dylan’s Candy Bar advent calendar is one of the best, classic calendars out there. Behind each daily door is a small, individually wrapped chocolate. While you may get chocolate every day, the shape and wrapper are different and exciting.

Any kid will love the delicious chocolate and cute packaging. Opening each flap not only reveals a chocolate but also contains a daily Christmas message or idea. There are Christmas craft suggestions and also fun Christmas questions to answer. This calendar is tasty, interactive, and won’t break the bank.

star wars advent calendar-kids advent calendar-mealfinds

Star Wars the Mandalorian Advent Calendar


$39.95     | Williams Sonoma 

Christmas is coming and even those in a galaxy far, far away are counting down the days. Display your love of Star Wars by putting this Star Wars-themed advent calendar right above your Christmas stockings. It may take a special force to help you resist opening more than one flap each day. With treats like blue chocolate stars and galaxy mix jelly beans, it can be hard to resist!

Anyone who loves Star Wars and delicious candy will be excited about this advent calendar. The traditional advent calendar setup and fun candies are great for everyone!

cookie advent calendar for kids-food advent calendar-mealfinds

12 Days of Christmas Cookies


$36.99     | Cheryls

Do you have a cookie lover in your house? If the answer is yes then a cookie advent calendar is exactly what you need. Delicious Christmas-themed cookies are behind each advent calendar flap. Cheryl’s cookies are always fresh and delicious. Not only is this calendar fun and adorable but it is also super tasty!

Start this calendar 12 days before Christmas and enjoy a tasty buttercream cookie each day until Christmas eve. You will probably need to buy more than one cookie advent calendar so you don’t have to share!


Advent Calendar for Your Dog

dog treat advent calendar-dog advent calendar-mealfinds

Dog Advent Calendar


$50.95     | Williams Sonoma 

Dogs get excited for Christmas, too! Help your dog celebrate the month of December with its very own advent calendar. They may need help opening the calendar flap each day but they definitely won’t need help eating the heart-shaped chicken-bacon treats!

The small, soft doggie treats are perfect for any size dog. There are two chewy, nutrient-filled hearts for each day. Since the yummy treats are made with balanced vitamins and minerals, it is recommended that dogs under 30 pounds only eat one while bigger dogs can enjoy both. Don’t worry, small pups- you can save the treats to enjoy every day in January. Keep that puppy Christmas spirit going!


What is an Advent Calendar?

An advent calendar is a special calendar that is used to count down the day leading up to Christmas. The word advent means “coming”. The advent calendar was originally used to help prepare for the coming of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Advent calendars have small, numbered flaps that are opened each day leading up to Christmas. Behind each flap is a small treat or gift that helps celebrate the entire month.

The act of opening the daily advent calendar door is exciting and fun for kids and adults. Advent calendars have become Christmastime traditions and now they are even more exciting.

You can find both an adult advent calendar and also a kids advent calendar in our list below. Choose to countdown to Christmas with a Harry Potter advent calendar, a chocolate advents calendar, or with an advent calendar of beer. There is a perfect calendar for everyone and every household (there’s even an advent calendar with treats for your dog!).

How does an Advent Calendar work?

Whether you choose an adult advent calendar or an advent calendar for kids, they all essentially work the same way.

The calendars contain small, flaps or boxes with the numbers one through twenty-five. On the first day of Christmas, the first flap is opened to reveal a small present. If you chose a wine advent calendar, a bottle of wine will likely be behind the flap. A Harry Potter advent calendar will have small treats from the books behind each flap.

Each day, the next numbered flap is opened until you reach the 25th day and the arrival of Christmas. This fun, easy tradition is a lovely way to help keep track of the days until Christmas, build household excitement for the upcoming holiday and also get a little treat each day.

Are you excited to find the perfect advent calendar for 2021? We know that there is a calendar on our list that you will love! Take a look and then choose your favorite one.


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