Bakerly Review: Crepes, Pancakes, Brioche

March 18, 2020

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I would like to introduce you to Bakerly.   Bakerly brings authentic French recipes like delicious crepes to households across America through the combination of simple quality ingredients, time-tested French recipes, good people, and lots of love.  They specialize in creating the most mouth-watering French crepes, brioche, and pancakes without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or high-fructose corn syrup (or 140 other ingredients on their “no-no” list).  Best of all, they make all of their products here in the USA and ship directly to your door.

Bakerly’s mission is simple:

“Bring our true love of crepes, French brioche, and traditional French pastries into households across America!”


Bakerly Crepes

Crepes are Bakerly’s best selling item and we can taste why!   The crepes come in 4 flavors, strawberry, chocolate hazelnut, crunchy chocolate hazelnut, and crunchy caramel.  They even have a variety pack if you can’t possibly choose just one.  Their number one flavor, and the one that we loved, is the chocolate hazelnut.  It wasn’t too sweet and both the chocolate and the hazelnut flavors came through.  A close 2nd was the crunchy caramel, filled with caramel filling and crunchy cereal balls.   We really enjoyed the added texture that the cereal balls brought to the crepes and thought it was a fun and unexpected surprise.  Each crepe pack costs $3.99 and contains 6 individually wrapped crepes (only $0.66 per crepe).


Bakerly crepes to-go are great for an easy snack to take to school (the strawberry and caramel are nut-free!), as an afternoon snack or for a yummy dessert.  If you are looking for an extra special treat to add to your Easter baskets this year, Bakerly crepes would make a wonderful addition. (Please tell the Easter Bunny!)


Bakerly French Brioche

Bakerly has several types of brioche, including dinner rolls, plain and chocolate brioche rolls, chocolate croissants, sliced and braided brioche bread, and burger and hot dog buns.   Prices vary from $4.99 to $5.49 per pack or loaf.   We enjoyed the Bakerly soft brioche baguette with a bowl of homemade chili.  The flavor was rich, soft, and buttery; no need to add butter as they were delicious plain.   We look forward to making french toast with the braided brioche bread for Sunday brunch.

bakerly-brioche-rolls     bakerly-brioche-bread

Bakerly Pancakes

The Bakerly pancakes to-go are their 2nd best selling product and my son’s absolute favorite item in our box.  They are light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness.  We ate them right out of the package with no butter or syrup, but you can try heating them up or topping them with your favorite ice cream.  Yum!


The Bakerly pancakes make a great snack with afternoon tea or a quick breakfast on the way to school or work.  They are also nut-free and can be taken to school for snack or lunch.  My son could eat these all day, every day!  The pancakes come in packs of 6, individually wrapped, and cost $3.99 (or $0.66 each).


Bottom Line

Bakerly crepes, pancakes and brioche are our new favorite snack.  And with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup they are a delicious snack filled with quality ingredients we can trust.

Learn more about Bakerly on Meal Finds or order your Bakerly French goodies on their website.



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