5 Ways To Save On Meal Kit Delivery (Infographic)

June 2, 2020

By Alison Chew

Looking for ways to save on your next meal kit delivery?  (raises hand…jumps up and down)  We’ve outlined 5 easy ways to save on meal kit services for both new and returning customers.


5 Ways To Save On Your Next Meal Kit Delivery

1. Use A New Customer Coupon

Most meal kit delivery services offer discounts for new users.  Check out the Coupons section of MealFinds for the latest offers.

2.  Sign Up for the Meal Kit Newsletter

Meal kit services want newsletter subscribers so that they can send you information about their service and most offer a discount just for signing up!  Always sign up for the newsletter before you make a purchase.

3. Sign Up for the Meal Kit Refer-A-Friend Program

Many meal kit services offer refer-a-friend programs. Sign up for this program and share your referral link/code with friends. When your friends sign up you will receive “credits” that can be used on future orders and they will receive a discount.  It’s a win-win!

4. Cancel Your Subscription

Meal Kit companies won’t like this tip!  If you are a current customer and would like to save on your next meal kit delivery cancel your subscription instead of skipping or pausing. Most companies will try to win you back with a discount via email or text.

5. Ask A Friend For A FREE Box

Some meal kit services, like HelloFresh, Purple Carrot, and HomeChef, will give current customers free boxes to give to friends after they have been a customer for a while. The boxes can be given to new customers to entice them to try out the meal kit delivery service.  If you have a friend that has been using a meal kit service for a while, chances are they have a free box to give out. Hit them up!

Happy Saving!



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