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Week of November 23rd


Fish & Sweet Potato for Dogs

Chicken & White Rice for Dogs

Beef & Russet Potato for Dogs

Venison & Squash for Dogs

Lamb & Brown Rice for Dogs

Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni for Dogs

The Details


JustFoodForDogs aims to bring the healthiest food to your pets, without preservatives or artificial flavors. All the meals are made with USDA certified ingredients. Meals are proven healthy by independents studies and are the only whole-food brand to validate health benefits. Give your pet a healthy difference with JustFoodForDogs.

Price per serving calculation: $3 per meal (We used a 5-year-old 20lb mixed bread, spayed active female, at a normal weight with no health conditions.  The site recommends 489 calories per day.  Using the least expensive option the cost would be $5.95/day)


Where to buy

Online: at JustFoodForDogs website

Local pick up: at select stores

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  • Add-ons Dog Treats
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  • Non-subscription option Yes
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