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    Canada: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Maritimes


Week of February 22nd

Goodfood Smoothies

Aztec Chocolate

Cold Brew Crisp

Banana Pecan

Apple Cinnamon Crisp

Peanut Butter Cup


Blueberry Pecan Crunch



Butter Crusted Cheddar Quiche

The Details


Goodfood Smoothies and breakfast items help you start your day off in a healthy and delicious way. Whether you choose a tasty smoothie or a meal from the Goodfood Breakfast collection, you know that you’re getting the energy you need to have a productive day. Innovative recipes made from all-natural ingredients are delivered right to your door. Goodfood Smoothies offers several recipe blends packed with the superfoods you need to get you going.

Where to buy

Online: at Goodfood Smoothies website

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