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Week of February 22nd


Eggs & Everything

Eggs & Fried Rice

Eggs and Mapple Waffles

Eggs & Rancheros

Eggs & Salt & Pepitas

The Details


Some say eggs are the perfect food—and the staff at Perfectly Peckish agree. This is why all of their snack offerings are centered around the egg. The team has perfected the boiled egg, so it’s not too hard and not too runny. Each snack pack also includes an egg dip: crunchy little bites that add complex flavor to your snack, such as the “everything” dip, with garlic flakes and poppy seeds, or the “fried rice” dip, with crunchy quinoa, tamari, and green onion. These snacks also fit special diets, including paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian.

Where to buy

Online: at Peckish website and Good Eggs

Local pick up: at a store near you

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