Delta Beverages delivers CBD and HHC-infused beverages that give you the buzz or chill you want from alcohol, but without the hangover.

Choose from The Original Delta 8 CBD Seltzer or the Day Drinker HHC Seltzer.

The Orginal D8 seltzer is the “world’s first hemp-derived Delta 8-infused seltzer” that gives you all of the chill and none of the hangover.    Flavors include lime, berry, mango, and watermelon.

The Day Drinker seltzer is hemp-derived and free from THC.  This HHC seltzer gives you that social buzz without alcohol.  Flavors include berry and watermelon.

You can place a one-time order or subscribe and save 10% on regular deliveries.



Where to buy

Online: at Delta Beverages website

Local pick up: available at select stores across the United States

  • Meal Service Category Wine/Spirits
  • Ships To United States
  • Starting Price Per Serving $3.26
  • Shipping / Delivery Fee Free Shipping on $75+
  • Serving Size Options 1
  • Ave. Time To Table 0 min
  • Choices Available 2 seltzers; 6 flavors
  • Selections Per Delivery 4 pack, 6 pack, or 12 pack
  • Family/Kid-Friendly Menu Options No
  • Add-Ons
  • Local or In-Store Pick Up Yes
  • Skip Delivery Available (subscription) Yes
  • Ease of Cancellation (subscription) Online via Delta Beverages account
  • Non-Subscription Option Yes
  • Gift Cards No

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