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Week of January 18th


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The Original

Black Coco Chia

The Details


Gr8nola offers a healthy twist on granola for a guilt-free treat. Choose from six flavors: The Original, Black Coco Chia, Cacao Crisp, Matcha Vibes, Golden Spice, and Cinnamon Chai. All of the granolas are made with coconut oil and are free of soy, dairy, and refined sugar. Many of the granolas are vegan as well, with less than five grams of sugar per serving. Satisfy your sweet tooth without any bad-for-you ingredients!

Gr8nola gives you the opportunity to buy single bags or sign up for a monthly subscription, so your cabinet is always stocked with granola.


Where to buy

Online: at gr8nola website

Local pick up: at local markets in Northern California, Southern California, New York, New Jersey, and Georgia, such as Pacific Market, Lazy Acres, and Foragers Market

  • Selections per delivery Flexible
  • Serving size options 10/bag
  • Family/Kid-Friendly menu options Yes
  • Add-ons
  • Shipping Free for orders $40+
  • Local Pick Up Yes
  • Skip delivery available Yes
  • Ease of cancellation Log into your account, click on the Subscriptions tab, select "View Details," then select cancel
  • Non-subscription option Yes
  • Gift cards No