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    < 5 min

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    Dairy Free , Diabetic Friendly , Gluten Free , Low Sodium , Vegetarian

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    United States and Canada


Week of March 1st



Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Double Chocolate Caramel Bar

Pepperoni Pizza Melt

Italian Sausage And Turkey Pepperoni Pizza

Roasted Turkey Medallions

Chicken And Bacon Ranch Pizza

Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

The Details


The classic weight loss meal delivery program is a classic for a reason: for more than 45 years, Nutrisystem has guided millions of people through their weight loss program. In addition to the perfectly balanced meals, which require no calorie counting, clients get support for their journey through NuMi.  NuMi is a proprietary tool that helps track progress and helps customers choose supplementary dishes. Nutrisystem can provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making diet plans easier and less stressful.


Where to buy

Online: at Nutrisystem website, Amazon, and Walmart

Local pick up: in select Walmart stores

  • Selections per delivery Flexible
  • Serving size options 1
  • Family/Kid-Friendly menu options No
  • Add-ons Appetizers, Sides & Snacks , Breakfast , Dessert
  • Shipping Free for 4-week plan orders (Continental US); added fees for outside Con. US
  • Local Pick Up Yes
  • Skip delivery available Yes
  • Ease of cancellation Call
  • Non-subscription option Yes
  • Gift cards Yes