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Week of January 11th


pork bites (with grain)

salmon bites (grain free)

lamb bites (grain free)

chicken bites (with grain)

chicken nosh

beef nosh

The Details


Bezzie makes feeding your dog the best food for their health easy. Simply answer a few questions about your dog and you’ll get a customized food plan tailored to their needs. Bezzie offers four varieties of dry dog food and two varieties of fresh dog food. Some options are grain-free. Depending on your answers to their quiz, you’ll receive a mix of options delivered to your door every month as part of your subscription.

Both dry and fresh food are shelf-stable and can be stored in your pantry.

Price Per Serving Calculation:  A 20lb dog is about $0.96 per day or $0.48 per meal (2 meals per day).


Where to buy

Online: at bezzie website

  • Selections per delivery Up to 6 flavors, at least 1 dry and 1 fresh, per subscription
  • Serving size options 1
  • Family/Kid-Friendly menu options No
  • Add-ons
  • Shipping $9.99
  • Local Pick Up No
  • Skip delivery available Yes
  • Ease of cancellation Online via account
  • Non-subscription option No
  • Gift cards No