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Week of February 22nd

Takeout Kit (temporarily closed)

Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen Pantry Meal Kit

Indian Butter Masala Pantry Meal Kit

Vietnamese Pho Pantry Meal Kit

Japanese Spicy Miso Ramen Pantry Meal Kit

Thai Crab Curry Pantry Meal Kit

Spanish Paella Pantry Meal Kit

Thai Coconut Curry Noodles Pantry Kit

Pad Thai Pantry Meal Kit

Argentine Empanadas Pantry Meal Kit

German Spätzle Pantry Meal Kit

The Details


Do you like trying new, international dishes but don’t like the fuss? Takeout Kit makes it easy with interesting recipes and tasty ingredients delivered right to your door. Choose from Thai meal kit recipes, Asian cuisine, Spanish dishes, and much more. You’ll even get music playlists and drink ideas to go with your dishes. Takeout Kit makes trying new foods fun and exciting!

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