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    Average prep/cook time:

    35-50 min

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    Dietary options available:

    Gluten Free , Vegan , Vegetarian

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    United States: greater LaCrosse, WI area


Week of February 22nd

Indian Meal Kit

Curry On Naan

Nav-Ratan Korma

Paneer Masala

Tofu Coconut Curry

Pav Bhaji

Palak Paneer

Vegetable Coconut Rice

Beans & Peanut Curry On Naan

Vegetable Korma

Kofta Curry

The Details


Indian Meal Kit lets you eat authentic Indian food without the fuss and at a fraction of the price of eating out. Each meal kit comes with pre-cut vegetables, pre-measured spices, and all of the other ingredients you need to make a delicious meal. Follow the easy instructions and your meal will be ready in under an hour. Indian Meal Kit makes eating the authentic food you love easy and quick.

Where to buy

Online: at Indian Meal Kit website

Local pick up: at People’s Food Co Op. in LaCrosse, WI and Festival Foods in Onalaska, WI


  • Selections per delivery Flexible
  • Serving size options 2 or 4
  • Family/Kid-Friendly menu options Yes
  • Add-ons
  • Shipping $4 to greater LaCrosse, WI area
  • Local Pick Up Yes
  • Skip delivery available No
  • Ease of cancellation Non-subscription
  • Non-subscription option Yes
  • Gift cards No