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Meal Kit Menus

Oven-Baked Cheesy Tomato Gnocchi

Honey-Chipotle Chicken & Rice Bowl

Oven-Baked Mexican-Spiced Chicken Thighs

Paneer & Chickpea Curry

Orange Chili Crisp Salmon

Ribeye Steak & Dijon Pan Sauce

Lemon-Caper Salmon & Orzo

Greek-Style Lamb Meatball Platter

Steaks & Caper Butter

Chicken & Blueberry-Thyme Pan Sauce

Sheet Pan Chorizo Meatloaf

Creamy Pesto Pasta

Pork Roast & Balsamic-Shallot Pan Sauce

Potato Hash & Eggs

Smoked Gouda Cheeseburgers

Spicy Shrimp Lo Mein

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Meal Kit Menus

Cocoa-Chili Rubbed Steak with Corn Agrodolce

Speedy Recipe! Honey-Garlic Chicken Cutlets

Cheese Ravioli with Pesto

Pork Rib-Eye Chop & Gravy

Coconut Beef Curry

Creamy Turkey Meatballs

Chicken Ramen Yakisoba

Teriyaki Beef Bowl

Shrimp Scampi Pan Roast

Caramelized Ginger Pork & Sesame Kale

Easy Clean Up! Chicken Caprese Bowl

Sticky BBQ Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms

Low-Cal Southwestern Bean & Rice Bowl

Mediterranean Cheeseburger

Oven-Fried Butternut Squash Ravioli

Pulled Pork Gyro

Low-Cal Spice-Rubbed Swai

Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Quesadilla

Beef Udon Noodle Soup

Speedy Recipe! Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

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Meal Kit Menus

Crispy Buffalo Ranch Chicken

Caramelized Onion Burgers

Southwest Pork Flautas

Mushroom Biscuit Pot Pie

Zesty Southwesty Steak Salad

Curry Chicken over Lime Rice

Sriracha Apricot Pork Chops

Beef Bolognese

French Onion Meatballs

Creamy Corn & Bacon Chowder

Taverna Chicken Sausage Penne With Feta

Harissa-Roasted Chickpea Bowls

Smoky Tomato Shrimp

Spicy Tex-Mex Black Bean Enchiladas

White Bean Tomato Stew

Brussels Sprout & Shallot Flatbreads

Lemon Herb Risotto With Chicken

Quick & Easy Smoky Pork Tacos

Chicken Scallopini

Southern-Style Pork Chops & Gravy

Creamy Coconut Chickpea Curry

Sticky Soy Pork Burgers

Spicy Cajun Pork Sausage Rice Bowls

Waldorf Chicken Salad Wraps

Slow Cooker Saucy Coconut Chicken Curry

Supremely Creamy Mushroom Ravioli

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Meal Kit Menus

Chicken Scallopini with Creamy Lemon Garlic Sauce & Harvest Rice Medley

Tuscan Steak with Mushrooms & Fettuccine in Three-Peppercorn Sauce

Garlic Pesto Salmon with Rosemary Mashed Potatoes & Sautéed Spinach

Wine-Braised Mushrooms & Leeks with Gnocchi

Sheet Pan Broccoli Bohemian Bowl with Garbanzos, Tahini, & Feta Cheese

Honey & Black Pepper-Glazed Chicken with Udon Noodles

Crispy Jaegerschnitzel Pork Cutlets with Spaetzle & Red Cabbage Slaw

Caribbean Shrimp Rondon with Cilantro Lime Rice

Spicy Mushroom Pizza with Green Olives & Dressed Frisée

Creole Chicken Stew with Red Beans & Rice

Seared Steak & Spinach Salad with Roasted Red Bell Peppers & Blue Cheese

Spanish Shrimp & Potatoes in Pimentón Broth

Filet Mignon with Lyonnaise Potatoes & Garlicky Sautéed Spinach

Scallops over Fettuccine in Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

Roasted Chicken with Gruyere Mac 'n' Cheese, Sautéed Carrots, & Haricots Verts for Four

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Rolls with Fougasse & Arugula Salad for Four

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Meal Kit Menus

Cuban Chicken with Chimichurri

Italian Shrimp & Creamy “Rice”

Spicy Southwest Turkey Soup

Italian Beef Stuffed Peppers

Smoky Pork & Kale Salad

Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Wraps

Chef’s Salad with Prosciutto & Herby Feta

Red Pepper & Egg Shakshuka with Pesto

Cheesy Kale & Bacon Frittata

Spicy Chicken & Guacamole Wraps

Pecan Crusted Pork Chops & Summer Squash

Pesto Salmon over Creamy Kale & White Beans

Hearty Chicken Soup with Parmesan

Steak with Herb Jus & Parmesan Squash

Pork Tenderloin with Creamy Pistou

Garlic-Herb Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Hoisin Beef Bowls

Caribbean-Spiced Tilapia

Gyro-Spiced Pork Tenderloin Kale Salad

Mushroom & Potato Breakfast Hash

“Everything Bagel” Egg Toasts with Guacamole

Cumin-Spiced Chicken & Turmeric-Rice Bowls

Chickpea & Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Coconut Shrimp Noodle Bowls

Roasted Chickpea & Fig Couscous Bowls

Creamy Truffle-Herb Linguine

Blackened Bean Bowls with Dirty Rice

Lemony Ricotta & Rainbow Carrot Flatbreads

Cheesy Artichoke Sandwiches

Harissa Onion-Jam Tofu Sandwiches

Chickpea & Kale Stuffed Peppers with Schug

Cauliflower & Couscous Bowls

Penne Pasta Bowls With Pesto

Baja-Style Potato Tacos with Chipotle Aïoli

Spicy Vegan Peanut Veggie Bowls

Balsamic-Glazed Chicken with Bacon

Tropical Shrimp & Bacon Rice Bowls

Cajun Steak & Shrimp over Dirty Rice

Beef Tenderloin with Cherry Balsamic Sauce

Sockeye Salmon with Spicy Apricot Pan Sauce

Garlic Herb Baked Eggs & Potatoes

Cheesy Bacon & Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfasts for the Week

On-the-Go Breakfasts

Brunch & Lunch Favorites

Breakfast-to-Lunch Bundles

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Meal Kit Menus

Mexican Chicken & Rice Bowls

Vegan Shawarma-Spiced Chickpeas

Spicy Coconut Curry Turkey Noodle Soup

Spicy Coconut Curry Pork Noodle Soup

Curried Chickpea Burgers

Chicken, Tomato, Spinach & Feta Panini

Mexican Chicken & Brown Rice Bowls

Spicy Coconut Curry Beef Noodle Soup

Creamy Lemon Butter Chicken

Meatloaves with Creamy Thyme Sauce

Moo Shu Pork Bowls

Cheesy Spinach, Tomato & Feta Panini

Caramelized Onion Swissburgers

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Cavatappi

Peachy Keen BBQ-Rubbed Pork Chops

Honey Miso Sweet Potato ’Shroom Jumble

Dominican-Style Bistec Encebollado

Parmesan Herb–Crusted Salmon

One-Pan Cantina Shrimp Fajitas

Lemony Parmesan Shrimp Salad

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Meal Kit Menus

Herb Butter Filet Mignon

Pecan-Crusted Gouda-Stuffed Chicken

Bruschetta-Topped Portobello Mushroom

Baja-Style Spicy Impossible Burger

Crispy Chipotle Beef Tacos

Creamy White Bean Lemon Orzo Soup

Tilapia Piccata

Fiesta Steak and Mushroom Flautas

Spicy Buffalo-Style Shrimp Sandwich

White Wine Chicken Scaloppini

Grown-Up Chicken Nuggets

Pork Enchilada Tostadas

Spicy Piri Piri Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Spinach-Artichoke Chicken

Brussels Sprouts and Brown Butter Risotto

One-Pan Turkey Chili Skillet

Black Pepper Steak Strips

Sweet and Savory Shrimp

Pork Medallions and Sweet Onion Demi

Lemon and Caper Mahi-Mahi

Hatch Chile con Queso Sweet Potato Enchiladas

Cheddar Pork Chop

Steak Strip Gyro-Style Mini Flatbreads

Pork and Butternut Squash Chili

Honey Butter Pork Chop

BBQ Mushroom Quesadilla

Indian-Style Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

Orange Ginger Beef Tenderloin Noodle Bowl

Cheddar BBQ Chicken Tacos

Cheesy Italian-Style Beef & Pork Bolognese Risotto

Creamy alla Vodka-Style Chicken Penne

Steakhouse Sirloin and Chive Aioli

Crispy Onion Salmon

Pub-Style Crispy Chicken Breast

Chicago-Style Sausage and Pepper Penne

Crunchy Dijon Chicken

Three-Cheese Peppercorn Pork Meatloaf

Ground Beef Supreme Pizza Casserole

Garlic Sesame Beef Noodle Bowl

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Meal Kit Menus

Cajun-Butter Steak & Corn Salsa

Smoky Grilled Chicken

Sweet & Sour Pineapple Salmon

Chicken & Hummus Gyro

Chargrilled Burger

Nonna's Spaghetti & Meatballs

Coconut Turmeric Chicken & Rice Noodles

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Fast! Maple-Dijon Chicken with Carrots

Roast Pork & Scallion Pesto

Fast! BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos

Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl

Brown Butter Butternut Squash Ravioli

Creamy Mushroom Ragu

Squash, Kale & Ricotta Flatbread

Baked Crispy Turkey & Pepper Taquitos

Sausage & Kale Calzone

Fast! Mongolian Beef

Sheet Pan Shrimp Tacos

Bratwurst Pretzel Dogs

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Meal Kit Menus